Fashionable and functional bags that give back.

About STATE Bags

Whether it’s a jack-of-all backpack, a mighty duffle, a playful lunchbox, a stylish fanny pack, or any other potential carry-piece, there’s no better brand to buy than STATE Bags. And for every bag purchased, STATE Bags supports families in need through initiatives like fully-packed backpack donations and charitable drives for schools in need.

Why We Love Them

When it comes to high-quality, extremely functional, stylish products, STATE Bags has got it in the bag.

Origin Story

Scot and Jacq Tatelman, the husband and wife dream team behind STATE Bags, were born with duffle-sized hearts. After seeing hundreds of New York children carrying their possessions to school in trash bags, the two decided that they could do the most good by doing well. They founded STATE Bags as a for-profit company with the ideals of a nonprofit. Fashion intertwined with philanthropy guided their mission, and STATE Bags took off, selling fantastically designed bags and styles in order to fund their initiative that ensures as many children as possible have fully packed backpacks to help their education. In 2016, they retired their “one for one” business model to ensure STATE Bags supported American children and families in the ways they needed most, whether that was through donations of fully stocked backpacks, monetary donations, or support on community based initiatives. So when you buy a bag from STATE Bags, you’re not just adding a fashionable, durable bag to your rotation, but helping American families in need.


  • Shop dozens of styles of bags for every occasion and in every style
  • Bags contain the most possible space while remaining extremely fashionable
  • Options to personalize each bag with initials, symbols, and patches to express yourself
  • For every bag purchased, STATE Bags supports their initiative to help American families and children in need

The Science & The Soul

The Science

The bags of STATE Bags use intricate, cotton-and-polyester woven designs combined with as much holding space as possible to create a truly special product, one that perfectly marries functionality with style and comfort. They offer bags of all shapes and sizes in prints that range from classic to eccentric so there is something for every family member. To really make the bag your own, STATE Bags offers the option of personalization by adding initials, symbols, patches, and pins at a small extra cost. Whether you’re looking for your child’s newest backpack, a stylish fanny pack, a sleek yet functional duffle, or any other type of high quality bag, chances are STATE Bags has you covered.

The Soul

STATE Bags was founded on the principle that no child should go to school without a fully-equipped backpack. That’s why, with every purchase, STATE Bags funds their donation program to support American kids and families how they need it most. They have put fully-stocked bags in the hands of thousands of kids in need, and use their platform to support important social justice initiatives. STATE Bags has also been declared a Benefit Corporation, an honor reserved for companies creating a material, positive impact on their society.