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Why We Love Burrow

When searching for beautifully-designed furniture and home accessories, look no further than Burrow. This home furnishings brand has made it their mission to create a comfortable balance between convenience and quality.Their sofas, sectionals, armchairs, and couches are all shipped right to your door, easy to assemble, made to last, and built to deliver the most comfortable Netflix binges you’ve ever experienced – without any hassle.


  • Comfortable, convenient, pieces
  • Life-proof fabrics (free swatches for all fabrics)
  • Thoughtful modular construction
  • Beautiful, mid-century modern styles
  • Compelling financing offerings
  • Rapidly expanding product selection
  • Thorough testing protocols
  • Free shipping, always
  • Free swatches on all fabrics

The Burrow Origin Story

Est. 2017

This might be our only featured brand with a backstory that is literally a back story (which, admittedly, is just another reason why we love it). While many people are familiar with the advantages of comfortable, supportive seating in alleviating temporary aches and discomfort, Burrow co-founder Stephen Kuhl is no stranger to intense and chronic back pain. While in college, Kuhl herniated two disks in his spine, an experience to which he credits his brand’s uncompromising focus on comfort, durability, and quality, which has positioned Burrow as a standout among its competitors.

In 2015, Kuhl joined forces with style savant, Kabeer Chopra, to design a furniture business that would revolutionize the market. Kuhl manufactured a couch that would hold up to ergonomic perfection, while Chopra focused on designing fashionable, life-proof pieces that look just as good as they feel. As a team, Kuhl and Chopra developed an innovative modular shipping design system, dramatically cutting costs, while allowing for simple, easy transport and assembly once inside the home.

The result? A digital-first, high-quality home brand dedicated to delivering convenience, comfort, style, and savings across the entire furniture buying experience. So, from the moment you start your search to the day your new sofa arrives on your doorstep, you’ll spend less time looking for what you want and more time enjoying the pieces you purchase.

The Science of Burrow

The brand’s claim to fame is its unique approach to furniture delivery and assembly — sending top-quality pieces in manageable, separately-packaged segments that are assembled by the customer at home – no tools needed (Impressed? So were we).

Burrow’s furniture uses a revolutionary latch-based interlocking assembly system, which means that every piece arrives in lightweight, easy-to-carry boxes, reducing personal strain and removing the need for outside assistance when setting up. Burrow’s direct shipping method also ensures a refreshing level of affordability, eliminating markups, middlemen, and more than 70% of shipping costs, so that you only pay for what you purchase.

Are You Stronger Than Your Sofa?

A closer look at Burrow’s testing standards


When it comes to quality, Burrow brings a lot to the table, having redefined the industry standard. Manufactured in the USA, every piece of Burrow furniture is built using sustainably sourced wood, durable steel latches, stain-resistant non-toxic fabrics, and plush, comfortable, supportive cushions.

As for durability? Burrow really means business. Each of Burrow’s designs faces a series of unapologetically thorough resistance tests before being approved, including:

Impact Test: Tests a product’s sturdiness and durability by dropping a 300-lb. weight onto the piece — thousands of times

Stain-Fastness Test: Assesses fabric stain resistance and recovery after spilling red wine and spaghetti sauce (which is the furniture industry universal standard for the stain-iest of common stains)

Scratch Test: Evaluates pet-friendliness and fabric resistance by simulating extreme pet un-friendliness (recreates the scratch of a pet’s paws using 3D-printed, rotating claws). Burrow’s upholstery fabric is made of an incredibly tight olefin fiber weave, making it a true challenge to split, scratch, stain, or otherwise damage their cushions

We think that if anyone knows how to build durable furniture, it’s the people that have spent a significant part of their design process to trying to destroy it – right?

The Soul of Burrow

Burrow’s dedication to environmental friendliness and American-made, home-grown products goes far beyond their manufacturing process. All the wood used in their products comes directly from responsibly managed forests in Louisiana and Mississippi, and all of their wood suppliers are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Additionally, Burrow’s fabrics and foams are completely devoid of harmful toxins, ozone-depleting substances, and heavy metals.

Burrow has truly gone above and beyond the status quo to deliver a product they can be proud of – and that customers can be proud of, too.

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