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Ettitude Waffle Towel Review: Bamboo Luxury

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Reviewed by Maggie Gibson

Last Updated March 2022

Ettitude Towel Review

Finding a nice towel set that is absorbable, soft, and sustainable may seem like a tall order. But the Ettitude Waffle Towel line has easily filled the order.


★ 4.5 Stars

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★ 4 Stars

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The Ettitude Waffle Bath Towel sports a sleek waffle design and comes in 5 different colors. These towels are moisture wicking and extra soft due to the use of their own CleanBamboo fabric. Each towel comes with an integrated hook loop for easy hanging after the shower. These towels are not only great for showering, but also great for the pool or beach.


  • Incredibly soft
  • Highly absorbent
  • Sustainably made
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Extremely transparent company
  • Free shipping on any orders over $50


  • A little thin, which may not be to everyone’s liking

Ratings Breakdown


The quality of the products used are top notch in the textiles market and are extremely comfortable. However, the Ettitude towels are a bit thinner than most might be used to, so they may not be for everyone.


The flexibility of these towels to go from bathroom, to pool to beach is fantastic. The pricing is about middle of the road for a good waffle towel. But the sustainability factor sends these towels to a whole other level.


These bath towels are a bit on the thinner side, but moisture wick like nobody’s business. They also look really nice hanging in the bathroom.


This brand is working hard to create a highly transparent, sustainable, comfortable, yet luxurious line of household textile products. They release an impact report every year showing consumers exactly how they’re doing, along with partnering with charity: water to bring clean water projects around the world.

Ettitude Waffle Towel Feel & Performance

I am typically a bath sheet kind of user. And even though I know not all bath sheets are created equally when it comes to moisture wicking, they are my typical go-to. However, since I tried the Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheets and fell in love, I figured their Waffle Towels had to be fairly on point also.

Since I had only used fluffy bath sheets previously, I was a bit worried that the waffle towel wouldn’t be as comfortable as a big bath sheet. Since the sheets were on the thinner side, I figured the towels would be in the same vein, And I was correct on that point. However, they were still very soft and comfortable.

Ettitude Waffle Towel Colors

After my first use, it dried really quickly. The towel didn’t feel too heavy/soggy after use like a bath sheet can. I just hung it up over the shower to dry it and it was good to go.

The first time I washed the towel, I didn’t feel it was as soft as before once I pulled it out of the dryer. This was a bit disappointing, but it didn’t take away from the towel that much. Even though it wasn’t as soft as it originally was, it was still soft in comparison to other towels.

Even though it’s a bit thinner, this is probably a towel I would use for most of the year because of how well it wicks moisture and how quickly it dries. However, I’ll probably stick with my thicker bath sheets in the winter because of how much warmer they are.

Golden Latte with Turkey Tail Taste

In addition to being highly functional, it also looks great hanging in my bathroom. So this could be a great towel for display in the guest bath along with some of the matching hand towels. Im’ also considering taking it the beach and pool this summer to see how well it does. The possibilities are endless at this point.

Ultimately, I have really enjoyed using these waffle towels and am loving the Ettitude products thus far. In fact, I’m interested in trying the bathrobe in the same material due to how comfortable I found the towel.

Is The Ettitude Waffle Towel A Quality Product?

Ettitude is a company that is working hard to create a high level of transparency and sustainability in their product line. All their products are sustainably made and free of harmful chemicals. Their transparency includes releasing an Impact Report every year to show why their products are more sustainable and better for the environment. This is currently considered the gold standard in terms of sustainability and transparency.

Four Sigmatic Quality
Four Sigmatic Quality

A big part of their sustainability is due to the CleanBamboo product they use. This bamboo is 100% bamboo lyocell, which is much better for the environment. This is done by:

• Using 500x less water
• Producing 52% less CO2 than cotton
• Uses a non-toxic solvent that recycles 98% of the solution up to 200 times to turn raw bamboo into their sheets

As if that wasn’t enough with regards to sustainability, they are plastic free in all of their packaging. And they use recycled plastic bottles to create their Down Alternative Comforter.

Is The Ettitude Waffle Towel Worth It?

The Ettitude Waffle Towel is certainly worth it for most consumers, in my opinion. Coming in at $44 for a regular bath towel isn’t even close to the higher end of the pricing spectrum here. The associated Bath Sheet ($54), Hand Towel ($24), and Face Washer ($14) fall into the reasonably priced category also.

Ettitude Towel Quality

For a product line that not only looks great, but is highly functional and sustainable to boot, these price points really aren’t bad at all. The only potential hesitation might be that they are a bit on the thin side for some consumers. But, if you can get past that and realize that towel thickness doesn’t necessarily equal high functionality, then these may just be the towels for you.


Ettitude Waffle Towel Review Summary

Ultimately, Ettitude Waffle Towels are some of the softest and most absorbent towels I’ve run across to date. These towels may seem a bit thinner than you’re used to, but don’t judge a book by its cover. They are quick drying, hypoallergenic, sleek looking, and highly sustainable. And with a middle of the road price point, it’s hard to go wrong with taking a chance on these.

Ettitude Moon Towel

I know that I’ve loved my experience with them so far, even if they aren’t as fluffy as I’m used to. My hope is that, in time, they will become plusher and more fluffy, as the brand says. And if/when that happens, they will be the perfect towel.

Ettitude is also very well known for their bedding. Check out our review of Ettitude's Sateen Sheets here

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