Pela Case

High-quality phone cases that are derived from plants and 100% biodegradable.

About Pela Case

We’re switching out our phone cases for this B Corp’s 100% biodegradable cases with fun designs and colors.

Why We Love Them

Let’s make a case for your phone. It goes everywhere you go, helps you look smart in front of friends by discreetly looking up big words, and always has the perfect emoji for abruptly closing an unwanted conversation. Doesn’t it deserve better than a flimsy plastic case? Pela cases are strong like bull, soft like cats, and are 100% compostable. Save the environment from plastic and your phone from dropping. Case closed.

Origin Story

Back in 2010, Jeremy Lang took his family on a vacation to Hawaii. There, he experienced white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and plastic trash as far as the eye could see. Lang began to seriously think about the impact that plastic has on our fragile environment, and what he could do to stop it. Experimenting with natural, compostable, and particularly strong materials, Lang started Pela, in order to help stop the endless flood of plastic waste and create a better case. Lang founded Pela on 4 ‘Cs,’: community, creativity, consciousness, and courage. Pela embodies these values, building a better culture focused on striving toward a better future. When our children travel to Hawaii, Pela is one of the brands making sure that sand and water is all they’ll see.


  • Phone cases and accessories made from compostable materials
  • Helping to eradicate the harmful plastics polluting the Earth
  • Cases are protective, light, and very stylish
  • 5% of profit goes directly to organizations that help the environment

The Science & The Soul

The Science

After much experimentation, Pela designed a case made from 100% compostable materials, mostly flax straw and plant-based biopolymers. Amazingly, flax is an incredibly durable substance, so much so that farmers often burn it to keep from gumming up their machinery during the oilseed harvest. You won’t need to worry about dropping your phone anymore thanks to these plants. The average phone will last for two years, but the 1 BILLION plastic cases sold each year take literal eons to break down. Pela cases return to the Earth whence they came, and everybody wins.

The Soul

Pela is a brand utterly devoted to the environment. Plastic pervades our Earth, polluting land and sea alike. If we’re going to leave a world to our children, then something needs to change, and Pela knows it. Besides their compostable cases, five percent of all revenue goes directly to organizations that help keep our coastlines clean and free of plastic. Pela is making a case for a better world.

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