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Partake Foods Review: Cookies, Brownies, & More!

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Reviewed by Sharon Quinn

Last Updated January 2022

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Our food industry isn’t the best at creating health-conscious products. But Partake Foods’ delicious baking mixes may be an answer.

Featured Product – Brownie Mix

Partake Foods’ 5-in-1 Baking Mix and Brownie Mix may be great-tasting, but it’s their devotion to alternative ingredients for those with dietary restrictions that are worth the price of admission. Gluten-free, Vegan, and even free of the Top-8 Allergens, Partake Foods’ baking mixes are easy to bake, versatile in use, low-priced, and sizable in quantity.

5-in-1 Baking Mix
- 3 Pack – $23.99
- 6 Pack – $45.99

Brownie Mix
- 3 Pack – $23.99
- 6 Pack – $45.99


  • Allergen Friendly
  • Gluten-Free Certified
  • Vegan
  • Versatile usage for 5-in1 (pancakes, waffles, cakes, etc.)
  • Easy to use and bake
  • Kosher
  • No Rice, Gum, or Emulsifiers


  • Added Sugars
  • Oily Batter (Brownie Mix)
  • No International Shipping
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Featured In This Review

5-in-1 Baking Mix


Not only is this baking mix an incredible ingredient for magically making cakes, muffins, waffles, and more, but it’s free from gluten, dairy, and the top 8 allergens.

Partake Products

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Each mix has wholesome, healthy ingredients that are certified vegan and gluten free. Furthermore, they’re free of the top 8 allergens, using alternative ingredients to create their delicious batches.


The serving size (and versatility) is dependent on what you bake in the 5-in-1 Mix, but there are sizable quantities to be made in both baking mixes. The quality ingredients are another notable value add, in our view.


Partake Foods exists as a tasty alternative for everyone, but specifically for those with dietary restrictions who don’t wish to sacrifice taste for health. They also raise awareness for female and people of color entrepreneurship increasing fellowship and visibility in the marketplace.

Who is Partake Foods?

Partake Foods starts with Denise Woodard and her journey to find tasty and health-conscious snack food for her daughter, Vivienne. As a baby, Vivienne had severe food allergies and Denise and her husband were dismayed by the lack of allergen-friendly snacks and variety of food to feed her.

Denise saw an opportunity, left her job, and decided to make food that provided for her daughters needs as well as any one else in her predicament. This pursuit birthed Partake Foods and its dedication to quality snack food for those with dietary restrictions and a wow-taste-factor to those who don’t.

Partake Snacks Taste

Partake Foods is free of the top-8 allergens, GMO’s, and is gluten-free and vegan. This includes no peanuts, eggs, dairy, soy, tree nuts, sesame, artificial flavors or preservatives.

They’ve also partnered with grocery chains such as Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, Wegmans, and many others making it easier for families to experience their inclusive cookies and baking mixes. Partake Foods collaborates with the Food Equality Initiative honoring their mission to increase access to children and families affected by the lack of allergen-friendly products.

5 in 1 baking mix partake

Featured In This Review

Brownie Mix


Delicious, fudgy, and easy to make, Partake Foods’ Brownie Mix is the perfect ingredient for brownie lovers everywhere.


Partake Brownie & Baking Mix Review

5-In-1 Baking Mix

It’s really up to you whether you follow the recipe on the back of the bag or choose to freestyle and use baking flour of your own. To my credit, I wanted (and was able) to make a cinnamon sugar bread with added pecans.

It required minimal on-hand ingredients to create: I simply added water, neutral tasting oil, cane and brown sugar, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. However, when you pour batter into the pan, don’t be surprised if it’s dense. I was skeptical after seeing it this way, thinking it wouldn’t turn crumbly, but to my delicious coffee-cake-esque delight it did.

Pancake and muffin Mix Partake

I baked the batter for 45 minutes and the bread broke into pieces as I moved it from the pan to the plate, but partly because it was warm and because of the consistency as well.

Partake Brownies Baking Mix

To benefit this review, I firmly stuck to the instructions on the back of the product bag. I set the oven to 350, added ½ cup of water, ½ cup of oil, stirred, added the mix, and poured the contents into the pan. I also took the opportunity to sample the batter.

Partake Brownie Mix

For most who are allergic, this can be a missed opportunity for baking excursions when we don’t know what’s in it, but this health conscious batch was delicious. The batter looked oily and had an interesting consistency: somewhat thick and slightly lumpy.

Cooked to perfection with a chew inside and a slightly crusty top layer.

How Does Partake Foods Taste?

The taste is the best part. I usually use my husband as a barometer, but with the 5-in-1 mixing batch cinnamon bread we created, I could tell his enthusiasm when he said it was good.

Partake Brownie Mix Test

And the brownie mix didn’t make it past 24 hours when we baked it. That’s no exaggeration. The mix makes 18-19 brownies and uses buckwheat flour, oat milk, and sea salt in their ingredients that I was genuinely floored by how much I didn’t want to stop eating. They’re both delicious and the variety in the 5-in-1 is a steal.

Is Partake Foods Good Quality?

Partake Foods ingredients are healthier options than their competitors due to research of production in gluten-free/vegan-free facilities, consistent recipe experimentation, and a commitment to natural and organic food products.

Partake Ingredients

Doing so not only improves their taste, but the health benefits needed for their clientele. Their refund policy allows you to easily return bad/damaged mixes (with their approval, I might add) and every product is simple and easy to purchase. They also offer free shipping on purchases over $39 dollars.

Is Partake Foods Worth It?

Due to the fact that both baking mixes have a substantial quantity, it could easily be argued that you’re getting a bargain for the price. The cost of following a gluten-free diet has always been high and that doesn’t always allow those who manufacture them to cut costs either.

Partake Baking Products

And even if you weren’t interested in them for their commitment to health-conscious baking, you’ll still end up craving the taste of the snacks themselves.

Partake Foods Coupons & Discounts

Partake Foods offers a 15% discount when you subscribe to their emails, but they also offer a Loyalty Program. You can join to earn and redeem points up to $35 off your purchase.

Partake Points System

Points are earned by either following or sharing on social media (Instagram, Facebook), making a purchase, writing a review, celebrating a birthday or subscribing to their newsletter.


Partake Foods Summary

Frankly, if you’re really looking for a worthwhile alternative to your snack food, it’s hard to go any better than Partake Foods. They deliver quality products for a low cost with sizable quantities that won’t disappoint.

And regardless if you suffer from dietary restrictions or not, they’re more than worth a look. Creating a diverse collection of cookies, baking mixes and snack packs with natural and allergen-free ingredients, they’ve continued to fulfill their mission for a healthier pantry.