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The Top 5 Best Fall Lawn Fertilizers for 2022, Ranked

The Top 5 Best Fall Lawn Fertilizers for 2022, Ranked

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With the long, hot summer days finally giving way to the crisp, cool breezes of fall, it’s the perfect time to invest in your lawn and ensure that it has the nutrients it needs to look great well into the winter and re-emerge next spring looking greener and more weed-free than ever. We’ve been toiling away on our lawn for years, trying everything from intense chemical treatments (that fried our grass) to the completely hands-off route of using a “professional” (air quotes) lawn service. In our experience, a simple, nutrient-rich DIY approach is the safest, easiest and most cost-effective way to rid your lawn of weeds and keep it looking as lush and green as possible!

So without further ado, here’s our top picks to keep your lawn lookin’ fresh this fall:

Our #1 Pick: Sunday Lawn Care - The Fall Lawn Kit

Price: $59

Sunday isn’t just a lovely day of the week to hit the cafe and grab bottomless mimosas, it is also an incomparable lawn care company who are changing the game. With a DIY, personalized approach to lawn care, they are better for the environment, easy to use, and the perfect alternative to other brands and expensive lawn care services. Great for any climate, their Fall Lawn Kit is the perfect solution to keep your grass healthy through the colder months. After all, no season is more important than autumn because keeping your lawn healthy in the cold months will help it thrive in the Spring. But the best part about Sunday?

  • They take the guesswork out of lawn care — You take a quiz, they will send you personalized lawn care products optimized for your kind of lawn
  • They’re DIY without the expensive service — Normally, you’d have to pay a ridiculous amount for someone to come and take care of your lawn, but Sunday will give you the same quality of ingredients but ship it to your house. Best of all, it’s all easy to use
  • All their products are kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and environmentally safe — No more worrying about your dog getting sick because they decided to take a bite of some freshly treated grass
  • Far fewer chemicals than those other lawn care companies — Their nutrient pouches have 1/10th the nitrogen of other companies’s pouches, a fraction of harsh chemicals, and zero potentially cancer-causing chemicals for weed prevention


Studs gold set sale


The Fall Lawn Kit


Shop Now at Sunday Lawn

4.9 Stars ★★★★★ 

Our Rating

4.9 Stars ★★★★★ 

Avg. Customer Rating

While it's a good practice to take good care of your grass year-round, no season is more important than fall. That’s why Sunday has bundled everything you need into one convenient Fall Lawn Kit.

Liquid fertilizer provides your grass a steady flow of slow-release nutrients to recover from summer stress, help it survive winter, and start spring out strong. And Sunday's broadleaf weed control helps knock back weeds when they’re at their weakest, using just one active ingredient: iron!

Included fertilizer:
(1) 42.3-oz Pouch Grass Powerhouse,
(1) 42.3-oz. Pouch Fall Fortify,
(2) Hose-end sprayers

Each pouch treats 5,000 square feet.

Included herbicide:
(1) Dandelion Doom concentrate,
(1) Refillable pouch,
(1) Wand

Each concentrate treats 224 square feet. Ideal for all climates.


  • Lawn care products personalized to your lawn type, location, and needs
  • Affordable, quality products delivered directly to your door
  • Kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and environmentally safe
  • Fewer/ lower concentrations of chemicals than other common options
  •  Slow-release nitrogen minimizes damage
  • Simple, all-in-one kit
  • Ships for free to your door
  • Customizable plans available


  • Requires a hose, fertilizer not offered in granular form

#2: TruGreen Lawn Care

Price: $650 - $1,000 per year

Sometimes paying a premium isn’t such a bad thing. All you need to do is enter your address and they will offer different solutions based on your climate. Then, they will send a TruGreen specialist to your home to take a sample of your lawn followed by a visit every 4-6 weeks. TruGreen specialists will give you a lawn update, analysis, and personalized recommendations after every visit. With 4 different lawn care plans in addition to other services, TruGreen brings the personal touch right to your door.

Try their TruComplete lawn care package today

#3: Lawn Doctor

Price: $928 - $2,900 per year

Not entirely different from TruGreen, Lawn Doctor is a far more simplified version of the same service. They will send a specialist, take a sample, and conduct multiple visits throughout the year. Straight-forward, reliable, and still personalized, Lawn Doctor keeps it simple with annual programs to keep your lawn healthy. Their secret sauce, however? Turf Tamer® — an exclusive line of lawn care equipment manufactured by Lawn Doctor and only available to Lawn Doctor franchisees. That means, very literally, no one else has what Lawn Doctor has and that means something.

Enter your address and get a free quote from Lawn Doctor today

#4: Scotts

Price: $40 - $250

Scotts are the middle ground between lawn service and direct-to-consumer brand. They have an endless array of Turf Builder® products for all types of lawns for every season. And to satisfy those who maybe do not want to guess what products will work for their lawns, they have a DIY lawn care program. All you need to do is take a quiz, they will show you what you need, and you just decide when you want it.

Take the quiz and try the Scotts DIY lawn program today

#5: Miracle-Gro

Price: $18 - $35

You know their name; Miracle-Gro is one of the most popular lawn and garden care companies in the world. They will not come to your house, so you can forget about asking. What they will do is provide a number of products that will help you take care of your lawn and garden. They also have a near-bottomless well of blog posts and articles to help educate and guide you with how to use their products effectively. Look, if you’re in the market for affordable, non-personalized lawn care products you have to figure out yourself with some name recognition, it’s hard to find anything more appropriate than Miracle-Gro.

Give their Miracle-Gro Water Soluable Lawn Food a try today