Enjoy healthier ramen, in an instant.

About immi

We love Ramen, but we know our long term health doesn’t feel the same due to the high sodium count. That’s where immi comes in. They created a healthier alternative to ramen that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!

Why We Love Them

Ramen-lovers, rejoice. We’ve found your new go-to. Introducing immi, a noodle-bowl brand that makes healthy noodles, prepped and seasoned for your guilt-free consumption. Founded by two food-industry pros as a modern, health-focused homage to their Asian cultural and culinary backgrounds, immi is on a mission to create a flavorful, healthier, more authentic alternative to instant ramen — so that everyone can enjoy the best parts of this nostalgia-inducing classic without the consequences.

Origin Story

Kevin Lee (Klee) and Kevin Chanthasiriphan (KChan) have set their sights on disrupting the $42B instant-ramen industry by introducing a healthier alternative for consumers. Both founders grew up surrounded by authentic Asian foods, working alongside their families in the markets of Taiwan and Thailand. Lee’s grandparents grew rose apples on their farm in Taiwan, and Chan’s grandmother ran a noodle stall in Thailand, while his dad ran a Thai restaurant in LA. When Klee and KChan met as product managers at a startup, they would often work and bond over food-court bowls of noodles for breakfast (bold choice). However, they knew that, while delicious, the big-box, go-to instant-ramen and noodle-bowl brands were, overwhelmingly, just not healthy. Determined to enjoy breakfast without the post-ramen guilt, and inspired to offer their families a healthier alternative to other instant-ramen options, Lee and Chanthasiriphan created immi. They’ve already seen success and attracted investors from online food brands like Magic Spoon and Thrive Market. Once they tackle the ramen industry, these founders have their sights set on evolving other Asian snacks and favorites. Simply put, immi is just getting started, and we’re hungry for more.


  • 75% lower in net carbs, 5x more protein, and 3x more fiber than other ramen brands
  • Only $6.25 per meal
  • Keto-friendly and plant based

The Science & The Soul

The Science

immi was specifically created to be healthier than traditional ramen brands. With only 9g of net carbs, immi clocks in roughly 75% lower in net carbs compared to other instant- ramen and noodle-bowl brands. It has 31g of protein, which is 5x more than other ramen brands, and 9g of fiber, which is 3x more than other grab-n-go options.

Finally, compared to popular competitor brands like Cup Noodles, Maruchan, and Top Ramen, immi is up to 35% lower in sodium. Not to mention it’s keto-friendly and entirely plant-based. The noodles themselves contain less starch than traditional ramen, which eliminates a lot of the carbs. immi also tastes great due to the broths developed by professional chefs.

The Soul

Some of the top benefits of instant-ramen is its price point, convenience, and accessibility to all; benefits that Klee and KChan wanted to keep with immi, too. One packet costs about $6.25, and they offer discounts for those who sign up for a subscription.

They see immi growing alongside fast casual restaurants like Chipotle, while offering a significantly lower price point and greater nutritional value and quality. immi allows the health-conscious community, foodies, and snackers alike to enjoy all the nostalgia and flavors of their favorite noodles —  better, healthier, and guilt-free.

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