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The 10 Best Gifts for Dad in 2022

The 10 Best Gifts for Dad in 2022

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Dads deserve better than a lame tie that they're just going to throw in the back of their closet. There's so many better options out there — ones that they can actually use. That's where we come in. We track down the coolest products that are worth spending money on so you don't have to. 

Here are the 10 best gifts to buy Dad in 2022

Our #1 Pick: The Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber 3K

Price: $140

If Dad has been carrying around a bulky wallet for years, it’s time to introduce him to the Ridge Wallet, our top choice for gifts for Dad. Ridge is a front pocket wallet that's designed to remain as slim as possible to carry only what you need. It’s a hit for all dads, and quickly becomes a staple accessory as soon as he gets it.

The Carbon Fiber 3K, made from the material of the same name, is the classic Ridge Wallet that everyone loves. Lightweight, ultra-slim, and effortlessly cool, the Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet packs a wealth of modern features into its credit-card-sized frame. The durable design is crafted using top-quality, military-grade materials and product-preserving finishes. It can hold up to 12 cards without stretching out, and the Ridge Wallet blocks RFID (electronic theft), so it’s as safe as it is stylish. Add the Cash Strap, Money Clip, or both to deck it out based on his lifestyle.



Carbon Fiber 3K Wallet




The best minimalist wallet is The Ridge!

Shop Now at The Ridge

Designed to streamline your everyday essentials, wallets from The Ridge are the perfect sweet spot for minimalists who want to maximize efficiency. Choose between military-grade aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber casings that feature built-in RFID-blocking technology to protect your sensitive information from wireless theft.


  • Stylish, modern, minimalist design
  • Lightweight, compact, and extremely durable (top-quality materials ensure that the Ridge Wallet is built to last)
  • RFID-blocking functionality and protection, so your personal information (and belongings) is safe and secure
  • Pairs with a cash strap, money clip, or both, so you can personalize your Ridge Wallet based on what you prefer
  • Lots of variety in terms of colors, textures, and patterns, so there's something to fit any style
  • Comes with Torx screwdriver and additional screws


  • Premium pricing compared to your average, quick-grab wallet, but this purchase will last significantly longer
  • Keep an eye on those screws while assembling and disassembling your Ridge Wallet (they are tiny and easy to lose – hence the extras)

Some other favorites of ours include their Burnt Titanium and Damascus.

#2. Ridge Carbon Keycase

Price: $95

If your dad is always fumbling for his keys or you can hear him coming from down the street due to jangly keys, it’s time to upgrade him. Ridge Wallet’s new minimalist KeyCase is designed to streamline how you carry your keys. Made out of the same durable materials as their signature, minimalist wallets, the Ridge KeyCase features a patent-pending design that expands to hold 2-6 keys in one small clip. Better yet, combine it with the Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber 3K wallet and he’ll not know what hit him.

#3. Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket — Sierra Spring Fade

Price: $99

Rumpl’s Original Puffy Blanket is the perfect gift for any Dad who likes to spend time outside. Whether he’s camping, hosting BBQs, or setting up a firepit, Rumpl’s Original Puffy Blanket is stain and water resistant. Plus, it’s made out of recyclable materials, so Mother Earth is a big fan.

#4: Allbirds Wool Runners

Price: $98

Allbirds shoes feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Made out of superfine ZQ Merino wool, which is incredibly soft, cozy, and naturally thermoregulating, Allbird’s Wool Runners are the perfect gift for any dad who spends his days on his feet.

#5. Huron Bigger 3 Kit 

Price: $41

Dad may want to up his skincare routine but may not know where to start, so do him a favor and get him the Huron Bigger 3 Kit. Featuring Huron’s super refreshing and skin conditioning formula that invigorates, deodorizes and nourishes the skin, Huron’s multi-action face wash formula that cleanses dirt, sweat and oil that build up on the face without drying it out, and the Face Moisturizer, which provides cooling, lightweight daily hydration that relieves dryness, smoothes, and protects. All Huron products are Made in the USA and free of all the bad stuff.

#6. Nomad Base Station Pro

Price: $199.95

For the techy dad, Nomad’s Base Station Pro is a homerun gift. The Base Station Pro enables a truly effortless charging experience, simultaneously charging up to 3 devices anywhere. With its modern design, padded leather surface, and slim profile, Base Station Pro is built to enhance any workspace, home, or office.

#7. Drink Monday Whiskey Cocktail Kit

Price: $65

If Dad has cut back on his drinking, Drink Monday makes it clear that you don’t need alcohol to enjoy a good G&T or Old Fashioned. Their non-alcoholic whiskey and gin, made of natural ingredients, tastes like the real deal but doesn't result in hangovers. Made in small batches in a craft distillery in Southern California, Drink Monday's spirits allow Dad to cut down on alcohol consumption without giving up the taste of his favorite classic cocktails.

#8. Crossnet

Price: $139.99

For the Dad that loves to host family get-togethers, CROSSNET is the ultimate addition. The world's first four square volleyball game, CROSSNET, is fun for the whole family. Set it up within minutes on sand, grass, or indoors, and get ready for the competitive spirit to rage. This will become a family favorite the very first time it’s played.

#9. Hast Edition Santoku Knife

Price: Starting at $99

If Dad is the Chef of the household, upgrade his kitchen with Hast’s Santoku Knife. It has a shorter blade and a flatter edge than a Chef’s Knife, making it better equipped for precise cuts. It’s the perfect knife for cutting thinner slices of protein, like fish, or for julienning vegetables.

#10. Theragun Mini

Price: $199

For the dad who complains about back aches or sore muscles, the Theragun Mini helps him fight cramps, knots, and tension on the go. He can bring it with him to the gym, the office, and on family road trips, because we know how stressful those can be!