The Edit / Immi Ramen Review: A Healthier, Better-Tasting Ramen?


Immi Ramen Review: A Healthier, Better-Tasting Ramen?

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated March 2022

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Since this review went live, Immi has rolled out an updated formula with new value prospects and aims to improve their noodle’s slurpability. We tested the new formula in this article here.

Featured Product: Immi Variety Pack

Price – $39.00

The Immi Variety Pack holds all three flavors of the brand: The Tom Yum “Shrimp”, Black Garlic “Chicken”, and the Spicy “Beef”. Each noodle flavor pack can be bought separately (in a 6 or 12 pack), but if you’re looking to experiment with Immi’s unique noodle, then this 9-pack variety bundle is the better purchase.

With less sodium, fewer carbs, a higher protein count, and more fiber, Immi is working to bring you ramen that’s better for your heart and your health.

Immi Variety Pack
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Ratings Breakdown


Immi’s taste amongst all three flavors takes time to get used to. The pumpkin seed protein creates a hearty taste that can be enjoyable, but is an adjustment to eat through. Immi’s taste amongst all three flavors takes time to get used to. The pumpkin seed protein creates a hearty taste that can be enjoyable, but is an adjustment to eat through.


The ramen, while not expensive, is a higher priced ramen than some competitors due to its healthier ingredients. It’s still affordable with a protein intake that will fill you up.


Immi offers plant-based ramen with higher protein and fiber content and less sodium than its competitors. It’s health-focused, although lacking in flavor variety.

Who is Immi?

Kevin Lee and Kevin Chanthasiriphan grew up working alongside their families in Taiwan and Thailand markets selling and cooking authentic Asian food for consumers. Both men had a deep love for food and crossed paths one day working as product managers for a startup while growing closer over their shared food interests.

Immi Ramen Story

It wasn’t long after that they noticed they also shared the same idea: That their love of instant ramen, while delicious, had never been made with health benefits in mind. In fact, the reverse had been true all their lives.

Determined to offset poor nutrition, unhealthy habits, and damaging ingredients for them and their families, Immi was born: A plant-based, healthy noodle substitute to fill you up and benefit your body. Creating three distinct soup flavors and dedicating their livelihood to developing a better protein noodle, Immi proceeded to provide a better, healthier alternative in a market that had never considered it.

With the goal of a better diet in mind, Immi is dedicated to perfecting its ramen process to then move on to other Asian snacks and delicacies creating a healthier palette for their consumers.


  • 31 grams of protein
  • Complex flavors
  • Fiber
  • A variety of food options go well with each flavor
  • Less Sodium (35% less than competitors)
  • Plant-Based/Healthier Alternative
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Affordable


  • Noodle is hearty and less slurpable
  • Only three flavors overall
  • Cooking times may vary
  • Taste will not be for everyone
  • Quantity in pack seems light
Immi rmane flavor
Immi ramen spoon

IMMI Ramen Reviews

I honestly had the hardest time figuring out which flavor to start with. I knew there wouldn’t be any meat or vegetables in the packs, but I had already chosen my set toppings for each flavor: American cheese, eggs, spinach, kimchi and sriracha.

IMMI Black Garlic “Chicken”

Black Garlic Chicken Review

I randomly chose the Black Garlic “Chicken”. I followed the instructed cooking time of 5 mins on the back of the pack and my first impression after adding the soup base was that it needed more time. The pumpkin seed protein makes for quite a hearty noodle and it was a swift departure from what my mouth was used to. A bit tough, and definitely less slurpable.

I genuinely like ramen as much as the next person, but this was the equivalent of giving someone a gluten-free cookie and calling it a regular one. But despite that extreme example, and a few more bites, I got used to the difference in texture and thought it was good as a healthy alternative.

Also, each pack holds 31 grams of protein and while regularly that might fill me up, I work out often and was left feeling the food pack was too small. I threw in a second pack and that left me full. You may also wish to consider dicing up a chicken breast or two for extra oomph!

IMMI Tom Yum “Shrimp”

About Sunday Citizen

I’m not the biggest fan of anything shrimp flavored, but the Tom Yum "Shrimp" ramen left me genuinely surprised. The soup flavor here ended up as my favorite and I did use the same additional food items.

And for a person who avoids shrimp like the plague, that’s saying something. It almost made me want to add shrimp to the soup base just for curiosity’s sake. Almost.

This was also the first pack in which I could taste the difference in just how much less sodium-pumped these noodles are. The salt flavor doesn’t overstay its welcome in your mouth.

I also discovered that cooking the noodle and the soup base past their initial time creates a more cohesive experience in taste and texture that was lacking in the Black Garlic “Chicken.” Longer cooking times than 5 mins for the protein noodle may be the way to go.

IMMI Spicy “Beef”

About Sunday Citizen

This one was a heavy hitter in flavor too. The Spicy “Beef” ramen soup base and noodle combination was delicious and would go wonderfully well with some ground beef or turkey. Add some onions to beat along with the eggs and sriracha and your mouth will thank you.

As different as it was to get used to the taste at first, I found myself thinking of all sorts of things I could add to these flavors to see what pops! The possibilities felt endless and I appreciate the freedom to experiment.

I can see the potential that others may see it as lazy or not giving enough in the pack, but I see it as a boon allowing the customer to make it their own. Experimentation can be its own reward.

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Is Immi Ramen Good Quality?

Immi’s plant-based, keto-friendly noodles are on par with its competitors but add a bit more by being health-conscious.

Yes, taste is very much a factor, but if you’re going in with the knowledge that Immi’s noodles are pumpkin-seed protein-based (which are more akin to a buckwheat noodle) then I wouldn’t be surprised that you may enjoy it more. They are filling, substantially healthier, and have room to add whatever additional food items that you wish to.

Besides the more than 100 reviews of their customers (with feedback and ideas), there is even a recipe page for you to experiment with what to prep or add to your meal for different results.

Immi Ramen Chicken Pack
Immi Ramen Spicy BeefPack
Immi Ramen Shrimp Pack

Is Immi Ramen Worth It?

Right now? Yes and no. Immi ramen’s health benefits, price point, and experimental add-on quality are heavily positive factors to consider when nutritional value is so naturally vacant.

Along with its 31 grams of protein, Immi has 9 grams of fiber and has 35% less sodium than the top ramen competitors. Lowering your sodium intake can drastically stave off health effects associated with diabetes, heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure.


But I don’t wish to withdraw my criticism in thinking there isn’t a better and softer noodle that Immi can come up with.

Asking for consumers (even with the health benefit angle) to stave off an associated taste is a tall order for any new business. But it can become even more of a hurdle if the texture of the food isn’t the same as well. I do believe that the benefits outweigh the detriments, but I can fully see customers waiting for a newer version despite the affordable prices.


Immi Ramen Summary

With so many food companies taunting their newly health-conscious weight around for money grabs and sound bites, it’s a nice change of pace to taste a product that’s built with your health in mind from the ground up. While not perfect (and not for everyone), immi has crafted a new type of ramen with 3 tasty soup flavors and the freedom to add whatever additions you want to your bowl.

With high protein, low sodium, affordable pricing (and the early rumblings of a slicker, smoother noodle on the way), Immi may have carved a place for themselves where you don’t always have to sacrifice good taste for good food.