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Vessi Shoes Review: the Ultimate Everyday Shoe?

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Reviewed by Matt Hayes

Last Updated January 2022

Vessi Shoes Review

Vessi Shoes was founded in 2018 with the mission to create a versatile, all-in-one shoe that could be used daily and on all terrains, including wet conditions. Their Kickstarter campaign’s initial goal of $25,000 was blown out of the water with over $1.2 million raised. The answer was clear: the world wanted a universal shoe that they could use anywhere in the world, for any task. Do the shoes live up to the hype? Let’s take a look.

Who is Vessi?

Tony Yu, Mikaella Go, and Andy Wang got together in 2018 and decided they were sick of Vancouver’s rainy weather, which left their socks and feet drenched in grimy city puddle water. They decided enough is enough, and sought to create a shoe that’s not only completely waterproof, but keeps feet free of sweat while remaining comfortable. Their initial goal of creating a waterproof shoe ended up becoming a line of shoes that can be worn anywhere, no matter the weather conditions.

Vessi Shoes Founders

Image Credit: Vessi

Vessie Shoes has three lines of sneakers that are waterproof, light, and stylish. They’re 100% vegan, and are made out of water-based synthetic materials, synthetic suede, and modified polyurethane. The patented technology has pores too small for water to sink into, yet large enough for sweat to escape.

Part rainboot and part sneaker, Vessi Shoes are made to be wearable everyday. The patented knit is part of the shoe and not a coating, making it revolutionary.


  • Patented waterproof technology
  • Free shipping
  • Sustainable
  • Free returns and exchanges


  • Toe box is pretty narrow, so may not be a great fit for those with wider feet
  • Contains latex and not safe for those with allergies
Everyday Move Shoe Vessi


Men's Cityscape


Stay light on your feet in these ultra-lightweight kicks inspired by (but not limited to) city life. And when we say lightweight, we mean it.


Vessi Shoes Product Line

Vessi Everyday Sneaker - 4.7 ★ Customer Rating

Vessi Everyday Sneaker Review

If you like stylish gym shoes then the Vessie Everyday Sneakers are a great fit for you. The design is trendy without being loud, and can be used for nearly any errand or activity including the gym, going to the store, or light hiking. It pairs well with athleisure clothing as well, even if you’re not working out in them.

This particular line has extra arch support which helps keep your feet at ease from wearing them all day. An added benefit is the bottoms: with zones pushing water through the channels, you have better traction for any terrain.

Vessi Cityscape Sneaker - 4.7 ★ Customer Rating

Vessi Cityscape Review

The Cityscape Sneaker has a more minimalist aesthetic that is still stylish, making it perfect for any style. It’s lightweight and great for both your indoor and outdoor activities. The traction isn’t as effective as other shoes in their line however, which may be where its namesake is from. They are breathable, waterproof, and stretchy but aren’t great in icy conditions and don’t offer the extra arch support that the Vessi Everyday Sneaker does.

Vessi Weekend Sneaker - 4.8 ★ Customer Rating

Vessi Weekend Shoe Review

The Weekend Sneaker is another unisex shoe that resembles a cross between a skater shoe or Converse to make a modern, sleek shoe that hugs your feet and keeps them dry. The ankle opening is slightly larger than the Everyday and Cityscape, making it easier to put on. Like all Vessi shoes, they’re machine washable and easy to care for with all vegan materials and breathable knit.

Vessi Chelsea Boots 4.9 ★ Customer Rating

Vessi Chelsea boots Review

The Chelsea Boots are a silky addition to Vessi’s collection. Featuring a high ankle and loops, they are perfect for rainy or slushy winter weather. It’s constructed with a four way stretchy knit and high traction rubber sole that still allows for great range of motion and comfort.

Vessi Sunday Slippers 4.8 ★ Customer Rating

Vessi Sunday Slippers Review

If you’re a fan of slip on shoes, then you’ll love the Sunday Slippers. Part slipper and part shoe, they’re the perfect choice for lounging at home or running errands. The heel is collapsible if you’re looking for a cozier fit, and they’re as incredibly lightweight as the Vessi’s classic shoes.

Vessi Shoes Reviewed - Pros And Cons Explored

Pros Explored

A huge draw towards Vessi Shoes is the waterproof aspect. A quick Google search will populate other water repellent or water shoes, but Vessi has the crown of being the world’s first waterproof shoe. In addition to being breathable and keeping your feet dry, they are lightweight and creature-free–all of their shoes are 100% vegan, so you can rest assured that you are making a conscious and ethical decision in purchasing them. Vessi is so confident in their line of products that they even have a dry socks guarantee.

Vessi shoes are great for one-bag, minimalistic travelers who want a shoe that they won’t have to worry about, no matter where they are in the world. They’re great for urban hikers and are easy to add miles to, but may not be the best choice for intense hiking. The bottoms have a geometric design that’s great for concrete but won’t fare as well in unpredictable terrain like a trek up a mountain.

Vessi Shoe Materials

They’re easy to clean, shipping is free, and Quadpay payment plans are available. Quadpay allows for four biweekly payments that are also interest-free, making it easier on your wallet if you need to wait until payday to purchase your shoes.

Cons Explored

One of the major cons that was evidenced by several reviews is the difficulty in getting the shoes on. They’re made to feel like a second sock, so it’s a bit of a chore to get your feet in. Some users have suggested that it’s best to pry the mouth of the shoe open to loosen it up before jamming them on. This is somewhat of a hassle, especially if you’re wearing the shoes everyday as advertised.

Another con is that the shoes loosen over time. This is likely due to them being meant to fit like a second skin and constantly prying them on and off. It’s unclear whether it’s possible for them to bounce back to their original shape, but since the shoes start at $140, it’s not exactly a small investment.

Vessi Everyday Shoe Waterproof

The patented technology that allows the shoes to be waterproof and breathable includes latex materials. Based upon our research, there isn’t an alternative to this so if you have a latex allergy then Vessi will not be a good choice for you.

Vessi Shoes Reviewed - What We Think

Overall, Vessi has a great line of shoes. Outside of the functionality of being waterproof and perfect to wear every day, they are stylish enough to be more than a practical item. The designs are not outlandish, so they pair well with nearly every outfit in your closet. Whether you’re wearing a pair from the weekend line, the everyday line, the Cityscape sneaker or Sunday slippers, Vessi has a shoe for whatever you’re getting into.

Each pair in their line is unisex. Half sizes and wide sizers are not available, but the men’s sizes are wider. If you’re a woman who’s looking for a wider fit then this option is great for you. If you’re a man with a wide foot however then you’re in for a tight fit. Their website suggests sizing up for a more relaxed fit or sizing down for a tighter, more snug fit.

Weekend Chelsea Shoe Sale


Women's Weekend Chelsea


Constructed with a 4-way stretchy knit and an ultra-light, high traction rubber sole, these Weekend Chelseas provide the versatility of a Chelsea boot and the range of motion and the ultimate comfort of our classic Weekend sneakers.


Vessi Shoes Reviewed - What Is Reddit Saying

Vessi has hundreds of positive reviews on their website, but a common theme on less-than-stellar reviews and Reddit threads is the lack of sufficient customer service and the narrowness of the shoes.

Vessi does state several times on their website that their shoes are made to fit like a sock and adapt to your unique shape, and recommends sizing up if width is an issue. Many of these experiences came from international customers however, so perhaps the sizing chart is not accurately reflecting the correct sizes.

A recurring complaint across their site and Reddit threads is the lackluster customer service. Purchases are made easily but several customers have had issues contacting the customer service team and processing their returns. Vessi has a strict 90 day return policy, so if that window lapses they are out of luck. Vessi did have a massive boom in sales during the pandemic so it’s likely this caused many delays.

Many Redditors commented that although the shoes live up to their promise of being waterproof, they’re not great for jogging or walking long distances. They are marketed as everyday shoes for all terrain, but their main gimmick is the waterproof feature.

Where to buy Vessi Shoes?

Like many startups and businesses that emerged around the time of the pandemic, Vessi does not have any physical locations where you can try on the shoes before you buy them. There are pop-up stores throughout the year, but it doesn’t appear that Vessi has plans to open a retail store. Of course, their website is the best place to purchase your first pair and if you subscribe to their emails you’ll receive 10% off your order.

Other Vessi Products

Along with their selection of waterproof footwear, Vessi offers various accessories to complete the look. These include:
Face Masks

Everyday Move Shoe Vessi


Men's Everyday Move Shoe


Designed to get you moving. With more breathability, all day comfort and added support, The Moves are perfect for those days where you’re feeling adventurous.



Vessi Shoes Review Summary

Vessi Shoes started as a solution to a common problem: soggy socks. Founders Tony Yu, Mikaella Go, and Andy Wang banded together to create the world’s first waterproof shoe, to rave reviews and response, almost reaching cult status.

The shoes work as promised, and although they have a couple of nuances that can be worked on they are overall a great everyday shoe. They are waterproof, lightweight, stylish, and versatile. Each shoe in their collection has different strengths while remaining true to the brand. Whether you’re looking to be more active today, casual tomorrow, or lounging this weekend. Vessi has you covered.