Botanical-infused apéritifs designed for living the high-life, booze free.

About Ghia

Ghia presents a uniquely fresh take on the apéritif; a non-alcoholic spirit crafted from botanical extracts. And Ghia not only tastes great, it also looks beautiful on a bar cart. Needless to say, this is one drink you’ll remember in the morning. Tchin Tchin!

Why We Love Them

When it comes to social drinking, the goal is to have fun, enjoy company and connections, and hang out — preferably without the hangover. Ghia is our new go-to spirit for social situations; on date nights, virtual happy hours, or even kicking back at home.

Origin Story

Melanie Masarin grew up spending her summers in the Mediterranean — where, as she explains, “Aperitivo is a way of life.” Across Europe, apéritifs are an invitation; drinks used to invite and include, consumed in appreciation of the company and social connections we share. These are drinks to sip while enjoying the scenery or immersed in conversation with friends. Apertivo is an art, and it’s all about making those moments of togetherness last. Masarin, a former employee of Dig Inn and Glossier who, herself, gave up drinking a few years ago, still wanted to participate in the deep conversations, social gatherings, and connections she’d enjoyed while sipping apéritifs. She missed the flavors and feelings that came from cocktails, but not the alcohol itself — or the sugar-highs, crashes, and hangovers. So, she created Ghia; a spirits-free apéritif, made for modern times and modern company. Her mission is to provide a way for those who don’t drink (for any reason) to still enjoy and participate in the connections, conversation, and sense of belonging — the good things —that often go hand in hand with social drinking.


  • A non-alcoholic drink that looks and acts just like an alcoholic one but doesn’t give you the hangover
  • No added sugar, no caffeine, and no artificial flavors
  • Female-founded and inspired by Mediterranean summers

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Ghia is crafted from pure and natural extracts and botanicals including orange peel, elderflower, yuzu, ginger, rosemary, and lemon balm. Each ingredient was selected by Ghia‘s team; not only to create the best flavor, but also for each ingredient’s unique ability to stimulate the senses while calming the mind.

Ghia is also vegan, so it is friendly for all diets, and it’s entirely free of added sugars and artificial flavors. Currently, Ghia just sells their signature apéritif; a versatile zero-alcohol spirit that can be served in dozens of ways. In fact, with the help of expert mixologists and bartenders, Ghia has created delicious, alcohol-free recipes to mimic classic drinks like Mulled Wine, Negronis, and Aperol Spritzes.

The Soul

It’s no secret that the low-to-no-alcohol movement is becoming more and more prevalent in our culture. 21% of American drinkers participated in Dry January in 2020, and many find themselves favoring sobriety or cutting back their usual alcohol consumption. The health benefits are clear, and the reduced reliance on alcohol, for many, is liberating.

However, one of the hardest hurdles on the reduced-alcohol road to is feeling out of place in the social settings and situations where alcohol is normally present (and, as a result, often actively encouraged). Ghia provides a way to partake and enjoy the social scene without feeling out of place. It looks like alcohol, it tastes like alcohol, but when push comes to shove, Ghia definitely won’t feel like alcohol when you wake up the next morning. And we’ll raise a glass to that.

Ghia‘s branding also ensures that the bottle itself doesn’t look out of place on a bar cart, and it is reusable once you inevitably finish the bottle (in record speed — no shame here). The brand is also working directly with bars across NYC, so that when you’re enjoying a night out, or grabbing drinks, Ghia is on the menu, along with a variety of non-alcoholic, Ghia-made mock-tail options for you to imbibe.