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22 Emerging Direct-to-Consumer Brands You Have to Try in 2022

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At The Fascination, we're fortunate to discover and try hundreds, if not thousands, of emerging brands across all number of categories, from CBD to sex toys. As we eclipse a decade of DTC innovation heading into 2022, these are 22 emerging brands who are redefining their categories with incredible product innovation, storytelling and mission. In short, we're bullish and rate these all a 'Strong Buy.'

1. Jolie Skin Co.

Transforming your skin with an innovative water-filtering shower head

Did you know that the chlorine in your water can have a tremendous impact on your skin, drying it out and rendering much of your beauty routine irrelevant? Jolie is here to solve this, with a beautifully-designed shower head filter that helps rid your water of chemicals like chlorine that do harm to your epidermis. The Jolie comes in six elegant finishes and includes filter replacements to keep your water (and face) oh, so fresh.

Jolie is the latest endeavor of Ryan Babenzien, the former CEO and founder of DTC shoe brand Greats, which he sold to Steve Madden. With an impressive track record and innovative angle on the beauty industry, Jolie is a must-try for those looking to transform your routine.

2. Athletic Greens

The beloved all-in-one daily nutritional supplement with 75 vitamins & minerals

If you're into biohacking, or you listen to Tim Ferriss' podcast, you probably already know about Athletic Greens. But if you haven't tried it already, you need to. The all-in-one nutritional supplement replaces a medicine cabinet full of supplement bottles, packing 75 vitamins, minerals and whole food nutrients into one scoop of powdered mix. AG has been lauded by athletes, scientists and nutritionists across the globe. And with rockstar operator Kat Cole now at the helm, they're sure to make waves in '22.

3. Surely Wine

Revolutionizing the non-alcoholic wine industry with delicious, all-natural spirits

If you haven't noticed, the low- and no-alcohol spirits movement is growing exponentially. Surely Wine is leading the revolution, with delicious non-alcoholic rosé and white wines that taste just like the real thing, sans hangover. Surely Wines are made just like traditional wines, then undergo a special process to extract the alcohol from the rest of the goodness.

With successes like Perfect Keto and Kettle & Fire under the founding teams' belts, Surely will be a growing force in the non-alcoholic movement in 2022.

4. Lalo

Beautifully-designed, affordable and high-quality non-toxic baby essentials

When you're a new parent, you want the best for your baby, but you don't want to break the bank. Lalo has threaded the needle with modern, functional meal and play time essentials that are affordable and non-toxic. Their insta-famous Lalo High chair comes in a range of beautiful colors and can even functional as a play chair combo. 

5. Myles Apparel

Guys: If you like Vuori-style activewear, you'll love Myles Apparel

Athleisure has become all the rage since the pandemic, and with good reason. Comfort is key, whether you're working out or WFH. Myles Apparel is a fast-growing men's activewear brand with incredibly comfortable and sleek shorts, pants, tops and accessories. Myles has been expanding their product line rapidly and the innovative materials, fit and comfort rivals anything from Vuori or Lululemon, two of the behemoths in the space.  


The plant-based, prebiotic alternative to soda that supports your digestive health 

If you love soda but hate the crash that comes after pounding sugar-filled fizzy water, join the thousands who have already discovered Olipop, the healthy alternative that tastes like the real thing while supporting your digestive health. Olipop didn’t become the fastest-growing soda company by accident. They worked with doctors and digestive health specialists to create a tonic filled with plant fiber, prebiotics, and botanicals in classic soda flavors like Vintage Cola, Classic Root Beer, or Classic Grape. Each can is under 50 calories, has less than 5g of sugar, has 9g of fiber, and fits into diets including paleo, plant-based, and vegan.

7. Sunday Citizen

Experience the world's softest, coziest sheets, blankets and bedding essentials

Popular bedding brands like Brooklinen and Boll and Branch have made a lot of waves online, but Sunday Citizen is a bedding brand you should know about. The husband and wife founders were former luxury hotel operators who set out to design the softest bedding on the market. And we can attest, they have. Their comforters, sheets, throws and towels are not only cozy but comes in a range of fun patterns.  

8. Athletic Brewing Co.

The non-alcoholic beer brand that's sweeping the nation

If you haven't noticed, the non-alcoholic spirits movement is making waves in 2022. The second brand on our list, Athletic Brewing, is taking an innovative approach to developing zero ABV brews for an active lifestyle. Through hundreds of trials, tweaking natural variables like temperature, Athletic Brewing has developed their own, custom brewing process to create fully fermented craft beer, conditioned to under 0.5% ABV. You can indulge in IPAs, golden ales, cervezas or try them all with the variety pack.


ABLE is leading the charge in ethical women's fashion with their handcrafted leather and apparel

ABLE is moving fashion forward by delivering femme-focused, stylish pieces designed to look good and feel great — and by creating hugely transformative opportunities for women around the world. Whether it’s one of ABLE’s leather totes, their signature denim jacket, or personalized pieces from their refined jewelry collection, each handcrafted, top-quality ABLE piece helps to empower women across the globe by providing them a living wage. Their chic leather bags and totes are adored by celebs – you'll love them too.

10. Huron Men's Skincare

Huron is making high-quality men's skincare products effective and affordable

For Huron, men’s skincare isn’t just business, it’s personal. From body washes to moisturizers, Huron’s thoughtfully-designed personal care products are the practical choice for men seeking a healthier, clearer complexion and premium results — without the premium price tag. 

11. Caraway Cookware

Beautiful, high-quality non-toxic ceramic cookware to upgrade your cooking

When we grab that “non-stick” pan at SuperTargetMart, we’re really giving chemicals with long, scary names like polytetrafluoroethylene a free invitation to stay in our bodies forever. Fortunately, there’s an antidote: Caraway cookware. Caraway makes their expertly designed products from pure ceramic, ensuring top quality without harmful chemicals getting in the way.  

12. Western Rise

Versatile, sustainable performance menswear for whatever the day throws at you

Husband and wife duo Will and Kelly Watters started Western Rise out of a desire to simplify menswear down to the versatile essentials needed to get you through anything the day throws at you. Another strong entrant into the athleisure / performance-wear category, Western Rise has quietly built a cult following among active men with their four-way stretch fabric pants and merino wool vests.

13. Barcode

Plant-based performance beverages created by former Knicks trainer Bar Malik

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, and in 2022 there are tons of drinks to swap out for your boring old water. Created by former New York Knicks trainer Bar Malik, Barcode makes functional, plant-based performance beverages. Created in partnership with nutritionists and trainers, their all-natural beverages are filled with adaptogens and provide support for the everyday athlete. Their watermelon flavor, a fan favorite, tastes different than any performance drink you've tasted before. Check it out for yourself.

14. Sozy

Sozy – short for soft + cozy – is an empowering women's fashion brand with beautiful threads and a beautiful mission

Waiting 'til you're home from work to be comfortable? That’s so 2019. Women-lead clothing brand Sozy believes we should be comfortable and look stylish all day, every day. That's why their women's clothing line is crafted with only the softest, high-quality materials, for a livable, look-good, feel-better fit. Plus, this certified B Corp donates 10% of their profits to support sexual violence survivors. 

15. Dame

Scientifically-engineered sex toys to keep your life high-vibe

In 2021 Dame took on the NYC MTA for discriminatory advertising practices, and won. They are making sure women’s sexual pleasure is part of the health and wellness conversation while creating products that satisfy her needs. Their Aer suction vibrator was one of the bestselling products on The Fascination in 2021, and we can’t wait to see where they push the conversation and industry next.

16. Deux

Vegan and gluten-free enhanced cookie dough you can eat straight from the jar

A brand born in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Deux has not wasted anytime moving into our hearts and stomachs. Their vegan and gluten-free better-for-you cookie dough is enhanced for immune support, collagen support, stress relief or protein. Plus, it actually tastes good! From releasing 5+ new flavors, creating a nutella alternative, and an appearance on Shark Tank, Deux’s successful 2021 is just the beginning.

17. CUTS Clothing

Sleek, trendy 'workleisure' menswear adored by celebs and athletes alike

Founded by Steve Borelli, CUTS began as an innovative take on the men's tee – comfortable, form-fitting and fashionable in 3 distinct hems or "cuts" - crew, elongated and split hem. CUTS quickly gained popularity for their effortless style, and have slowly expanded into henleys, bottoms and most recently, outerwear. Beloved by celebrity athletes like Kevin Durant, Patrick Mahomes and Brooks Koepka, CUTS is on the way up and will be a force in 2022.

18. Branch Furniture

Beautiful and ergonomic office furniture that optimizes your work setup

Working from home is set to continue well into 2022 and beyond. If your neck is starting to ache from sitting at your make-shift office (aka kitchen table), it’s time to upgrade to Branch’s ergonomically-designed solutions. Their stylish and sustainably made office chairs, desks, and tables offer the support you need at a fraction of the price compared to other high-end office supply brands.

19. Beam Organics

All-natural, organic CBD and supplements for energy, recovery, sleep, and hydration

We don’t foresee CBD’s growth slowing down anytime soon, especially for beam CBD. Their THC-free CBD blends are some of the highest quality functional supplements for better calm, energy, recovery, sleep, and hydration. In the last two years, beam added professional athletes Danica Patrick, Gus Kenworthy, Baker Mayfield, and more to their roster of athlete ambassadors and investors, and we don’t see them slowing down anytime soon.

20. Omsom

Proud, loud real Asian and East Asian flavors to spice up your cooking

Omsom has been exploding in 2021, just like their delicious flavors, and has become a pantry staple in every millennial’s kitchen. They launched collaborations with brands like Instant Pot, The Infatuation, and Disney’s Raya and The Last Dragon, while expanding their recipes and flavors. Our eyes are peeled (and our mouths are watering) thinking about what they’ll do in 2022.

21. Crossnet

The epic beach & backyard game with a growing cult following

Crossnet invented a game based on childhood favorites four square and volleyball that you can play anywhere. Their signature yellow nets can be spotted on college campuses, metropolitan parks, and beaches across the world. Plus, they teamed up with college athletes to expand their base as soon as the Supreme Court ruling came through in June. In 2022 they’re launching Crossnet soccer, and we can’t wait to get our feet on it.

22. Golde

From matcha to mushrooms, Golde makes superfood blends to boost your daily routine.

You’ve probably seen Golde’s superfood-packed products all over Instagram, and they’re not going away anytime soon. In 2021 Golde launched over 5 new SKUs including their Ade Trio, Shroom Shield, and Coconut Collagen Boost, and expanded into Target all while continuing on their mission to make wellness accessible to all. We can’t wait to see what tasty treats they add to their lineup in 2022. 

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