The Edit / Sustainable Living Has Never Been Easier: Thanks To These Top Eco-Conscious Brands


Sustainable Living Has Never Been Easier — Thanks To These Top Eco-Conscious Brands

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated December 2021

Top sustainable brands

From coffee to cookouts, these top environmentally-conscious brands make sustainable living so simple, that going green is second nature.

Jot Ultra Coffee: Double Set – $48

Disposable coffee cups cost the world 20 million trees every single year. Thankfully, Jot is giving the world a wake-up call and is on a mission to eliminate waste by delivering a powerful, unforgettable cup of coffee — one tablespoon at a time.

Jot’s Ultra Coffee is 20x more concentrated than regular coffee, so a little goes a very long way, here. In fact, Jot’s organic, ethically-sourced, environment-and-time-saving morning makeover packs 14 cups worth of smooth, bold, crave-worthy, super-coffee into just one 200ml recyclable, glass bottle. One tablespoon of Ultra Coffee contains as much caffeine as a strong cup of black coffee, and it’s certain to clear the morning fog. Save the forests, save some time, and treat yourself to the best kind of buzz.

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Hüppy: Peppermint Toothpaste Tablets- $12

Hüppy’s minty toothpaste tablets come with all the dentist-approved benefits, but with the additional perk of being free from plastics, chemicals, messes, and wasted toothpaste — something that can’t be said for the traditional, big-name, squeeze-tube brands.

So, no more cleaning paste off your sink or plastic tubes off our beaches — Hüppy is doing dental hygiene differently; in a way that protects those pearly whites, while working to protect the planet — and that’s something to smile about.

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Cadence: Build Your 6 Capsules- $70 ($14 off)

During our lifetime, fifteen billion silicone and plastic travel bottles will pollute our beaches and landfills. While we all contribute to this, there was never a convenient, stylish, easy-to-use alternative — until Cadence. Their magnetic, spill-proof containers help reduce waste while your on the go with what’s most important. Shop their sale for $14 off.

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Breeo: X24 Smokeless Fire Pit – $529

While everyone enjoys a good barbecue on a nice day, traditional grills and fire pits contribute massively to air pollution, especially when they’re burning substandard material. Breeo’s X24 Series burns so effectively that it actually incinerates the smoke produced before it can poison our air. Not to mention it also makes one hell of a burger.


hi!: Mix Pack – $39.99

Say hello to hi! (short for human improvement), and get ready to give your daily protein shake a major performance upgrade. Crafted using a combination of clean, organic ingredients, naturally derived plant-based protein, and nutrient-rich, environmentally-friendly cricket protein, hi! is reinventing the traditional supplement, creating a better-tasting alternative that’s easier to digest, better for your body, and a perfect way to preserve the natural environment and protect the wildlife of our the planet.

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Reel: Premium Bamboo Paper Towels (12-Pack) – $39.99

By now it’s common knowledge how harmful paper towels are to our Earth, and yet they’re just too convenient for many to let go. Reel knows this, so they’ve made a product that does disposable paper, better, so you don’t have to compromise. Their bamboo paper towels are completely biodegradable, made from a renewable resource, and arrive straight to your doorstep (in recyclable packaging) with the touch of a button.

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Plant People: Drops + Mind and Body – $68.99

For those seeking a natural anxiolytic and a pill-free night’s rest, CBD can be a godsend. Plant People’s full-spectrum extract works on anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, and even assists cognition – all while remaining organic, non-GMO, and free from harmful, artificial additives.

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Tradlands: Nico Dress – $197

Comes with that ever elusive women’s accessory: actual pockets.Even better, Tradland’s ethically-driven sourcing process and eco-conscious manufacturing mean that, not only will their ultra-soft, long lasting pieces look and feel great, they’ll do some serious good, too.

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Corq: Everyday Yoga Mat – $98

Whether you’re sweating it out in downward-facing dog or relaxing in shavasana, Corq’s Yoga Mat ensures a peaceful session free of slipping and sliding. The anti-microbial properties of their premium cork also mean you’ll never need to worry about bacteria, fungus, or other common hygiene risks while working out.


Holden: The Domed Ring – $349

While many jewelry brands make their products without consideration for the harm they cause to workers and the Earth, Holden stands firmly by their ethical and sustainable principles, so you and your partner can wear your rings with pride.

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Romer: The Complete Regimen – $127.75

Romer’s clean, responsibly-sourced, Complete Regimen has everything you need to keep your skin naturally healthy and blemish-free. This skincare set shields your skin from environmental damage, while protecting the environment as a whole.

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Blume: The Essentials Bundle – $44

Life is full of breakouts, cramps, and bloating. Blume’s Essentials Bundle is designed to tackle a variety of common discomforts, conveniently, all while remaining 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

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Misfits Market: Mischief Box – Starts at $20

Fellow foodies, we know what truly matters is on the inside. It also matters that we don’t spend a week’s salary on “organic” products. For roughly 40% less than a trip to your local grocery story, Misfits Market’s Mischief Box comes loaded with delicious, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables of all shapes and sizes — that have just as much personality as they do fresh, bold flavor.


Cariuma: Navy Canvas OCA Low – $79

Don’t let the classic silhouette fool you — Cariuma is shaking up the footwear industry, one sustainable, handcrafted pair of shoes at a time. For this brand, it’s all about quality; building something that lasts in order to reduce waste and preserve resources.

With an emphasis on design and premium natural materials, Cariuma’s shoes are made to be timeless. These classic, Navy Canvas Low-Tops feature 100% vegan insoles made from organic mamona oil and cork to keep you comfortable and supported all day long.


Grove Collaborative: Laundry Essentials Set – $63.70

Plastic-reducing detergent and auto-dosing dispenser set. Reusable wool dryer balls. Collapsible, 100% organic cotton laundry tote. 96% bio-based, dye-free detergent.

With an eco-conscience this clean, the only dirty laundry you’ll ever need to worry about are the clothes you put in the wash. Shop Grove Collaborative for a variety of sustainable, healthy, and practical home essentials — and get a free gift set with your first $30 purchase.