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What We’re Sippin’: Our Team’s Bevs of the Moment

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Reviewed by Sharon Quinn

Last Updated January 2022


We gathered for an offsite to have one of those week-long, brilliant brainstorming sessions. You know, the ones where you think big, dream and plan even bigger. Needless to say, our cognitive function was fueled by some of the best bev brands in the biz. Here’s what our team thought of what we tried and what we’ll def keep sippin’ on for meetings to come.

Jot Coffee


“I tired Jot for the first time at our team offsite and now I’m hooked. I love the flexibility and convenience! You can drink it hot or cold, strong or weak. By having this pre-brewed bottle of coffee concentrate that’s 20x the strength of a regular cup, one container seems like it will last me a while…and I can get my caffeine fix really quickly. Since my fiancé and I take our coffee differently, we no longer brew 2 different pots — we just add varying amounts of water to the concentrate and sip away.” – Courtney

Wandering Bear


“Wandering Bear’s Hazelnut Nitro Coffee is a winner. Hazelnut is my go-to coffee flavor, and their nitro take on my all-time fav was tasty and satisfyingly smooth. It left me feeling energized, was easy to pour from the box’s spout and convenient when going back for second and third cups. Super solid coffee option for those that want to choose their own amount and like ordering in larger quantities.” – Nathan



“Olipop has converted me into a tonic fan. I found myself reaching for one in the fridge almost everyday come lunch time. The Root Beer and Cherry Vanilla flavors were my favs, but the options are endless. 🥤 Oh, and their marketing is just as delicious as their product.” – Cait 

Mai Vino


“I only had the Mai Vino Rosé, and I really liked it. Very light and refreshing, not too sweet. We opened the bag at the beginning of the week and then had it again at the end, and it didn’t taste off in between, proving their storage is top notch! It’s also fun branding.” – Maggie 

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Athletic Brewing Company


“I’ve actually been drinking Athletic on and off for the better part of the last couple years. Anyone who knows me knows I know (and love) beer, so to give my stamp of approval to Athletic’s brews is a strong vote of confidence. I don’t have any health reasons (besides being better to myself) to not drink alcohol, but lots of people around me do. Athletic is an amazing solution because the beer tastes good enough for alcoholic beer drinkers to want one too. I don’t love every flavor, and the richness of true craft beer is not replicated in every beer from Athletic, but the Run Wild IPA hits the spot.” – Dan



“I had been a big fan of the Zolt Collagen mixes before I came to the offsite, but I had never tried the CBD ones. I like Zolt’s unique flavors — they’re not your typical calming ginger, but rather Lime Mint and Clementine, which are refreshing (but not too sweet) treats. Whenever I drink their nighttime blends, I get the best sleep.” – Maggie



“When I saw Lavender Maple as a flavor for canned coffee, I was instantly intrigued. And wow was I impressed. The mixture of oatmilk, maple, and lavender was comparable to the craft lattes I typically get at my fav local coffee shop in San Diego. After drinking just one can, I was wired. Usually when I drink coffee I’ll get an afternoon crash, but Dripdash kept me going all day.” – Erin 

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Later Days Coffee Co.


“I’m always game for a little legal microdosing (a shot of espresso counts here ☕) and my can of Later Days Coffee Co Fun Guy did not disappoint. The cold brew had a whole mix of things in it, all of which were satisfying. It was a wild concoction of mushrooms and ashwaganda — essentially trendy supplements designed to help you focus with consistent energy and low stress. The flavor and function mix def did the trick.” – Dan


Amani Coffee Co.


Amani sent us their organic canned Cold Brew and Ground Coffee bags. I cracked open an Original Cold Brew my first day with the team and gravitated toward it for the rest of the week. The bold, black, clean flavor is the perfect everyday coffee choice if you’re looking for a convenient, quality caffeine kick.” – Nathan

Cometeer Coffee


“It’s really hard to find delicious decaf coffee that you can make at home. Cometeer somehow nailed it. The blend was strong and full-bodied, and the best part is that you can make your brew as intense or weak as you like by adding more or less liquid when prepping your cup of joe. I ran the frozen pod under the sink, popped it in my mug and poured hot water over top. As the pod melted, all that was left was an aromatic blend of dark roast java that I couldn’t wait to drink. Hands down the best cup of coffee I had all week — and I’m admittedly a bit of a coffee snob. 😬 ” – Sharon

Joy Milk Tea


“I love boba tea. This canned beverage is a quick and convenient option to get that style without needing to head over to a brick and mortar store. It was a refreshing change after chugging coffee all week (not that I’m opposed to that whatsoever). Not without caffeine, Joy Milk Tea was flavorful and aided my energy reserves with no fear of jitters.” – Nathan



“Of all the drink options available to us, these Kimbala offerings were distinctly interesting in their flavor profile. We tried the ready-to-drink options as well as the concentrated chai and coffee. I loved the interplay of ingredients and the focus on proper chai flavor. It tastes fresh, authentic, and overall delicious.” – Nathan