The Edit / The Fascination's Weekly Edit — October 21st Edition: This bath stone is a beaut, slow-drip Japanese coffee in a can, and WTF is an LOL candle?


The Fascination's Weekly Edit — October 21st Edition: This bath stone is a beaut, slow-drip Japanese coffee in a can, and WTF is an LOL candle?

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated January 2022


That New New ️‍🔥

Get hyped for the newest additions to The Fascination Fam

REEL’s sustainable toilet paper and paper towels let you wipe with confidence. Not only are they made out of bamboo, aka better for the environment than typical paper products, but they’re also free of ink, dyes, and BPAs.

Ladies, Viv for your V‘s period products are the earth and body-friendly cycle solution we’ve been dreaming of. Plus, they deliver to your door monthly at just the right time. Choose from cups, liners, tampons, and pads that are totally toxin-free.

Good light’s genderless three product skincare routine makes you shine like you’re always in, well…good light. Hydrate, plump, nourish, and repair your skin with their clean, cruelty-free, vegan line for an oh-you-glow look.


Our editors can’t get enough of Dorai Home’s Bath Stone 🛀, and it’s pretty easy to understand why since it’s —

  • A chic, modern bath mat that seamlessly dries beneath your feet
  • Crafted from a ceramic-like material that looks and feels like natural stone
  • Prevents mold by instantly removing water as opposed to absorbing it like standard bath mats
  • Comes with a rubber pad to prevent slipping and support 360-degree drying
  • Instantly elevates your bathroom aesthetic

Lemme Upgrade Ya

Product drops you don’t want to miss

Bundles are having a moment.

And by that we mean healthy, edible cookie dough brand DEUX just released their Mind & Body Pack, a super sweet trio that includes jars of Gingerdoodle, Chocolate Chip with Zinc & Elderberry and Birthday Cake flavored spoonable treats that support your mood, immunity, and stress levels. But, they didn’t stop there. They also just launched their Birthday Pack 🎉 filled with three undeniably delish doughs — Birthday Cake, Brownie Batter, and Chocolate Chip. The best part? You can eat DEUX raw or bake it into cookies, so your options are endless.

Speaking of product collections that delight the senses, Spoken Flames’ new wooden wick, shimmering candles are an essential for anyone looking to mellow out fast. You can snag their Sea Sea Me, Slow Speeds Welcome and LOL drops individually, or level-up your zen space with all three. Let em burn and let yourself relax.

All 👀’s On…

Brands we’re crushing on from afar

Verb Energy: Your afternoon caffeine kick is typically paired with a snack, amirite? What if we told you that Verb Energy’s energizing, jitter-free bars check all your necessary boxes…plus some. They’re vegan, gluten-free, made with organic green tea, give you a jolt equivalent to a shot of espresso, and are only 90 calories. Mhmmm, these pocket-sized bites are jam-packed with good stuff.

Fly By Jing: Did someone say sichuan? 🌶️ Fly By Jing’s flavorful sauces give your food an authentic Chengdu hole-in-the-wall eatery taste, adding hot heat, sweet and spicy or tingly tastes to your fav meals. A little goes a long way, so your jar made with 100% natural ingredients is made to last.

… It’s On Sale

*Orders one in every color*

Haven’t shopped our 2.0 site using our single-cart shopping experience? 🛒 Now you can shop all your favs directly from The Fascination, in one cart, in one place. You always get free shipping and returns and can pay in 4 interest-free installments, aka risk-free all around. Time to treat yourself to something you’ve been eyeing. 👀

Dripdash is giving our Fascination Fam (that’s you!) 10% OFF their super smooth, Japanese-style, slow-drip canned coffee with code FASCINATION10.

MIRROR’s nearly invisible home gym is $150 OFF plus you get free shipping (a $400 value) with code SAVE400.