The edible cookie dough that tastes so good, you'll forget it's incredibly good for you.

About Deux

Close your eyes and imagine a world where cookie dough is good for you. Now open them and keep reading because DEUX is functional, plant-based, good-for-you cookie dough that you can eat straight from the jar. The secret? Their vegan and gluten-free cookie dough is filled with nutrients and vitamins, turning a sweet snack into collagen-boosting, stress-relieving, energy-enhancing, and immune-supporting superfood. You can also bake it into some totally delicious cookies (if you can wait that long). DEUX comes in classic flavors including Chocolate Chip, Ginger Doodle, Brownie, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

Why We Love Them

Feeling guilty about eating something so tasty like cookie dough just doesn’t feel right, and thankfully DEUX has created the perfect formula to satisfy our sweet tooth without compromising our health. Whether you love cookie dough straight from the bowl or hot out of the oven, DEUX has developed a vegan, protein-packed, crave-worthy cookie dough designed to do both. Eat it right for the jar, or bake a fresh batch — either way, you can enjoy this sweet treat, guilt free.

Origin Story

When COVID-19 first hit, Sabeena Ladha and Scout Brisson found themselves baking and looking for ways to prioritize their health. Sabeena turned to immunity supplements but quickly got bored and wondered if she could create an immunity dessert. She called Scout to share the idea, and they started conducting market research. With both women balancing full-time jobs, they tested their idea by dropping limited quantities of cookie dough on Instagram. It sold out within 20 minutes. Sabeena and Scout agreed that if they hit their sales goal by December they would quit their jobs and focus on DEUX full time. DEUX launched in October, and achieved "day-job" status within the first week. That momentum hasn't slowed since.


  • Classic cookie flavors
  • Filled with nutrients that support collagen, stress relief, immunity, and energy
  • Bake it into cookies or eat from the jar
  • Female founded
  • Vegan and gluten-free

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