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Wolf Project Eye Mask Review: The Fast-Acting Solution For Puffy, Baggy Eyes

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated March 2022

Wolf Project Mask Review

Almost nobody is getting enough sleep and even fewer are drinking enough water. Is it any wonder why we have such puffy, dark eyes? There's been a few products that we've tested thus far and they've had some success, but today let's talk about Wolf Project's new eye mask touted to be silver bullet to this problem.

Most modern men don’t think twice about their skin care regimen. But Wolf Project has changed the game by creating their masculine natural skin care line.



★ 5 Stars

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★ 4.9 Stars

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  • 95% natural ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Easy to use
  • Made for men by men
  • Good pricing
  • Portable
  • Fast-acting


  • Not the cheapest long term solution

Ratings Breakdown


There’s no nonsense to these ingredients. Wolf Project has done a great job using natural choices with science-backed results.


It’s a 5 pack. That may not seem like a lot, but it serves a specific purpose and it does it well. $4 to instantly improve your puffy and/or dark eyes for a day is a pretty good deal.


I can see the change. My significant other could see the change. As a sufferer of deep, heavy bags around their eyes, I thought this made all the difference.


Wolf Project is still a fairly new company. We’ve seen progress in their getting certified by trusted third-parties with even more on the way.

Who Is Wolf Project?

Let’s get a little background on the company, here.

Wolf Project is relatively new to the men’s cosmetic industry after being established back in the summer of 2019. Its founder Francesco Urso, who worked as a Brand Director at Procter & Gamble followed his dream to start and cultivate a business of his own. After spending years studying the industry in Asia, he was ready to hit the break in the scene with specialized face masks for men.

Wolf Project Founder

These masks are designed in Switzerland, made in Korea, and distributed from California.

We actually gave these masks a try and absolutely loved them. You can read all about them here.

We’ve also spoken to Francesco a few times at The Fascination and his passion for the field is both charming and contagious.

After seeing quick success with his original line of face masks, Wolf Project was ready to show the world something even more game-changing.

Wolf Project Eye Mask Testing And Performance

Who Is This Tester?

I’ll give you some background on me, the tester.

I do not sleep anywhere near the recommended hours. I will occasionally hit my healthy water goal for the day, but I miss it about as often as I meet it. I’m in my late 20’s with a lifestyle that is a mix between huge amounts of sedentary work mixed with hikes and sports like Volleyball and Tennis at least once a week.

Wolf Project Mask Test

It’s only been in these last few years that I have had any awareness of skincare, let alone having a routine. If you’re anything like me, these eye masks are a great entry point to the world of taking better care of your skin and/or just looking better.

Eye Mask Testing Experience

The 5 pack Eye Masks come in a neat, small box inside a padded envelop that has no unnecessary packaging that to deepen its impact on the environment. In an interview with the founder, Francesco Urso, he was motivated to make the packaging even more environmentally sustainable.

The eye masks come in 5 individual packages with an easy tear perforation at the top with instructions (with pictures) and ingredients listed on the back of each one. This makes it very nice for bringing single packages to work or other travel. Or you can hand to a friend to try.

Eye Mask Package

The “masks” are actually a pair of boomerang shaped gels that are adhered onto a piece of plastic. I didn’t have any problem getting the masks out of the packaging or placing on my face. You can even move them around after placing and they still adhere to the skin sufficiently. Though, as the instructions state, I washed my face with cleanser before placing.

These shapes not only fit the desired area nicely, but Francesco mentioned they were partially inspired from the American football eye black that is so ubiquities with the sport and masculinity in general. There’s nothing wrong with being a feminine man, but I did like this twist on a cosmetic product that actually made me feel manly while using it. It’s a nice touch.

Hydrating Mask Test

I noticed a change. I used my second mask before going out with my girlfriend and asked if she noticed a change in my face. It took some hints but she was confident in how my face looked younger and healthier. We all have good and bed days for our appearance due to a bunch of factors and it’s sometimes hard to put your finger on. When I used these masks, I felt like they instantly put me in one of those good days.

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Are Wolf Project Eye Masks Good Value?

The value of these masks come down to what their intended use is. What they are not particularly meant for is a daily solution to circles around the eyes. They would be a bit pricey for that scenario. Though, $20 isn’t all that unreasonable for some people.


This product’s main value comes from the peace of mind that you can up your appearance game at any time. Like most skin-related changes, it can be days if not weeks to see noticeable effects from typical solutions. To have a product that can make a noticeable impact within 15-30 mins is a truly handy tool to have in your back pocket.

For me, I used them before going out on the weekend, before a work meeting, and a holiday gathering. It’s hard to put a price on the boost in confidence you get from these Eye Mask Boosters.


Wolf Project Face Mask Summary 

In the end, I feel good using these. I still need to work on my sleep, hydration, and other aspects to skincare. But these eye masks are a fantastic option to have in a pinch. If you struggle with puffy eyes and want to look better for dates or gatherings, I suggest giving these a try.

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