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Taylor Stitch Review: Menswear Responsibly Built For The Long Haul

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated December 2021

Taylor Stitch Clothing Review

Making durable clothing for the hard-working man is what Taylor Stitch is all about. Built using sustainably sourced materials and heavy-duty design elements, after trying these garments you’ll never want to take off your clothes again.

Fillmore Hoodie Shop

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The Fillmore Hoodie


The Fillmore Hoodie was designed to serve as a comfy, reliable alternative to more fragile fare. Sturdy ribbing adorns not only the cuffs and hem but also the side panels for a tidy silhouette that’ll move easily with you, and we’ve cooked up a range of eye-catching colors to spice up your roster.


Featured Product: The Fillmore Hoodie

Price: $118

This Fillmore Hoodie is 100% organic cotton and the perfect blend of comfy and durable. It offers unique stitching details, hefty ribbing on the cuffs and side panels, a French terry interior, and an extra-large kangaroo pouch front pocket


Ratings Breakdown


Material, build, weight, and feel are all high quality. The drawstring quality and button stitching are my only minor complaints.


Taylor Stitch’s premium price tag is mostly justified by the quality of the items. The company uses 100% organic cotton, sustainably sources its materials, and also offers a product replacement program.


The craftsmanship is exceptional and the weight of each item provides a cozy feel without being too warm. I would recommend all the items I tried if you have disposable income to spend.


Taylor Stitch’s mission is clear, create more responsibly made menswear that lasts a lifetime. Customer reviews seem mixed, with a lot of people complaining about customer service.

Who is Taylor Stitch?

85% of apparel ends up in landfills, so sustainable clothing is more important than ever. Making clothing out of recycled materials and previously worn garments are just a few of the ways Taylor Stitch is addressing this global fashion crisis.

Founded by Michael Maher and two of his friends in 2007, Taylor Stitch started as a men’s custom shirt business.

Taylor Stitch Brand

After a lifetime of ill-fitting shirts, the three entrepreneurs dove into the fashion industry despite having zero shirt-making experience. The three hoped to create custom clothing that could transition from the office to the outdoors.

Taylor Stitch has kept sustainability and environmental impact a priority from the start. In an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine Maher mentioned “We are committed to using organic, recycled and regenerative fibers wherever possible.”

Taylor Stitch is also changing the game with crowdfunded small-batch collections. Customers can get involved with the brand by funding the production of new items through Taylor Stitch’s The Workshop.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • High-quality and sustainably sourced materials
  • Strong brand mission
  • Weighty without feeling too heavy
  • Unique design features
  • Heavy-duty stitching


  • Drawcord doesn’t match garment quality
  • Not as soft feeling as advertised
  • Pre-washed look (in case you’re not into that)

Getting Comfy: My Experience With Taylor Stitch

I tested all three “Fillmore Collection” clothing items (hoodie, crewneck, and pants) for seven days, and I was pleasantly surprised. 

Although it’s summer…in Arizona, my wife and I like to keep our house very cool (72º F) during the day and chilly (67º F) at night. Despite being sweltering outside, I was able to enjoy these colder weather clothes in the comfort of my home. 

Each garment has the “perfect” weight to it. They are fairly thick but not overly thick, weighty but not too heavy. Each item gives you a subtle, comforting hug from the slightly weighted feel.


This middle ground makes them uniquely versatile, allowing you to wear them for the majority of the year compared to most highly insulated cozy wear.

Design Details
From heavy-duty stitching to the 100% organic cotton fabric, I’d say the craftsmanship is exceptional. I especially enjoyed the ultra-thick ribbing along the bottom edge and sleeves.

The knit of the clothing is French terry (imagine the looping you see on kitchen towels but softer and more densely packed).

French Terry Hoodie

This makes the outside feel fairly soft but the interior texture is slightly rough in my opinion. Taylor Stitch boasts that the French terry interior of its garments is “extraordinarily soft,” but I feel that is a slight overstatement.

I washed the clothes every day of my seven days of testing to see how the material changed. The French terry interior did get a slightly softer feel and seems to become comfier with each wash.

I’m not particularly fond of the pre-washed look of the items as it makes them look slightly dull, but this is subjective and could be a positive for some people. 

Some Concerns
I only have a few concerns around smaller details of the clothes. Take the drawstrings for the hoodie/pants and the buttons on the pants. They are lightweight and don’t look or feel as durable/high quality as the rest of the garment. This isn’t a deal-breaker by any means, but I wish the drawstrings matched the quality of the clothing. 

The buttons are sewn on like any normal button-up shirt. Since Taylor Stitch’s target market is “working men” these buttons should be sewn to withstand years of manly force.

Fillmore Hoodie Drawstring

I find it odd that the stitching is so meticulously done on the pants, except for with the buttons. I don’t see the stitching on these buttons surviving much manhandling. But we will update if that proves to be the case!

However, if your button does ever come off or you have any other mishaps/defects, Taylor Stitch will repair your item at no cost for the life of the product. 

Final Thoughts
Because of the quality, I expect these clothes to last a very long time. The color will most likely not fade because of the way it’s dyed, and the clothing keeps getting softer with each wash.

Any minor complaints I have are overshadowed by the undeniable quality of the products.

Durable Hoodie Mens

Overall, these items from the “Fillmore Collection” by Taylor Stitch are well-made and I would recommend them if you have the expendable income.

The Après Pant


The Après Pant


Thanks to some sturdy construction and a tailored cut, these signature lounge pants aren't limited to lazy afternoons on the couch—whether you're heading to the beach, the grocery store, or your favorite lunch spot, they'll take you a good deal further than your average pair of sweats.


Is Taylor Stitch Clothing High-Quality?

Taylor Stitch crafts its clothing with impact on the environment in mind. 

Taylor Stitch uses materials like non-mulesed wool, waxed organic cotton, and recycled down insulation. The brand also lets you exchange well-loved items for store credit, and then repairs the clothing for reuse.


Taylor Stitch also strives to make clothing that will last, no matter what you put it through.

The material seems high quality and each product I tested had a nice weight to it. Every item is also crafted using 22 stitches per inch, making for tight and long-lasting edges.

Is Taylor Stitch Clothing Worth It?

These items are pricey but the overall build quality is very nice, cotton is 100% organic, and all materials are responsibly sourced. 

Taylor Stitch has a fairly extensive section of its website describing the sustainable efforts of the company. Most products are labeled on the website as “limited,” small-batch, and crafted using materials like deadstock fabric

Taylor Stitch also has a “long haul guarantee” on its products. The company will replace or repair defective/damaged products for the life of the clothing.

Comfortable Men's Fashion

So, if these kinds of things are important to a person, then I would say the value is fantastic.

If limited edition, organic material, and lifetime guarantees aren’t priorities to you, I would still say the value is pretty good despite the $100-$118 price tag.

Taylor Stitch Coupons & Discounts

The Common Club is Taylor Stitch’s rewards program. You can sign up for free and start earning 5% store credit/Common Club points for every dollar spent. 100 points earned equals $1 in usable rewards. Credit becomes available 60 days after your purchase and can be spent in any amount on any Taylor Stitch products.

They also offer 20% off your first order by entering your email.

When I ordered my products, Taylor Stitch was offering a site-wide up to 40% off sale for Labor Day. If you’re looking to get the best deals, I recommend purchasing around the holidays.

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Taylor Stitch Review Summary

The quality was evident in every item I tested, and though I’m not the rugged lumberjack type, I really enjoyed the durability of the garments.

If you’re struggling with Taylor Stitch’s price tags, I encourage you to consider how long the items will last you and how the sourcing of clothing matters.

Should your items ever wear out, you can exchange them knowing they’ll be recycled and enjoyed for decades to come.