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Wolf Project Face Mask Review: Men's Natural Skincare

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated December 2021

Wolf Project Mask Review

Most modern men don’t think twice about their skin care regimen. But Wolf Project has changed the game by creating their masculine natural skin care line.



★ 5 Stars

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★ 4.9 Stars

Avg. Customer Rating


  • 95% natural ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free
  • 100/100 Yuka score
  • Made for men by men
  • Good pricing
  • Monthly subscription program to save even more money
  • Free shipping on orders over $30


  • May irritate highly sensitive skin
  • Scents could potentially be overwhelming to those who are more sensitive

Ratings Breakdown


Wolf Project scores 100/100 on the Yuka scale for quality and uses 95% natural ingredients in all of their products.


This line of men’s skin care products are reasonably priced, especially considering the quality of what you get.


All of their products are easy to apply, perform as well or better than expected, and leave skin feeling fantastic.


The mission of the company is to bring men forward progressively with respect to their skin care and how it can positively affect their masculinity.

Who Is Wolf Project?

The Wolf Project was founded in 2019 by Francesco Urso while he was living in Asia. While living there, he was immersed in the skin care culture followed by a lot of the residents. He realized that most men in other countries don’t even think twice about skin care or the long lasting effects it can have on their overall masculinity. So, he set out to create his own line of skin care products that fell in line with what he experienced in Asia.

Wolf Project Product Box

He set up shop in Switzerland, which is where the company is currently based. And he found a manufacturer in Korea that followed the same beliefs and ethics surrounding sustainability. By combining the Swiss design expertise and the Korean know-how, he was able to come up with his 95% all natural line of men’s skin care face masks.

The mission of this company is to bring the advanced beauty rituals he discovered in Asia to men in mass around the world. By doing this, his hope is to elicit the same feeling of increased physical and mental health due to more self care. This mission is awesome and the only place where I can see it being even more effective is if the company were to implement some philanthropic giving also.

Wolf Project Face Mask Performance

I can say that I fall into the typical men’s category of someone who hasn’t really spent much time thinking about my skin care regimen. Which probably makes me a prime candidate for the Wolf Project natural skin care line. And I can say that I’ve never even heard of skin care masks before. So, I was pretty interested to try out their products to see what the hype was all about.

Wolf Project Mask Test

When the package arrived, I was surprisingly pleased regarding how little excess packaging there was. The box was fairly small and everything fit nice and snug inside. The box and the paper it was packed with was fully recyclable, which I greatly appreciated.

Hydrating Face Mask Sheet – 5 Pack

Since I received 5 products, I decided it would be best to start with one of the mask face sheets. This was due to the fact that they only needed to be applied once a week. And since I’ve never really done much in the skin care genre for my face, I figured hydrating it a bit first might help. Therefore, the first product I tried was the Hydrating Face Mask Sheet.


The package was sealed well and made with a very durable material. Opening the package was simple and applying the face mask was easy enough.

The hydrating face mask was actually so hydrated that I had to soak up some of the liquid with a paper towel to keep it from dripping. But, this wasn’t actually a big deal since I would prefer for it to be moist as opposed to dry.

Hydrating Mask Test

After applying the face mask sheet, I layed around for 15 minutes, as per the instructions. It gave me time to relax and read a book, which isn’t something that I usually have a lot of time for. So it was a nice way to spend 15 minutes multitasking.

After 15 minutes I took the mask off and noticed that my face was a bit red where the mask sheet had been. But it wasn’t itchy or bumpy in addition to the redness. Therefore, it wasn’t an unpleasant experience, but it seemed to have slightly irritated my skin.

Afterward, I noticed that the package specifically states “do not apply on irritated or sensitive skin.” so I just missed the warning. This is a lesson to be heeded regarding reading the entire package before applying anything new.


Other than that, though, my face felt hydrated, soft, clean, and exceptionally moisturized. I really liked the product and the price (5 for $25). So it’s possible that I’ll try it again in the future in hopes that the other products I’ve used have helped my skin to not elicit the same reaction.

Detox Mud Mask Face Sheet – 5 Pack

During my week of testing out these products, I also tried the Detox Mud Face Mask Sheet.

This one was just as easy to apply as the hydrating face mask. But, due to the nature of this one, I didn’t have to soak up any extra liquid.


I also wore it for the full 15 minutes, as per the instructions. I was concerned that I might get the same facial redness from this one as I had from the other mask. However, to my surprise the mud face mask did not irritate my skin like the hydrating face mask.

In fact, it left my face feeling fully cleansed and soft, but not dry. Both face masks have a subtle, pleasing, citrusy, yet slightly earthy scent to them.


I did only use each mask once, since you’re only supposed to use them once a week. In that limited amount of time, I didn’t notice a visual difference after using either face mask. However, I would not be surprised if there was a more visual difference after a few uses. And at $29.50 for a 5 pack, the pricing is good enough to consider using them more regularly.

As an added bonus with both masks, I had a couple of friends over to try them out also to get their thoughts. When we had our face mask sheet party, it was a bit less relaxing than when I did them on my own. But, we had a great time comparing and contrasting. And both of my friends commented on how nice their faces felt after the masks, as well as how easy they were to apply.

Face Foaming Cleanser 100 mL

After the sheet masks, I went onto the Face Foaming Cleanser. This product is meant to be used daily, as per the instructions. So I used this one for the duration of the 1 week testing period.

This face cleanser has some pretty cool little black beads made of activated charcoal.


They burst and blend in with the rest of the ingredients when a lather is created. Just this alone makes for a rather fun experience.

This cleanser was easy to apply and wash off. I felt that it cleaned out my pores well. It also gave my face a clean and pure feeling, without over-drying my skin. At $14.50 for a bottle of this cleanser, it seems well worth the money to me since I only need a little bit each time I used it.

Hydrating Aqua Gel 100 mL

Each time I washed my face with the foaming cleanser, I followed it with the Hydrating Aqua Gel.


The gel was easy to apply, felt lightweight and had a cooling effect on the skin. In the past when I’ve used moisturizers, they’ve left my face with a sheen and a slightly oily feel. I was expecting a similar response from this gel.

Surprisingly, I did not get that response from this gel. Instead, it left my face hydrated yet still with my natural matte finish. It was a major plus that it also made my skin feel very soft. At $19 for a bottle, this product can easily fit within my budget and my regular skin care routine.

Manicure Set

The final product I tried by the Wolf Project was the Manicure Set. This product was fairly straightforward. I can say that I felt the pouch that everything came in seemed high quality and felt nice in the hand. It makes it easy to store everything in one place and also travel with it.


Each product in the manicure set does what it is designed to do, which was expected. My only complaint with this set was about the scissors. They are pointed and sharp at the end, which could be a problem if you plan to use them inside your nose. It would probably be a better design option to make the tips rounded, so that they are a bit safer to use. Other than that, $11 for this set seems pretty reasonably priced and well worth the money.

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Are Wolf Project Face Masks Good Quality?

The Wolf Project uses 95% all natural ingredients in all of their products. They have scored 100/100 on the Yuka scale for quality. This means that their products all get a green light for clean, natural ingredients. The brand also states that they are cruelty-free, which is important to a lot of consumers regarding quality.


Since the skin care line is designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Korea (which is one of the cosmetics capitals of the world), the product line appears to be high quality. It doesn’t hurt that the company has a money back satisfaction guarantee either.

Are Wolf Project Face Masks Worth It?

Seeing as there aren’t many good, clean men’s skin care lines out there today, the Wolf Project may just be worth it on that platform alone. Their products seem to be fairly high quality and definitely makes the skin look and feel good after each use.


They also have a competitive pricing structure that is significantly less than many other skin care companies. And with their monthly subscription options that can help you save even more money, it’s difficult to give any reasons why this skin care line might not be worth a shot.

If you give them a shot and don’t like their products for any reason, just reach out to them and they’ll do what they can to make it right. I happen to be a big fan of this philosophy!


Wolf Project Face Mask Summary 

Ultimately, finding a brand that is made by men for men to help instill more physical and mental health is a huge boon to society.

When companies are created to help increase the overall health and wellness of a people, there can only be positive benefits as an outcome. And in the case of the Wolf Project, their goal is to help men look and feel better about their skin. Which is a pretty cool mission to undertake.


Their product line is fairly diverse currently, but they are continuing to add more and more products in their line. It will be interesting to see what else they come out with in the near future to help further propel this mission. And with extremely competitive pricing and a high level of all natural ingredients, it’s hard to go wrong with them.

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