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W&P Porter Bundle Review: A Charming, Sustainable Alternative To Plasticware

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated January 2022

W&P Porter Review

Featured Product: Porter 8-Piece Fridge Bundle


Price – $130

The 8-Piece Fridge Bundle is a selection of some of the best porter options W&P has to offer. It comes with:

  • Porter Bowl
  • Porter Seal Tight Bowl (24oz)
  • Porter Seal Tight Bowl (16oz)
  • Porter Snack Bag (10oz)
  • Porter Sandwich Bag (34oz)
  • Porter Stand Up Bag (50oz)
  • Wide Mouth Water Bottle
  • Porter Glass Tumbler

This bundle is a great gift idea for anyone looking for an upgrade their food container game. Self-gifting is allowed and encouraged.

Ratings Breakdown


W&P does a great job making these look, feel, and perform like high-level products. Each material used in these products is of the highest tier/certification of its type.


The quality and performance of these products justify their price point but they have limitations. Some of these products are among my favorite food storage items and will be purchased again.


If you could categorize the items in this bundle into 3 groups, bowls, bags and drinkware, the bowls and bags were exceptional while I found some limitations to the functionality of the drinkware.


The W&P brand is built around sustainability and personal impact. Their products are designed well for that purpose. Clearly they have a unique zest for fun and sharing those well-designed products. They seem to really listen to their customers and engage in responsible supply chain practices.


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Porter 8-Piece Fridge Bundle


There’s a party coming to your fridge — and single-use plastic is not invited. The Porter 8-Piece Fridge Bundle includes our fan-favorite sustainable Porter items, and you save over 20% when you buy the bundle!


Who Is W&P?

W&P started from humble beginnings with two college roommates, Josh Williams and Eric Prum, who loved to cook, mix drinks, and entertain. In this vein, they set off to create modern kitchen products to share that passion with everyone.

W&P Founders

The company started with their first product, the Mason Shaker, which was launched as a Kickstart campaign. It was an overwhelming success and showed these budding innovators that their eye for creating culinary products was to be trusted. Since then, they’ve launched hundreds of products including this recent porter collection.

To give back the company has engaged in one-off donation drives. This one was built around the concept of donating $10 for every $50 spent to a charity of your choice. We love engagement like this, but only wish it was more frequent or permanently built in to the shopping experience.

At the end of the day, W&P is customer-focused and that aspect is baked in to their process of creating new products. Their three rules for product development include ensuring their products meet a customer need, are viable long term, and has their passion in it.


  • Stylish
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Freezer Safe
  • High Quality Materials
  • Versitile Usage


  • Luxury Pricing
  • Made Of Glass

W&P Porter Bundle Testing And Performance

Like most millennials, I use a variety of storage product options that I have slowly acquired through my adult life. In my prized collection include some Tupperware brand containers, a glass set with silicon seals from Target, and a bunch of cheap plastic ones that I have been too lazy to replace. As I enter my late 20s, I am very keen to own exclusively quality products.

Enter W&P

Appearance and Style

Before I get into critiquing each individual item, let’s talk about the style and design as a whole.

I chose the charcoal color option, which suits me perfectly. Although, I don’t think there are any bad colors. You can choose between cream, mint, blush, slate, or charcoal. It should be noted that they all have this pastel style to their color so if you’re looking for something dark and vibrant, these may not be your favorite.

Porter Bundle Tests

I personally love how they match my sense of style. They give off a modern, trendy vibe. They certainly don’t look or feel cheap.

Nearly every time I’ve taken one or more of these porter products out of the house people notice and ask me where I got them. So these live up to the chic and aesthetically superior reputation W&P’s has built up.

With the exception of the porter bowl, all of the products blend clear material with the 100% LFGB-certified silicone for a very nice balance of color. That also means you can easily see what’s inside.


I love these sealed-tight glass bowls. My first impression was that they hold more than I originally thought.

W&P Bowls

Some of my go-to meals to travel to work with are oatmeal and soup. These bowls fit those uses perfectly. Because they are microwave-safe I am able to make, travel, and eat my morning oatmeal all in the same container. That is new for me and I am here for it. The same goes for the soup.

There are traveling containers with better insulation, but none I’ve used are microwave-safe.

Porter Bowl Review

Finally, the porter bowl offers a lovely strap for extra assurance on seal of the lid. This allows me to feel safe putting it vertically in my backpack. I ended up storing salads and noodles during my tests and it worked superbly. I haven’t had a bowl quite like it before, and I find it a unique option that I recommend everyone try.


This bundle comes with the Wide Mouth Porter Water Bottle and the Porter Glass.

W&P Drinkware

The water bottle features a 16oz capacity, silicon jacket for style and some insulation, and a wide mouth for easy sipping and cleaning. It performs as you’d expect but it doesn’t hold very much and it doesn’t insulate well enough for hot beverages.

W&P Water Bottle Test

While I like the aesthetic very much, I am very accustomed to my 40oz insulated knock-off hydro flask so I could never see this being my go-to water bottle. The glass material also makes me very weary from thinking it would even survive as my go-to water bottle. Especially after examining how many dents my metal one has…

I’ve used it for ice tea or other cold beverages. It’s a fun option to have.

The Porter Glass is a 15oz wine tumbler that features a sliding lid and a wide base. I’ve loved the design of these types of tumblers since they became popular a few years ago. We would put cocktails and wine in them for the pool. While I love the style this one has, the glass makes me weary to bring around the pool.

W&P Tumbler

It is neat to see the contents of the drink at the top, but that feature basically goes away after the first few sips as the silicon covers the majority of the tumbler. I’m drinking warm cider in this picture. The Borosilicate glass makes it safe to have hot liquids in it, but the lack of insulation makes actual hot beverages uncomfortable to hold.

In general, both pieces of drinkware are stylish and well-made. They just has some limitations regarding the material being glass.

I could see myself buying or recommending the Porter Glass because I can’t ever have enough of this kind of tumbler. Though, instead of the water bottle, I’d rather try the Porter Insulated Bottle for coffee and tea.

Porter Bags

The bundle comes with three different sizes of bag – 10oz, 34oz, and 50oz. They are each made from 100% LFGB certified silicone. One side is clear while the other is the color option you chose.

W&P Reusable Bags

The 10oz bag is meant for little snacks, and little snacks I did enjoy. From blueberries to wheat thins, it is a nice little portion for traveling around with. I once put a small amount of rice leftover from meal. It was out curiosity and desperation because I didn’t have a good size container for such a small amount. Days later and that rice is fresher and moister than I’ve ever experienced with regular plastic containers.

The 34oz bag is like a sandwich bag. Because of the material, I feel really comfortable using it for all kinds of foods. But yeah, it’s great at being a sandwich bag. 34oz is a good size. I just want more of them.

W&P Bags Review

The 50 oz bag stands up and is probably the most versatile of set. At first, I wasn’t sure what the heck I’d use it for. But once I opened my mind about it being more than just a ziplock alternative, the possibilities seemed endless. I used it to store a bunch of fruit for a hike, for cereal, and even for pizza leftovers. It’s a useful bag!

The one drawback I’d say about these bags is that they never quite seem to feel clean. The smoothness of the silicon makes any particle that sticks to it stand out tremendously and it’s just something I had to get over.

Seal and storage

The seal on these products is phenomenal. I tested each one by filling with water, holding a white paper towel at their tops, and shaking them. First I would slowly tip upside down and then I would begin shaking to see if any water showed on the towel. Every piece in this set performed amazingly. I was most surprised by the bags, because they are so easy to open yet have a perfect seal.

W&P Tumbler Test

The only product that didn’t seal very well was the Porter Glass. No matter how many times I tried with different amounts of water, it would always leak at the mouth of the sliding lid just by tipping slowly upside-down. Keep in mind, nowhere does W&P claim that it should be leak-proof nor does any other wine tumbler that I own. It would have really impressed me if it did.


Unfortunately, the biggest limitation of the design in the products is that they are made of glass. While they do have a layer of silicon on the outside, it’s not going to save the glass container from shattering if dropped from any significant height. We know because we tested it. At just a height of 18” we slowly rolled an empty sealed-tight bowl off of a chair and onto tiled surface and it shattered.

It should be noted that the bowl hit the middle section where the glass meets the silicon layer rather than the pure silicon spots. However, it’s fair to say these aren’t going to be safe from a fall off a countertop or table regardless of where it hits.

W&P Bowl Durability

So I wouldn’t trust this to be in a bag or backpack that I knew could see some abuse. If you’re in and out of public transit or around a lot of kids, maybe you would want something that could withstand falls or heavy bumps.

As for the silicon bags, I expect these to hold up for some time. They are obviously more durable than thin plastic ziplock bags. More than that, though they are thick and can be used for anything that isn’t sharp.

W&P Bowl Shop

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Porter Seal Tight Bowl


From soups to salads to snacks, leak-proof your lunches with this reusable glass and silicone bowl. Packed lunches never looked so good.


Is The W&P Porter Bundle Good Quality?

W&P states that it is their mission to innovate the food and beverage industry while making products that help customers live more sustainably.

Microwavable Bowl Porter

Let’s take a look at some basic features W&P porter products have to offer.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Freezer safe
  • BPA Free
  • Cal Prop 65 compliant
  • FDA compliant
  • Borosilicate glass
  • LFGB-certified Silicone

There’s three basic materials used in these products: plastic, glass, and silicon. The plastic is BPA free, which is a widely-respected designation that means it does not contain harmful chemical that was previously ubiquitous with plastics. The glass is borosilicate glass which effectively means two things: it can handle extreme temperatures and has higher durability. We mentioned earlier the durability does not change the fact that it is glass and cannot survive falls onto hard surfaces.

Porter Silicon Material

Finally, the silicon used in or on most of these products is certified LFGB. To get this certification requires some of the most rigid food safety tests available. Most silicon used in food or beverage products is merely FDA certified. While both are declared food safe, LFGB is regarded as a much better quality in terms of durability and impact on food it comes into contact with.

So it’s clear that W&P choose the higher quality option wherever they had the choice. These are obviously great for the consumer in terms of health and peace of mind. However, these options do not say anything about the sustainability or ethicality of their manufacturing process.

The company states that the products are responsibly made in China. We would prefer if there was a little more transparency to back up that statement, but that is all their website has to offer at the moment.

Reusable Bags

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Porter Bags - Starter Pack


The reusable Porter Bag is a better bag for cooking, freezing, steaming, preserving, storing, and sous-viding. Thoughtfully designed with curved corners so there’s nowhere for pesky buildup to hide, the bag is an easy-to-clean, hygienic workhorse tool.


Is The W&P Porter Bundle Worth It?

Whether W&P porter products are worth it to you depends on a few things. The price tag makes it hard to say these are an absolute steal, but their aesthetic, quality, and performance makes it feel justified.


But who is this product for? Who would think this is a great value? I think you would love this bundle if you are looking to:

  • upgrade your current food storage to a higher-quality set
  • flex on your friends or co-workers with something undeniably modern and stylish
  • help reduce the amount of plastic impacting the world, especially with the bags.

Even if you have quality plastic containers, how long do those last? What happens when you ditch those for a new set. It’s not about reducing single-use plastics but having products that don’t need replacing every few years also goes a long way.

Porter Glass Shop

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Porter Glass


Enjoy wine, cocktails, or iced coffee anywhere life takes you. These packable, practical glasses can take you from premium pours to the great outdoors. Personalization Options Available!


W&P Coupons & Discounts

W&P products are always worth to check if they’re on sale. During our observation period they have been active in every expected holiday sale. At the time of this review, they have a 20% off sitewide offer through the Christmas season.

They always offer free-shipping on orders of $50.

Finally, their bundles are a great way to save on larger orders. For the fridge bundle, you save over 20% compared to buying individually.

Microwavable Bowl

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Porter Bowl


An ultralight lunch container, perfect for transporting your salad, grain bowl, or leftovers – wherever life may take you.



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Porter Snack Bag


The reusable Porter Bag is a better bag for cooking, freezing, steaming, preserving, storing, and sous-viding. The Snack Bag is ideal for bringing snacks to-go like blueberries or pretzel sticks or storing half an onion or avocado.



The only question left to answer is, “would I buy again?”

Honestly, I’d buy many of these products again. This specific bundle was a great sampler of what W&P have to offer. I can’t say the selection of products in this bundle itself is right for everyone.

I definitely encourage people to check out the individual products and the other bundles and see which ones could be right for them.

Personally, I couldn’t get enough of the porter bowl or the bags. I will be looking to fill out my pantry with more of those.