Hand-crafted women's fashion and accessories designed to empower and inspire.

About ABLE

ABLE is moving fashion forward by delivering femme-focused, stylish pieces designed to look good and feel great — and by creating hugely transformative opportunities for women around the world. Whether it’s one of ABLE’s leather totes, their signature denim jacket, or personalized pieces from their refined jewelry collection, each handcrafted, top-quality ABLE piece promises to empower women across the globe, while encouraging confidence, expression, and comfort through the clothes they make and wear.

Why We Love Them

The global fashion industry has a long history of ruthless exploitation on a monumental scale, but ABLE is determined to inspire change by holding themselves accountable and by offering consumers a more responsible, more ethical, more fashionable choice.

Origin Story

ABLE began in 2008, following a series of life-altering conversations, inspired determination, and, eventually, a small collection of handcrafted scarves.“In Ethiopia we met women who had escaped from the commercial sex industry, and they asked us for help finding jobs that could provide stability and support for themselves and their families.”ABLE’s founding family recognized that employment and a fair wage could offer this opportunity. So, they began hosting classes to train these women in the art of making scarves with the promise of a fair and livable wage.With the launch of its first collection, a small selection of women’s scarves, ABLE became an immediate and inspiring success. Realizing that this was a viable path to eliminating poverty in these women’s communities, ABLE’s journey continued to Mexico, Brazil, India, and the U.S.“People understood that if you’re committed to ending poverty, you must create jobs, and do so for women.”Twelve years later, ABLE continues to transform the lives of the women it employs, offering support, stability, independence, and confidence to thousands of women, who handcraft some of the most desirable, ethically made women’s clothing on the market.


  • Well-made, comfortable, quality items
  • Stylish and versatile bags, apparel and accessories
  • Transparent and ethical employment practices, including fair-wage accountability
  • Purpose-driven brand on a mission to transform the fashion industry

The Science & The Soul

The Science

ABLE has created a brand focused on uncompromising quality, and this is reflected in their manufacturing. Ethically sourced leather, cotton, wool, and other fiber blends make up their well curated collection of clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry. ABLE’s artisans are trained to create and craft new, stylish designs, which are released monthly.

The Soul

ABLE’s mission to eliminate poverty by empowering women begins with their promise to provide their workers with a living wage, regardless of their location. After three years of meticulous development, ABLE implemented their ACCOUNTABLE program: a comprehensive system that evaluates ABLE’s manufacturing partners’ safety and equality practices and livable wage ethics.

Standing by their commitment to transparency, ABLE publishes a report of their lowest wages following these evaluations, so that they may always be held to the highest standard. It’s this standard that has come to define ABLE as one of today’s most beloved, trusted and formidable sustainable fashion brands – and as a leading voice for female empowerment around the world.

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