The Edit / The Boot by Amberjack Is a Versatile Modern Boot for the Modern Man


The Boot by Amberjack Is a Versatile Modern Boot for the Modern Man

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Reviewed by Matt Hayes

Last Updated February 2024

Amberjack The Boot

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If you're tired of the same old boot selection, The Boot is a thoughtful creation from the Brooklyn-based fan favorites at Amberjack. This athletic-style boot blends comfort and style in a way that can work in almost any situation.

The footwear market is flooded with options. No matter what type of shoe you’re looking for, there’s a lot to consider when buying something new for those hard-working feet. And one of the most important things to keep in mind is that not all footwear was created equally.

Oftentimes, paying a minimal price for a pair of shoes or boots means sub-par craftsmanship on footwear that won’t last very long. The Boot by Amberjack flips the script on the world of fast fashion that has been taking over the market. Each one is made with intention and from high-quality materials, including A-grade full-grain leather or Nubuck leather.




The Boot

$205 or as low as $19/month

If you're looking for a boot you can wear anywhere (& actually want to!), look no further than The Boot. Heat activated arch support and TPU outsoles give you the support and lightweight feel of your favorite athletic shoes without compromising on style.


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This lightweight everyday footwear is a versatile boot that can look just as good at your morning meeting as they do for Saturday night drinks with the guys. he Brooklyn-based Amberjack brand is no stranger to hits. They've been featured in Men's Health, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, and many more. Forbes wrote, “Each Amberjack shoe is made with proprietary comfort science.”

And the forward-thinking doesn’t stop at just the designs: The Boot, along with all of their products, are made by master craftsmen in Portugal and feature A-grade leather sourced from some of the finest tanneries in the world. In a further effort to remain sustainable, Amberjack manufactures its products in a fair-wage factory and uses zero plastics in its packaging, with carbon-neutral shipping.

But let’s talk about The Boot and all of the features you can ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over:

• Copper and Midnight colorways are made with grade-A Nubuck leather and Obsidian and Chestnut are made with A-grade full-grain leather.
• Unique athletic-style lace-up boots are versatile enough for the office and after-work get-togethers, and most things in between.
• Modern minimalist look.


• TPU dual-density outsole with athletic technology at front (for flexibility) and a strong hiking boot material at the back for durability.
• Streamlined design is made to be more lightweight than boots of similar quality and durability.
• Enjoy heat-activated arch support with a special foam that forms to your foot and is more durable than memory foam.
• The lining is made with incredibly soft sheepskin that’s made to be breathable via laser-cut perforation.

amberjack the boot midnight
the boot midnight
the boot obsidian
chestnut boot
the boot copper
the boot copper

These beautifully made boots come with a two-year warranty and free shipping and returns for US-based orders.

Join The Boot revolution and elevate your style with a pair of well-made, versatile boots that align with the way we live today.