Wild One

A one-stop shop for your pup, from accessories to treats to grooming essentials.

About Wild One

If ever there was a brand to get tails wagging, Wild One is it. From dog tags to harnesses to grooming kits, this site is stocked with everything you need to keep a happy pet.

Why We Love Them

In addition to their pet supplies, Wild One is deeply invested in the welfare of all animals and helps bring awareness to animal rescue shelters. This is a brand that truly stands out from the pack.

Origin Story

Four founders came together as a pack in 2018, to share their skills and their love of animals. Realizing that most of the market was comprised of aesthetic over function, Wild One took a subtler approach, and focused on solid design and functionality. Every one of their many products have a specific, engineered purpose, and stand up to the wear and tear of teeth and time. Without biting off more than they could chew, Wild One wanted to be more than just another brand; they wanted to become a community. They feature the blog “Pets & Their People,” showing off how a different person met their pet every week. Wild One has also partnered with the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing abused pups and securing them in loving homes.


  • Designed with function and convenience in mind
  • Partnered with and help bring awareness to animal rescue programs
  • Wide variety of pet supplies
  • Engineered to last a lifetime

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Your dog is the best, and deserves the best when it comes to equipment. Every essential and accessory has been extensively engineered for the highest possible quality, function, and durability. A Wild One leash is not just a means for walking your dog: it’s dirt and odor-resistant, waterproof, easily cleanable, and perfect for everyday adventures. Flex-poly straps and sturdy hardware ensure that even the toothiest of pups won’t make a dent. When the walk is over and it’s time to wash up, Wild One’s vegan, hypoallergenic, 99.8% natural, paraben and sulfate free conditioning shampoo is the best in show. It will nourish skin and coat without drying out or causing itching.

The Soul

The story of dogs without a loving and caring home is all too common today. Wild One wants to change the story, and so they partnered with the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, a fantastic team of rescue workers dedicated to putting 52 dogs in 52 loving homes in 52 weeks. Every week one or more dogs are rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted by a family who cares. Wild One has built an incredible community, featuring a new person-dog couple every week on their blog, and hosting events every summer for hundreds of dogs and people to attend. We may not deserve dogs, but we can do everything in our power to thank them for their company.