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Best Minimalist Wallets of 2022

Best Minimalist Wallets of 2022

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Minimalist wallets are taking over. Men of all generations are embracing the great wallet downsizing and enjoying the freedom that comes with it. Maybe at first you thought they were a passing fad, but they haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, thousands of minimalist wallet options have flooded market. Too many options, in fact. That’s where we come in.

Here are the 5 best minimalist wallets of 2022

Our #1 Pick: The Ridge - Forged Ember Wallet

Price: $95 - $150

Ridge wallets were one of the first to popularize minimalist wallets. They were the company everybody copied. They got it right the first time, and have only been offering more options and more features ever since. There is a reason the industry looked to them for inspiration. We love the look of the red in the Forged Ember, but the Forged series comes in Pacific (blue), Gold, and many others. Their wallets all offer the same great features, the only thing you have to choose is the look and material.

All Ridge Wallets offer:

  • 1-12 cards capacity without stretching out
  • RFID Blocking (wireless theft)
  • Replaceable elastic
  • Free returns within 45 days
  • Free shipping on domestic (2-5 days) and international (7-14 days) orders

Ranging from simple and elegant to bold and rugged, you’re sure to find a look that fits you.



Forged Ember




The best minimalist wallet is The Ridge!

Shop Now At The Ridge

Designed to streamline your everyday essentials, wallets from The Ridge are the perfect sweet spot for minimalists who want to maximize efficiency. Choose between military-grade aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber casings that feature built-in RFID-blocking technology to protect your sensitive information from wireless theft.


  • Stylish, modern, minimalist design
  • Lightweight, compact, and extremely durable (top-quality materials ensure that the Ridge Wallet is built to last)
  • RFID-blocking functionality and protection, so your personal information (and belongings) is safe and secure
  • Pairs with a cash strap, money clip, or both, so you can personalize your Ridge Wallet based on what you prefer
  • Lots of variety in terms of colors, textures, and patterns, so there's something to fit any style
  • Comes with Torx screwdriver and additional screws


  • Premium pricing compared to your average, quick-grab wallet, but this purchase will last significantly longer
  • Keep an eye on those screws while assembling and disassembling your Ridge Wallet (they are tiny and easy to lose – hence the extras)
Carbon Fiber Wallet Gift
Burnt Titanium Wallet Gift

Some other favorites of ours include their Carbon Fiber and Burnt Titanium

#2. Bellroy - Apex Slim Sleeve

Price - $129

Bellroy leather wallets are die-cut, molded, and heat bonded rather than sewn. They offer a lot of information on their website to ensure you of its quality. While not as flashy as other options there is a lot more offered by the Apex Slim than its simple outer appearance lets on. 

Aside from being incredibly slim, the design features a fun “pinch” mechanic that provides a solid seal and still allows the wallet to be opened with one hand. It’s held shut by magnets until performing the pinch action and opens to reveal slots holding up to 8 cards as well as a designated slot for cash. Its slimness lives up to it's name, but you do pay for it with less capacity. If you think you can manage with 8 cards or less and prefer the leather aesthetic, this is a great option for you.

#3. Hayvenhurst - Carbon Fiber Capsule Wallet

Price - $30

You might be someone who isn’t ready to spend on a top-tier product, especially if you’re not sure it’s for you. Brands like Hayvenhurst are a good option because they are an inexpensive alternative that tries to offer that same minimalist functionality. The carbon fiber capsule wallet from Hayvenhurst is a sleek, vertical design that claims to hold up to 12 cards. It offers a button to assist with card retrieval. The company offers a 12-month warranty and free returns within 30 days. At the time of publishing this list, the carbon fiber wallet was $30. All and all, a pretty nice budget option for a minimalist wallet.

#4: Ekster - Parliament Wallet

Price - $71

This is certainly the most ambitious entry on our list. The Ekster Parliament combines both leather and aluminum to create a very stylish wallet that can be accessed vertically with the press of a button as well as horizontally with a full opening. While it can hold more cards, they do recommend only 9 for this one. But let’s talk about the fun features.

First, the button used to allow for quick access to the cards placed in the vertical slots is a fun trigger-style. Second, the button allows for quick access to the essentials, but there are more secured spots in the leather section that gets wrapped inside. Finally, Ekster offers a tracker card add-on purchase ($39) so that you can find your wallet with your phone or computer if it gets lost.

All these unique features while maintaining a sleek, elegant design make this a great option for turning heads.

#5. The Airo Collective - Razor Stealth Wallet

Price - $58

Now for the slimmest option pick, we have the Razor Stealth Wallet from Airo. No crazy tricks or bold aesthetics; the Razor offers an 8 card capacity with a spot for cash while boasting extreme durability. They claim it’s 15x stronger than steel and still water-resistant. Their engineers were working overtime on this one, because it is unbelievably thin. The style is very much still the classic look that you would be familiar with. So if you’re looking for something similar to what you have, just much thinner and durable, consider the Razor.