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Top 5 Gifts For Men 2022

Best Gifts For Men 2022

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Sometimes men can be incredibly frustrating to buy gifts for. Is a knife too stereotypical? Is it weird to buy them clothing? How many ties are too many ties to gift one guy? You can overthink the situation into oblivion and give up with just buying a gift card. Men do like money… But there are a few tried and true classics that they’ll like a whole lot more.

Our #1 Pick: The Ridge - Carbon Fiber 3K Wallet

Price: $95 - $150

The relationship between men and their money is primal and undeniable. Whether it’s a dude licking his thumb to conspicuously sift through his stack of cash, or a gentleman subtly handling the bill at the end of a dinner, men get a satisfaction spending their hard-earned money. And they deserve a wallet that can match their style and class (or elevate them).

Ridge has wallets for every man of quality. Sleek and minimal, yet highly functional, these wallets offer confidence with every use. Leather wallets will inevitably get scratched, ripped, or fall apart. Ridge wallets never look out of place and come with a lifetime warranty. The Carbon Fiber 3K features:

  • 1-12 cards capacity without stretching out
  • RFID Blocking (wireless theft)
  • Replaceable elastic
  • Free returns within 45 days
  • Free shipping on domestic (2-5 days) and international (7-14 days) orders

If the man you’re buying for hasn’t tried one out yet, definitely consider Ridge. They’ll thank you.   



Carbon Fiber 3K Wallet




The best minimalist wallet is The Ridge!

Shop Now At The Ridge

Designed to streamline your everyday essentials, wallets from The Ridge are the perfect sweet spot for minimalists who want to maximize efficiency. Choose between military-grade aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber casings that feature built-in RFID-blocking technology to protect your sensitive information from wireless theft.


  • Stylish, modern, minimalist design
  • Lightweight, compact, and extremely durable (top-quality materials ensure that the Ridge Wallet is built to last)
  • RFID-blocking functionality and protection, so your personal information (and belongings) is safe and secure
  • Pairs with a cash strap, money clip, or both, so you can personalize your Ridge Wallet based on what you prefer
  • Lots of variety in terms of colors, textures, and patterns, so there's something to fit any style
  • Comes with Torx screwdriver and additional screws


  • Premium pricing compared to your average, quick-grab wallet, but this purchase will last significantly longer
  • Keep an eye on those screws while assembling and disassembling your Ridge Wallet (they are tiny and easy to lose – hence the extras)
Forged Pacific Wallet Gift
Burnt Titanium Wallet Gift

Some other favorites of ours include their Forged Pacific and Burnt Titanium

#2. Vincero - Chrono S

Price - $175

“I've bought watches for this guy in the past, but they wanted something more high-end.” We got you. Vincero has an impressive lineup of beautiful luxury watches at an accessible price. Their selection of Chrono S watches includes classic, casual, and bold options. 

We love the timeless look of the Chrono S paired with high quality materials and various features. These watches have a 5 ATM water resistance too, which makes them safe for washing hands, showering, or chilling in the pool (not swimming). Finally, Vincero will give you free shipping and returns up to one year. If you’re looking to spend a little more, Vincero is a great option.

#3. Yeti - Tundra 35 Hard Cooler

Price - $300

Is the man you’re buying a gift for the outdoor type? Do they camp, hunt, fish, or tube down a river? Ask any of them the difference a quality cooler can make. Styrofoam ones are all-around horrible and those coolers at Walmart offer the bare minimum performance. Yeti has been a leader in insulated drinkware for years and their coolers are no exception. Beyond peerless cooling power and durability, Yeti Coolers are leakproof, waterproof, and optimized for transportation. 

They offer over-the-shoulder options like the Hopper M30 Soft Cooler as well as standard coolers like our pick The Tundra 35 Hard Cooler. Buy now to receive 5 year warranty, free shipping, and eligibility for free returns. If you know a man who goes the outdoors with the boys, you can’t fail by gifting an upgrade to this essential item.

#4: BrüMate -16oz Toddy

Price - $29.99

Maybe you’re not impressed with Yeti drinkware. BrüMate was established in just 2016 and took the drinkware industry by surprise. They’re the young, hungry up-and-comer with something to prove. They have all the favorite drinkware types as well as bold, unique products you won’t find elsewhere.

For example, they have a cool line of 20oz imperial pint mugs that offer style options like Wulnut or Midnight Camo. If you’re looking for wine containers they have classic tumblers and 25oz Winsulators. They even offer barware like shakers or this nosing glass

We like their classic 16oz Toddy for our hot beverages because of it's handle, no-slip base, double threaded lid, and leakproof lock.

Most of these products are going to cost you around $25 - a no-brainer. If that’s your price range and your guy drinks any type of beverage, pick out one of these and call it day.

#5. Therabody - Theragun Mini

Price - $199

Therabody changed the game all those years ago with their Theragun Pro. It offered high-quality muscle treatment from your home in a way no other product did at the time. Now they've come out with a portable option that's perfect for trips to the gym, lunch breaks at work, or even mountain-side snowboard recovery. 

The Threragun Mini averages 4.9/5 stars out of 260 reviews. With a $199 price tag, it's a fantastic gift option. And if you live with this man you're buying it for, you can just steal it whenever.  

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