We create high-converting Performance Content™ for today’s most innovative DTC brands.

Our custom product review content, UGC ad creatives and whitelisting programs drive 20%+ lower CACs and covert your prospects into buyers more effectively than branded ads alone.

Trusted partners to the most forward-thinking performance marketers in DTC.


Our expertly-crafted advertorial content and ad creatives will help you drive more sales – at lower CACs.

Between iOS 14.5, rising CPMs and increasing competition, you have to get creative about how to tell your story. That's where we come in. 👋

  • Increase conversion rates and lower CACs by up to 40% vs. branded ads alone
  • Command more real estate on Facebook, IG, Google and TikTok
  • Win vs. competitors and in competitive generic Google searches
  • Leverage our endorsement to convert mid-funnel prospects
  • Control your own ad spend and targeting using our social handles


We create direct-response content and scroll-stopping ads that crush. Think of us as an extension of your Growth team.

Our authentic, in-depth product reviews and first-person testimonials provide crucial third-party validation your brand can’t manufacture itself.

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Leverage our purpose-built pages to help you convert

We create authentic, offer-driven, DR-focused product reviews, listicles, comparison articles and category roundups that highlight your products, tell your story and reinforce your offer.

Whitelisting through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

Run ads with our account to boost conversion & lower CAC

Through our FB/IG whitelisting program, you can run ads using our handles and landing pages in conjunction with your pixel and audiences to convert prospects into customers.

Performance UGC Creatives

Get beautiful, DR-focused UGC creatives for use in ads

Our creative & editorial team will create authentic, UGC-style performance ad creatives to use in conjunction with our whitelisting playbook that look and feel native in the feeds.

Trademark+ Google Search Campaigns

Beat out your competitors on key Google search terms

By leveraging The Fascination’s content to bid on Google search terms, you can attract and convert more customers on key SERPs like:

[brand] reviews\n\n[brand] vs. competitor A, B, C\n\nbest [product type]

The Fascination is Wirecutter meets Amazon for the direct-to-consumer space.


A Proven Formula to Drive More Conversions

We take a direct-response oriented, problem-solution approach to all our ad creatives and advertorial content. And we test every product in-hand so the content is original, authentic and backed by real-life testing.

  1. 1

    Product Testing

    We test your brand / product & make sure we love it. If we wouldnt buy or use it ourselves, we can’t sell it to others

  2. 2

    Messaging Framework

    We nail your messaging w/ our 7-step messaging process

  3. 3

    Funnel Mapping

    We strategically map out a cohesive funnel, from ad click to The Fascination to the ultimate conversion on your site, tailoring it to your brand’s unique goals, category, products and AOV.

  4. 4

    Content & Creative Production

    We write, edit, shoot & design beautiful landing pages and ad creatives that feel native to the feed

  5. 5

    Campaign Setup & Launch

    We provision access, setup & share pixels, everage our first-party audience data in combination with your pixel, and ensure analytics tracking prior to launch

  6. 6

    Optimize, Test, Iterate

    We provide quick revisions to landing pages, audiences, ad creatives and funnels to ensure you get the most out of our partnership

Case Studies

Driving Thousands of New Subscribers Whitelisting In-depth Product Review Content


New Subscribers & counting


Conversion Rate from Article to Purchase

"Working with The Fascination is always a pleasure. The team is a true partner who has truly become invested in our brand as much as we are."

Lauren Gonzalez, Senior Marketing Manager

Reducing Ridge's CAC by 40% in Google Competitor & Non-Brand Search Campaigns


Google Ads budget


Cost of Acquisition

“By partnering with The Fascination we were able to unlock profitable, incremental search campaigns. We increased our entire search budget by 20% and reduced our CAC by 30-40%”

Connor MacDonald, CMO, The Ridge

Outperforming Leesa's Own Prospecting w/ The Fascination's Whitelisting Funnel


ROAS on top-of-funnel prospecting ads


Reduced CAC by 37% versus other prospecting funnels

"The Fascination creative is out-performing all other paid social prospecting. The combination of the quality of their creative and the power of the third party endorsement works."

Jen Pressley, Head of Marketing