Spoken Flames

Wooden wick, shimmering candles that speak to your senses (literally) with a cool digital experience.

About Spoken Flames

Ah, candles. Too often overlooked and relegated ever since Tesla and Edison came out with their fancy electric lightbulbs. Still, there are those moments when we want to create a more intimate, cozy environment. To be transported back to a time when only a small, flickering flame illuminated our room, filling the air with shadows and the scent of cedarwood. Say no more: let Spoken Flames do the talking. Their hand-crafted wax candles burn rich, bright, and clean for hours on end — and come in a variety of amazing scents and self-actuating mantras. Enjoy a wonderful multi-sensory experience, with Spoken Flames.

Why We Love Them

Spoken Flames is the solution to unimaginative, lifeless candles. Every single one crafted by hand, when set afire they produce an experience as alive as the dancing flame itself. Wooden wicks emit a soft crackle, coconut wax shimmers as it melts, unique scents fill the air with a sense of peace and healing, and across it all, each candle emits a powerful piece of spoken-word poetry. These are the candles that live up to the challenge of taking the weight of the world off our shoulders and encouraging confidence with each use.

Origin Story

As the stress of deadlines, clients, and life in general built and threatened burnout, Shavaun Christian began lighting fires to put out the ones in her mind. Candles became a crucial part of her daily self-care and de-stress routine after work. However, there was a problem. The candles Christian burned smelled nice, but nothing more. There was no vivid, multisensory experience that she was looking for, and so she decided to invent it.


  • Every candle comes with a special augmented reality code, activated by phone for an additional, spoken-word experience
  • Beautiful, long-burning candles made by hand in the US
  • Fragrance oils smell wonderful and are completely free of harmful phthalates and petroleum
  • Minimalist design blends seamlessly into any room, regardless of déco
  • Female-founded and run

The Science & The Soul

The Science

In order to produce the amazing, sensory experience of these candles, some innovation was required. Starting with recyclable American glassware, natural coconut wax infused with phthalate-free fragrance oils is hand-poured around a dual wooden wick. The batches of candles are intentionally small, so each one can be assured to be of the highest quality. The fragrance oils are sourced from around the world, and include relaxing, peaceful scents from sandalwood and vanilla to eucalyptus and pine. All of this comes together when lit to produce an unforgettable and meditative experience.

The Soul

Time’s arrow marches forward and stops for no one. No matter what our source of stress, be it school, work, kids, or just making it through another day, we are all constantly fighting to keep ourselves balanced. Sometimes we need to step back, take an hour or two and sit alone with a candle. Spoken Flames understands this well, and they have made the perfect candle to do so. When you hear the wood crackle, when you smell the jasmine and sage, when you see the wax shimmering beneath the dancing firelight, then you will know peace.