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We Reviewed Selfmade – See What We Thought

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Reviewed by Maggie Gibson

Last Updated August 2022

The Bottom Line

If you’re wondering if Selfmade's intuitive beauty products really work, the answer is yes!

Selfmade is the first emotionally intelligent personal care brand. Their mission is to inspire confidence and worthiness through intentional routines with clean, versatile products.

Read my full review of Selfmade's sustainable personal care products to discover how Selfmade is reimagining your daily beauty rituals. 👇


Selfmade Beauty


Emotionally Intelligent Beauty Products

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★ 4.9 Stars

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★ 5 Stars

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When going through a mental health crisis, founder Stephanie Lee realized that there was something fundamentally wrong about the way that brands talk to women, especially women of color. After conversations with woman around the world, she came up with three pillars to base her brand around and created her three main products around these ideas: attachment styles, resilience, and emotional intimacy.


  • Skincare products that are free of all the bad ingredients- no phthalates, no micro-plastics, no pesticides, no herbicides, no silicone, no alcohol and no hormone disruptions.
  • These multifunctional products can be used multiple ways to give your body TLC
  • Their products smell great and are easy to use
  • Good for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • They have a blog that promotes self care and self exploration in addition to educational skincare information
  • Their products are created in partnership with diverse Drs, PHDs, and Mental health experts. 
  • Their products are tested by their Junior Advisory Board - A group of motivated young professionals and college students, women and nonbinary folk from around the world, committed to normalizing mental health.


  • They currently only sell 3 products, but we’re excited to see them launch more products.
  • Their products are a bit more expensive than drugstore brands but, you’re paying more for quality.

Do Selfmade's beauty products work?

Let’s dive into the question you’re all asking- do Selfmade's products really work? I received the Selfmade Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+, True Grit Resilience Scrub, and Self Disclosure Intimacy Serum. I'm going to explore my experience with Selfmade's intuitive personal care products for this review.

Selfmade Beauty Intuitive Skincare

Ratings Breakdown


High quality products made out of good ingredients that are effective. Their products have received various awards from companies like Vogue, Popsugar, and more.


Selfmade’s products are in line price-wise with other DTC skincare and bodycare brands. A bit more expensive than drugstore brands but you’re paying for quality. The products are also a good size so they last a while.


Their packaging and boxes are beautiful and come with inserts that explain the purpose behind each product. 


A ritual-based beauty brand that uses clean, sustainable products while promoting self care throughout the brand. They are also transparent – they publish an impact report to talk about their effect on equity, impact, and social responsibility every year as well.

Selfmade’s Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+

Selfmade’s Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+ is a 2-in-1 hydrating serum + primer that repairs your skin’s moisture barrier and fights other signs of skin stress. Key ingredients include 1% cortinhib g™, which reduces skin redness and works to restore the moisture barrier, hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin, plant squalane to improve skin’s texture and elasticity, and marine algaes that restores moisture barrier. The serum is multifunctional and fragrance free.

I have combination skin. While I’m oily in my t-zone, my cheeks are always incredibly dry. Many skin professionals have recommended I add hyaluronic acid products to my daily routines to ensure my skin stays hydrated, so I was really excited to receive the Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+ for this review. Plus, I loved the packaging and it looked good on my skincare shelf!

The product was easy to implement into my skincare routine and my skin took a liking to it immediately. My skin soaked up the hydration from the serum right away and I had no negative effects. It smells great and feels great on the skin.I now use this serum daily in the morning and then in the evening when I’m needing a bit more hydration. I also use it if I’ve been in the sun all day and my skin is feeling extra dry.

In addition to being a serum to restore your moisture barrier in your skin, the serum can be used as a primer for SPF and to calm skin irritation from sunburn, acne and mosquito bites. I love that all of Selfmade’s products are multifunctional, especially as someone who suffers from sunburns and mosquito bites all summer long. 


Selfmade Secure Attachment Comfort + Serum


Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+


This 2-in-1 hydrating serum and primer helps to repair damaged moisture barriers and protect against external stressors like pollution and UV!


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Selfmade’s True Grit Resilience Scrub

Selfmade’s True Grit Resilience Scrub is an everyday chemical exfoliator for the scalp and body. It gently exfoliates and removes dead skin. Plus, it’s infused with anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce dead cell build-up, eliminate ingrown hairs, and promote healthy hair growth. True Grit is made with Bamboo powder to remove dead skin cells, Natural Fruit AHAs to improve overall shine and luster, Holy Basil to protect skin and scalp, Vitamin C to improve texture, and Tea Tree Oil to calm redness and inflammation.

This is probably my favorite Selfmade product that I received! I started using it right away to exfoliate in the shower, and it quickly became a part of my weekly skincare routine. Since I have sensitive skin, I’m always worried about stripping my skin too much when exfoliating. The True Grit scrub feels very nourishing on the skin without leaving my skin raw or tight post shower. There is a slight smell, but there’s not too much fragrance that I feel overwhelmed. Plus, I love how big the bottle is – it’s lasted a while and I’m not even halfway through the bottle yet.

This is a great product to exfoliate the skin before you shave and to keep the skin smooth after you shave. You can also use it to prep your skin if you are self tanning. It’s also a good underarm mask, foot mask, backne & buttne solution.


Selfmade True Grit Resilience Scrub


True Grit Resilience Scrub


This chemical exfoliator is gentle enough to be used everyday, on every part of your body! Adaptogens and anti-inflammatory ingredients help reduce unwanted buildup.


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Selfmade’s Self Disclosure Intimacy Serum

The last product from Selfmade is the The Self Disclosure Intimacy Serum. It features copaiba balsam, which is known to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. It also features arnica flowers to alleviate discomfort, safflower oil to protect the skin, and schisandra berry to regulate stress and hormones while improving libido. Plus, it’s fragrance free and 95.5% organic, so you don’t have to worry about putting anything bad on your skin and/or around the most intimate spot of your body.

Selfmade believes that getting intimate with your self creates space for exploration and wards of sexual shame. When you don’t feel safe with your body, it’s harder to relax and ease into being vulnerable so you can feel pleasure. This oil is not just for sex – you can use it on other parts of the body, like cuticles and dry skin. You can also use it to prevent razor burn and moisturize the scalp. The oil adjusts to your body temperature as you massage it into your skin while de-stressing your muscles. And it comes in a beautiful yet simple bottle with a mess free dropper for easy application.

I love the mission that this product promotes. Whether you’re using it with a partner or for self pleasure, this product promotes self exploration and personal pleasure. And based on the product reviews on the website, this versatile serum has made many feel the pleasure they deserve. 


Selfmade Self Disclosure Intimacy Serum


Self Disclosure Intimacy Serum


This multi-use serum is made with ingredients that soothe the nervous system and reduce stress to allow for better self-intimacy.


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Are Selfmade's Products Worth It? Final Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed trying Selfmade’s products. They integrate easily into my daily routine and I love how multifunctional the products are. While the products are on the more expensive end, you’re paying for the quality and good ingredients. The products also come in big bottles so I know it will last, and they can be used in a few different ways. If you have sensitive skin, you can feel safe knowing these products are going to help and not hurt your skin and overall well being.

About Selfmade

Selfmade is a “ritual-based” beauty and skincare brand that makes clean, sustainable products to help you explore and feel comfortable in your skin. Selfmade wants to create a community that promotes self acceptance, awareness, and connection among others by creating accessible products to promote self care. They currently sell three products - a Serum, a Scrub, and an oil. Their blog gives mental and physical wellbeing advice to support you on the inside and out.

Selfmade True Grit Resilience Scrub
Selfmade Self Disclosure Intimacy Serum

All of Selfmade’s products are made in the US, dermatologist approved, and mental health expert approved. They feature scientifically proven ingredients to support physical and emotional wellbeing. Their ingredients are all natural and don’t contain any hormone disrupting ingredients like some other self care products do. Plus, they’re free of parabens, formaldehydes, microplastics, herbicides, and more. They’re vegan, cruelty-free and alcohol free. Plus, as a company, Selfmade tries to be as sustainable as possible. They use recycled packaging and their manufacturing partner is Climate Neutral Certified.