The Edit / We Tried The Universal Standard Mystery Box Sale. Here's What Happened.


We Tried The Universal Standard Mystery Box Sale. Here's What Happened.

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Reviewed by Maggie Gibson

Last Updated January 2022

Universal Standard Mystery Box Sale

Why We Love Universal Standard

While we don’t like playing favorites, Universal Standard is one of The Fascination Team’s favorite brands because they offer the same stylish pieces in sizes 00-40 so women can shop with style as the only filter. Universal Standard creates high quality pieces from dresses and denim to activewear and outwear that should be in every closet. By taking the focus of shopping off sizing and onto style, they are changing how we shop for clothes, allowing every woman to create the style they want without being held back due to the size offerings.

That’s why it’s officially our favorite week of the year: Universal Standard’s Mystery Box event. It happens once a year and sells out every year. Buy a box curated with three Universal Standard pieces for a fraction of the price. No, really. Boxes start at only $55 but are valued up to $708. Just fill out a style quiz and let the Universal Standard team pick out three pieces for you based on your results and purchase history.

This sale is only available for 7 days and sold out pretty early last year, so we recommend you click here to go straight to shop. But if you’re still deciding whether or not to partake in this year’s sale, read on to learn more about Universal Standard, why their products are so loved, and to find out why The Mystery Box is a sale you can’t miss.


  • Get 3 high-quality Universal Standard pieces for a fraction of the price that they usually sell!
  • Boxes are filled with bestselling styles. Plus, there are exclusive to the Mystery Box pieces you can’t get elsewhere
  • Offers sizes between 00-40 so there’s a piece for everyone regardless of size
  • A fun experience that allows you to explore new pieces and styles


  • Limited quantities so act fast or it will sell out!

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Ratings Breakdown


Fun experience that guarantees you great clothing that will fit you like no other


3 pieces from Universal Standard for a fraction of the value. You’ll never find a better price on these products.


Receive an easy quiz to help determine your style. Then, trust the Universal Standard style team!


Inclusive brand breaking down the sizing barriers in fashion by offering every style in sizes 00-40


No added perks outside of the box and this fun experience

About Universal Standard

Created by two friends who felt the extreme divide in styles manufactured for “regular” and “plus” sizes in the fashion industry, Universal Standard breaks down the existing barriers around sizing to give everyone fashion freedom by selling high quality clothing across categories in sizes 00-40. They are also changing the way brands represent sizing by ensuring every piece is shot in every size so you can really see how a product will fit on your body type.

Universal Standard not only focuses on making sizing more inclusive, but also making the fashion industry more sustainable. They recently introduced their Recycle Program that helps consumers reset their closet and be a responsible consumer. They partnered with Marimole, a textile recycling company that uses the fabric from old clothes to make every day necessities, to allow you to recycle 1-4 pieces of old clothing. Once they accept the pieces, Universal Standard will provide a credit $25 per recycled piece (up to $100) to shop for new clothing on their site and give your closet the refresh you’ve been looking for. They accept any brand clothing in this program.

Universal Standard also recently launched their virtual stylist program where you can work with a professional stylist for free. Get opinions on your wardrobe like what you’re missing from your closet, what styles you should try, and how you can style the pieces you currently have in your closet. Plus, for a limited time, if you chat with a stylist you’ll receive 15% off any purchase made during your appointment. A good option to use after you fall in love with Universal Standard through your Mystery Box.

Universal Standard Test
Universal Standard Test2

The Universal Standard Mystery Box Experience

Universal Standard has perfected the styling formula for women of all sizes, but now you can put it to the test with this 7 day event. During The Universal Standard Mystery Box event running from February 10th, 2021 to February 17th, 2021, purchase a themed box and a Universal Standard stylist will fill it with three bestselling pieces, some even exclusive to the sale, that fit your style profile. Some of the many boxes you can choose from are the Athleisure Box which offers 3 pieces from their workout styles at $95 ($292 value), a Tops box where you receive 3 shirts for $55 ($250 value), and The Luxe Box for $198 which features their most luxurious products ($598 value). But there are so many more awesome boxes that all offer the same high quality pieces at a once in a lifetime cost! Plus, as a reader of The Fascination, save an extra 10% off your box with code THEFASCINATION10.

Universal Standard Boxes

How does the Mystery Box work? Purchase the box you want on Universal Standard by inputting your top and bottom sizes (don’t forget to use code THEFASCINATION10 for an EXTRA 10% off your box!). They’ll email you a style quiz based on your box. My quiz was about 9 questions with only 2 answers per question so it took less than 5 minutes to fill out. Questions range from shorts vs. skirts, whether or not you wear jeans (who really does in COVID anyway?), the colors you navigate towards when shopping, and the climate you dress for. Universal Standard will then use these answers to curate your pieces. If you’ve already shopped on Universal Standard, they’ll also take your purchase history into account when curating your picks.

Universal Standard Box Reviews

My Universal Standard Mystery Box: Unboxed!

The Mystery Box is an exciting experience and great way to add some quality pieces to your wardrobe that you may not normally purchase. Plus it’s a lot of fun! I was lucky enough to test out the full experience for one of the Basics boxes. Universal Standard’s clothing is incredibly well-made, so I knew whatever they sent me would last a while, but I definitely was a bit nervous about the pieces they were styling for me. Don’t they need more information? I thought to myself when I filled out the quiz. But I let go and trusted that their stylists would put together the right pieces for me.

My Mystery Box arrived in a sleek black Universal Standard box with a hand-written note from my mysterious stylist, a nice touch to make me know each piece was thoughtfully chosen for me. Once I opened it, I saw they had taken my answers from the quiz to heart. There were three pieces in my box: The Seine High Rise Solid Black Jeans ($98), The Hannah Denim Shirt Dress ($98), and The Chloe Crew Neck Sweater ($88). A total value of $284 for a fraction of the price! Interestingly, the pieces I received were all black. While I would have liked some colors, I realized quickly that these basic pieces work well with clothing already in my wardrobe and I’ll likely get more wear out of these. Plus I’m a born and raised New Yorker so I can never have too much black.


My Mystery Box Products

The Seine High Rise 32 inch Solid Black Jeans ($98): While I used to wear jeans all the time, they haven’t been in my wardrobe rotation as much now due to WFH. Still, the feeling and look of a well-fitted jean is wonderful yet hard to come by. When I slipped these high rise jeans on they fit my curves like a glove and I immediately felt comfortable. The Seine High Rise has a light stretch and they aren’t as rigid as a lot of other denim is. The reviews online say they are great for curvy figures based on where they hug your curves, and I agree. They are also more of a straight cut versus skinny. While they are a bit heavy, they seem like a pair of jeans that adapts to your body over time while continuing to serve up some great looks.

The Hannah Denim Shirt Dress ($98): Now this is a dress I would likely not buy on my own; as I tend to stay away from tunics because I feel they look like garbage bags on me. When I pulled it out, I was a bit worried about how it would fit, but as I put it on and started styling it by rolling up sleeves, unbuttoning different buttons, and adding belts and sweaters to accessorize, I started to really like it. While it’s a bit too cold to wear now, it will be great for days this spring when I’m working from home and want to change out of my sweats to feel a bit dressed up while still feeling comfortable.

The Chloe Crew Neck Sweater ($88): I was actually pleasantly surprised to see this Black Crew Neck sweater in my box. It’s a great basic, and I don’t have something similar to it in my closet. It goes with the majority of the pieces in my closet, and the second I picked it up I started building outfits in my mind. Where’s the Clueless Closet when you need it? The sweater is high quality; not too thick or thin, fits well on my body without being form fitting, and is made out of a strong fabric that I expect will hold up over time. Mystery Box, you may have just given me my favorite long-lasting closet piece.

The Seine High Rise
The Hannah Denim Shirt Dress
The Chloe Crew Neck Sweater


Universal Standard Mystery Box Summary

Overall, I loved the whole experience from start to finish, and I can’t get over how good of a deal this box is. If you’re looking for a fun way to get high-quality clothing that fits you perfectly at a fraction of the price that it normally sells for, you need to take advantage of the Universal Standard Mystery Box. Run, don’t walk, since boxes sell out quickly. This only happens once a year, and I promise you that you’ll regret it if you don’t take advantage of it now.