The Edit / Clean Beauty? Don't Sweat It. These Are The 5 Best Natural Deodorants For Women.


5 Best Natural Deodorants For Women: Don't Sweat It - These Clean Beauty Products Have You Covered

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Reviewed by Sharon Quinn

Last Updated January 2022

5 Best Deodorants For Women

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Ah, natural deodorant. Sure, we all want to put better ingredients on (and in) our body, but we're held back by familiar, lingering questions: Will it actually work? Will I be drenched in summer sweat that my eucalyptus deodorant simply can’t mask? Our beauty editors put today’s fan-fave natural deodorants to the test and decided which 5 deserve a spot in your beauty cabinet. Check out our top 5 picks below, and see why these products made the cut.

#1: Native Deodorant

Fascination Top Pick

Native Deodorant


Native’s formulas include natural and naturally derived ingredients. It is free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates and talc.
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NATIVE’s ultra-clean, vegan and cruelty-free deodorants are our number one must-have. Beyond being infused with trustworthy ingredients like Magnesium Hydroxide that helps neutralize odor-causing bacteria, natural moisturizers like coconut oil & shea butter, and healthy probiotics, all deodorants are aluminum-free, go on smooth and smell great. They come in a variety of sensational scents: choose from notes of lavender, cucumber, coconut and vanilla or opt for unscented if that’s your jam.

Another reason you need to start reaching for NATIVE? They take supporting your sweaty moments and the health of our planet as equally important initiatives, and even offer a plastic free option which is just as effective — our armpits and those of 15,000+ other 5-star reviewing customers can attest to this! Believe us, your body will be happy you made the switch.

#2: TAOS Aer Deodorant

Fascination Team Fave

Taos AER Ginger Grapefruit Deodorant


Taos AER delivers elevated daily essentials and promises clean, plant-powered products that support your wellness.


This plant-powered deodorant lives up to the hype. With a highly concentrated formula of 100% naturally derived ingredients, a little goes a long way. Swipe the silky gel under your armpits and feel it dry to a powder that doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or damp.

TAOS Aer’s deodorant is free of many things: aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances, cruelty and even water — which allows for their highly concentrated formula — but is filled with odor-neutralizing impact. 

#3: Ursa Major Deodorant

Fascination Team Fave

Ursa Major Base Layer Deodorant


This unscented, baking soda-free deodorant eliminates odor and absorbs excess moisture, delivering long-lasting protection for even the most sensitive skin.


Ursa Major’s glide on and go deodorant is a moisture-absorbing grooming staple. Our editors with sensitive skin gave this two thumbs up since its baking soda and aluminum-free.

The Base Layer Deodorant is a perfect option for anyone who avoids scents and deodorant stains at all costs since their formula is specifically crafted to keep your armpits and your clothes in good shape all day long.

#4: Kopari Beauty Deodorant

Fascination Team Fave

Kopari Natural Aluminum-Free Charcoal Deodorant


Kopari’s blend of coconut water, coconut oil, and sage oil soothes and protects sensitive skin — while their combination of plant-based enzymes helps break down odor-causing bacteria


Kopari’s clean, vegan, non-toxic Natural Aluminum-Free Charcoal Deodorant embodies the brand’s mission: blend all things coconut into a magical formula, bottle it, make it beautiful and leave a smile on the customer’s face because it works so well.

The secret sauce of activated charcoal absorbs your sweat and bacteria while simultaneously drawing toxins out of your pores. So, you feel good, smell great and are actively cleaning your body. Need we say more?

#5: Milk + Honey Deodorant

Fascination Team Fave

Milk + Honey Lavender, Tea Tree Regular Strength Deodorant No.09


A great option for those transitioning to natural and aluminum-free deodorants, Milk+Honey’s No. 09 Regular-Strength formulations are designed to keep you feeling (and smelling) fresh all day long.


For anyone transitioning to aluminum-free deodorants, this is a great option. Your body is working on neutralizing odor-causing bacteria as you move away from standard antiperspirants, and Milk + Honey’s Regular Strength Deodorant combats wetness from sweating with arrowroot powder while fighting odor naturally with food-grade baking soda.

Combined with it’s other key, organic ingredients — like hydrating coconut oil and detoxifying lemon peel oil — Milk + Honey’s regular strength, No. 09 deodorants deliver a simple, clean, impactful way to refresh your beauty routine.