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This Custom Lawn Care Company is Changing the Game

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Reviewed by Hannah Emerson

Last Updated April 2023

Sunday Lawn Custom

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If you’re wondering if Sunday's custom lawn plan can really transform your lawn- the answer is yes!

Spring has officially sprung, which means one thing: saying goodbye to the blanket of snow that covered all the imperfections in your lawn and hello to mowing, seeding, and fertilizing.

If you’re tired of backbreaking work for your bluegrass, it might be time to invest in a lawn care service. However, when it comes to using a lawn care service, the grass isn’t always greener. Other companies can be costly, come with chemical warning flags in your lawn, and use a one-size-fits-all approach that just doesn’t work. That’s where Sunday comes in. Their custom lawn care plans are tailored to your yard so it gets the nutrients it needs, right when it needs it, all season long.


Sunday Lawn Custom Plan


Custom Lawn Plan

Starting at $109

It’s everything you need to get that lush lawn you’ve dreamed of—without all the toxic stuff. Customized for your yard, your soil, your needs. And there’s zero guesswork. Your subscription includes seasonal shipments with everything your lawn needs to thrive. All you have to do is grab a hose.


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Sunday makes lawn care easy, even for the most novice DIY’er: You just answer a few questions about your lawn online, and they’ll create a custom lawn care plan, unique to your yard. Each plan includes options for weed control, pest control, and pet stain products. This way, no matter what shape your lawn is in, they have a solution for you.


Lawn care services providers can cost over $1500 per year.. Sunday’s custom lawn care plans start at $150 annually. That’s a savings of $1,350!


Sunday comes with detailed instructions for each shipment you receive. These include product details, application dates, and access to lawn care best practices. Sunday also has a dedicated team of Lawn Advisors that will help answer customers’ questions related to lawn and garden issues.


Aside from custom lawn plans, Sunday is a one-stop shop for all of your lawn and garden needs. They also offer custom pest plans, access to live trees and plants, and gardening tools and products.


In addition to free shipping, customized products, and a dedicated Lawn Advisor support team, Sunday also partners with top brands like Rachio, Stihl and Tilly to run contests and promotions for its customers year round.

With Sunday, all it takes to have a beautiful lawn is 15 minutes and a garden hose. Simply apply online, receive your first box, and start feeding your lawn what it needs to thrive this season. Using ingredients like seaweed, soy protein, and molasses you can sleep better at night knowing that your lawn care routine with Sunday is better for people, pets and planet.

If you’re ready to take the guesswork out of lawn care, try Sunday today.