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These Top 10 Bestsellers Are Absolute Must-Haves: Shop Fascination Fan Favs

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Reviewed by Matt Hayes

Last Updated January 2022

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You’ve Got Good Taste

No, really. These bestselling products are the best out there — backed by Fascination fans and first-timers alike. From cozy throws and tension-easing beanbags to sleek wallets and glow-ifying face masks, there’s something you need in this list — and even a few unbelievable deals. Just be sure to snag your favs before they’re gone.

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1. Meet The Casablanca Throw Blanket

Toss your old go-to blanket in the closet, and bundle yourself in Sunday Citizen’s Casablanca Throw for livable, luxe comfort. With a double layer of their signature hypoallergenic, thermoregulating fabric, your cherished couch time is going to be more snug, more stylish and most def more comfortable than ever. The Fascination says, “Relax.”

Best For:

  • Sensitive skin
  • Chic yet cozy home style
  • Waving buh-bye to overheating during cuddle time
  • Having enough blanket to share (or steal for yourself)

Key Features:

  • Available in 8 earth-inspired tones with contrasting white
  • Made from 100% microfiber
  • Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle
  • Sized at 52in x 75in
  • Free shipping and returns (you’re welcome)
Sunday Citizen Casablanca Throw
Moon Pod Shop

Moon Pod

The Moon Pod


The Moon Pod isn’t just something to sink into — it’s something you float on. Designed to mimic the sensation of floatation therapy, Mood Pod is the modern, must-have, tension-relieving home accessory that’s taking the community by storm. Shop the sale and treat yourself to 25% OFF!


2. Meet The Moon Pod

How about an adult bean bag that lets you live out your childhood dreams of sitting gravity-less on the Moon? Moon Pod’s signature Moon Pod features high-density beads that support your body where it’s needed the most, letting you float stress-free into relaxation mode. Oh, and it’s 25% OFF, so shop the sale and be sure to snag one for yourself.

Best For:

  • Back support
  • De-stressing like a pro
  • Feeling like a kid again 🚀 🌙
  • All-day comfort while working (or napping — we won’t tell) from home
  • The best seat in the house

Key Features:

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Takes up 4 square feet of floor space
  • Weighs 12 lbs.
  • Filled with high-friction custom-designed beads
  • Sustainably manufactured
  • Supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Machine washable outer shell
  • 3 and 5-year protection plans offered
sitting in the moon pod
Leesa Hyrpid Mattress Shop

Leesa Sleep

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Starting at $1049

Time to ditch that tired old mattress. Leesa’s Hybrid mattress is designed to deliver deeper, more restful sleep to sleepers of all types. Whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper, you can expect significant pressure relief and advanced support. Shop the sale and get $300 OFF + free shipping!


3. Meet The Leesa Hybrid Mattress

You deserve deep sleep. Leesa’s Hybrid Mattress makes all of your waking-up-well-rested dreams come true with its premium cooling and contouring features. Whether you opt for snoozing on your back, stomach or side, its advanced support system relieves pressure throughout your body while actively accommodating your late night movements. We’re looking at you, rollover dozers. Sleep more soundly with up to $300 OFF + free shipping.

Best For:

  • Sleepers of all positions: back, stomach, or side
  • Relieving pressure and reducing lower back pain
  • Hassle-free home upgrades (it’s delivered directly to your door!)
  • Those who, like us, love a good B-Corp (aka brands using business as a force for good)

Key Features:

  • Medium-firm support
  • Risk-free, 100-night trial
  • Free, no-contact delivery
  • 10-year warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in the US
The Leesa Hybrid Mattress
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4. Meet Brightland’s Essential Capsule

Your ultimate cooking companion has arrived. The dynamic foursome in Brightland’s The Essential Capsule features California-grown, consciously crafted olive oils and vinegars that will quickly elevate your food’s flavor (and give your cabinet an ultra-cool, artsy vibe). Drizzle a little…or douse a lot. We won’t judge.

Best For:

  • Cooking aficionados that appreciate great-tasting oils and vinegars
  • A beautiful kitchen aesthetic
  • The perfect mix of citrusy, nutty, herbaceous, and berry notes
  • Bringing decadence to a dish
  • Dressings and marinades, grilling, crafting cocktails, drizzling over fresh fruits and cheeses and beyond

Key Features:

  • Includes 2 bottles of Brightland’s olive oils (Awake and Alive) and 2 bottles of Brightland’s vinegars (Parasol and Rapture)
  • Heirloom olives are hand-harvested in a certified organic mill and cold-pressed
  • Vinegars are double-fermented in a nutrient-dense, family run farm
  • All products hail from California
  • Free shipping and returns
Brightland Oil Capsule
Caraway Cookware Set


The Caraway Cookware Set

Starting at $395

The Caraway Cookware set is a phenomenally-crafted set of pots and pans that will upgrade your cooking game. The non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating makes every aspect of cooking and cleanup easier. They are well made. And they look beautiful. Get yours for $100 OFF — with free storage accessories!


5. Meet Caraway’s Cookware Set

Fry, sauté, and simmer to your heart’s desire with Carway’s IG famous Cookware Set. The 4-piece ceramic-coated bundle is comprised of non-stick, non-toxic pieces that are easy to clean and conduct heat evenly — so, no more burnt edges and uncooked centers, ya know? Complete your kitchen suite with $100 OFF, plus two complimentary cookware storage solutions.

Best For:

  • Healthier cooking solutions without sacrificing aesthetic
  • Upgrading your kitchen cooking suite
  • Versatile use
  • Keeping your cookware organized

Key Features:

  • Non-stick and nontoxic, ceramic-coated cookware
  • Free of PTFE, PFOA, heavy metals and other PFA’s
  • Includes 1x 10.5” fry pan, 1x 3 qt sauce pan, 1x 4.5 qt sauté pan, 1x 6.5 qt. Dutch oven, 1x magnetic pan rack, 1x canvas lid holder
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Releases up to 60% less CO2 emissions when produced compared to traditional non-stick cookware
The Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hyrpid Mattress Shop


The Wool Runners


Light and comfortable, Allbirds’ Wool Runners are ideal for daily use, regardless of where your feet take you.


6. Meet The Allbirds Wool Runner

Allbirds’ merino Wool Runners are designed with simplicity and serious comfort in mind. They’re naturally soft, cozy all over and flex-fit with your every move. Plus, they feel (and look) as good on your feet as they are for the environment since they’re crafted from renewable materials.

Best For:

  • Everyone; men’s and women’s styles
  • Travel or going sockless
  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Taking a (literal) step toward supporting our planet
  • Elevated, casual looks

Key Features:

  • Machine washable
  • Made with Merino Wool
  • Soft to the touch
  • Made from renewable materials
  • Moisture-wicking and odor-minimizing
  • Conforms to your foot shape and movement
Allbirds Shoes Wear Anywhere
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7. Meet The Aluminum Gunmetal Wallet

The ultimate classic, Ridge’s Aluminum Gunmetal wallet lets you carry cold cash in style. Its minimalist design is front-pocket-friendly, aka super slim. You can finally carry less while always having exactly what you need and look ahhh-mazing while you do.

Best For:

  • Sleek, streamlined, modern style
  • Keeping your cash safe and secure
  • A life of adventure, on the go
  • Lots of compliments

Key Features:

  • Free shipping and returns
  • Holds up to 12 cards
  • Available in a cash strap, money clip or both
  • Blocks RFID (electronic theft)
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Weighs 2 oz.
  • 86 x 54 x 6 mm
  • Made from anodized aluminum, an impenetrable material as tough as titanium
Why To Buy Ridge Wallet
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8. Meet Aer

Dare to try Aer? Dame’s high-powered suction toy manufactured from medical grade silicone lets you go down… on yourself. 🤯 With thrilling pulses of air and a soft-but-focused seal around your clitoris, the sensational stimulation will satisfy all of your self love needs.

Best For:

  • Getting there — quickly
  • If oral stimulation sends you over the edge
  • Gentle-but-focused intensity
  • When you’re feeling playful
  • Those looking for a toy that travels well

Key Features:

  • Manufactured from medical grade silicone
  • Waterproof
  • 5 intensity levels and 5 pattern modes
  • Includes a magnetic USB charging cable, storage bag, and user manual
  • Free shipping
The Dame Aer
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9. Meet The Bigger 3 Kit

The bigger, the better, man. Now you can look, feel, and smell your best with Huron’s Bigger 3 Kit. Their refreshing face wash, soothing facial moisturizer, and recharging body wash come in a complete kit, so you can nourish your skin with cruelty-free, clean ingredients from head to toe.

Best For:

  • Dudes who want simple but effective grooming products
  • Deep cleans, deodorizing and conditioning
  • Great looking skin (aka bro glow)

Key Features:

  • Vegan, cruelty-free and made in the US
  • Comes in 100% recyclable packaging
  • Includes: face wash, face moisturizer, and body wash
  • Free shipping and returns
Huron Bigger 3 Kit
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10. Meet The Clean Greens Face Mask

Look no further than Golde’s Clean Greens Face Mask for the ultimate glow up. Made from 100% pure, edible superfoods, its gently detoxifying formula will leave your skin flawless by using only top-notch vegan and cruelty-free infusions.

Best For:

  • Getting your glow on
  • Giving your complexion a rejuvenating boost
  • Jet-setting (or just traveling in general)
  • Pampering yourself with only the best, most nutritious ingredients

Key Features:

  • Ingredients include mango juice, marshmallow root and chlorella powders, plus marshmallow root extract
  • 1 oz.
  • Powder-to-gel formula activates with added water
  • Free shipping and returns
best green face mask