Awkward Essentials

Meet the new women's post-sex hygiene brand that's making cleanup a little less awkward — and a LOT more comfortable.

About Awkward Essentials

Getting freaky with your partner is one thing, but freaking out while cleaning up post-sex is an entirely different dilemma. That’s where Awkward Essentials comes in. The post-sex category is finally getting the love it deserves thanks to Awkward Essentials, the sexual hygeine startup helping women clean up after sex, with its premiere product, Dripstick.

Why We Love Them

As a brand, Awkward Essentials wants to tackle the issues that no one talks about because they can be, well, awkward. And we can’t wait to see what they tackle next.

Origin Story

Frances Tang loved having sex with her husband but she didn’t love the inevitable, messy-hassle of cleaning up post-sex. Tang wished there was a tool to help women clean up post-sex, and she decided to share her frustration with her friends. Much to her surprise, she found out that she was totally not alone.
In 2019 Tang decided to apply to an accelerator program to work on the Dripstick prototype and was accepted. After going through the accelerator, Tang ordered 20K sponges and worked with a manufacturer to make the dripstick a reality. Through hard work, funny gifs, and unrelenting determination, Tang raised $2.3M in seed funding in March 2021 and was named a Digiday 2021 Future Leader Awards finalist.


  • Unique design, perfect for post-coital clean up
  • Safe, sterile, medical grade sponge
  • Educational blog breaking down stigmas
  • Discreet packaging delivered to your door
  • Female and AAPI founded

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Awkward Essentials created the ingenious Dripstick, the soft, medical-grade sponge purposefully designed to help women clean up after sex by removing excess fluids from the vagina. The Dripstick is easy-to-use, and its handle makes it easy to maintain a grip while cleaning up. 

Let’s make one thing clear, the Dripstick is not a form of birth control, but it is a form of clean-up control, and we are eternally grateful for it.

The Soul