Sakara Life

Fresh, organic, perfectly-portioned meals delivered to you — so you can get back to feeling really, really good again.

About Sakara Life

This glossy, modern wellness company makes nourishing your body with wholesome foods and functional products easy as can be. Choose from meal programs targeted at improving digestion, reducing bloating, boosting energy, increasing focus and improving skin clarity or dabble in their delightful duos of probiotic and beauty chocolates. Whether you’re looking for daily nutrition support or super bars to give you a boost while you’re on the go, Sakara Life makes customizing your health program simple and delicious.

Why We Love Them

Clean eating is all the rage these days. Whether or not you subscribe to a particular diet, odds are you’ve heard about the benefits of plant based eating. Combine nutrient dense, sustainably-sourced, colorful, plant-filled meals that are 100% organic with the ease of ready-to-eat delivery at your doorstep and you have Sakara Life.

Origin Story

In 2011, Sakara co-founders Danielle Dubois and Whitney Tingle let their struggles with maintaining a healthy lifestyle fuel the creation of their now widely recognized brand. While Tingle was burning the midnight oil working on Wall Street, she felt challenged to honor her body. There wasn’t a clear, no-fuss option on the market yet that supported consistently eating healthy, wholesome foods while living an every-minute-of-my-day-is-booked lifestyle. Alongside her goal of bettering what she put in her body, Tingle’s battle with chronic, cystic acne left her searching for solutions that would lead to whole-body healing on the surface, too. Meanwhile, Dubois’s personal struggles with poor body image manifested in a downward spiral of fad diets and poor nutritional habits. After committing to an extreme, 21-day water and raw food fast, Dubois landed herself in the hospital. The duo’s collective realization of a disconnect with their bodies ignited their mission to address their own health while spearheading a larger movement that became Sakara’s core message: food is medicine. Out of their meetings with healers, functional medicine doctors, herbalists, rabbis and gastroenterologists, the dynamic duo formed a nutrition protocol for their clients, encouraging them to transform their lives through the power of food as Dubois and Tingle had done for themselves.


  • Offers ready-to-eat meals, ultra-clean super powders, teas, vitamins, bars and snacks
  • Nutrient dense, plant-based meals created by classically trained chefs and backed by cutting-edge science, delivered to your door
  • Ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers and organic farms that use healthy, sustainable agriculture practices
  • Focus on minimizing food waste and creating packaging and sourcing practices that are kind to the Earth with a commitment to their Zero Waste initiative (keeping food waste below 1%)

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Sakara’s 9 Pillars of Nutrition shape the way you experience their chef-created meals delivered to your door. Their principles of No Calorie Counting, Plant Protein, Eat Your Water, Greens, Good Fats, Eat The Rainbow, Nutrient Density and Sulfur-Rich Veggies are embedded in each meal’s composition.

These fundamentals guide everything from the protein, fat, and carbohydrate balances within your meal to the individual ingredients that fuel a healthy gut and eliminate toxins. Sakara’s meals and clean, boutique products are backed by cutting-edge nutritional science combined with traditional, healing wisdom to give your body what it needs to thrive. Plus, to ensure peak nutritiousness, freshness, and deliciousness, Sakara Life sources all of their ingredients from organic farms that use healthy, sustainable agricultural practices.

Beyond their commitment to creating a healthy but sustainable lifestyle for their bustling community, Dubois and Tingle have embedded best practices for the Earth throughout their supply chain, affecting everything from how they source their foods to shaping how they create their packaging. From start to finish, here’s how it looks: at Sakara’s core is a plant based lifestyle. By helping people eat more plants, they’re inherently promoting more sustainable eating practices. Pound-for-pound, gallon-for-gallon, plant based foods use vastly less water and emit less greenhouse gases than producing animal based foods.

By allowing clients to sign up for meal programs in advance, the brand minimizes toxic food waste since they can plan their food purchases, tailored precisely to their order volume. Leftover ingredients are donated and composted. By using post-consumer recycled materials that are curbside recyclable and commonly accepted nationwide for all of their packaging, Sakara Life is truly reusing and reducing waste. And, there you have the long and short of it!

The Soul

Aside from supporting you living your healthiest life by offering only the highest quality, most nutrient dense foods, Sakara’s No Calorie Counting Pillar is No. 01 on their list. The brand’s fundamental belief that food doesn’t contain calories, it contains information is mirrored in the top 5 reasons they openly encourage their community to NOT count calories.

Speaking to the emotional side of eating that affects so many and sparked the formation of the company, Sakara has an open dialogue with their clients about the taboo subject of calorie counting. They believe that the calories we take in DO NOT equal the calories that we use or burn out; that restricting calories is a stressor which can actually lead to your body resisting weight loss; and that without proper nutrients, your body won’t efficiently burn fat or build muscles – an issue when nutrient-dense foods are sacrificed by people who restrict calories.

To Sakara, food has the power to heal, to fuel your busy days and support your slow ones, and ultimately to give you the power to change your life.