The Edit / Sunski Sunglasses Review: Sunksi's Bestselling Polarized Lens


Sunski Sunglasses Review: Sunksi's Bestselling Polarized Lens

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Reviewed by Valeria L. Palmertree

Last Updated January 2022

Sunski Sunglasses Review

Style + Blue Light Filtering

Dipsea Polarized Glasses


The Sunski Dispea polarized sunglasses beautifully blend style and performance. The frames are lightweight and comfortable to wear, while the finish aesthetically fits most occasions. Polarization covers 100% UV, UVA, UVB, and UV400. And they are surprisingly inexpensive at around $58 per.


The Bottom Line: Why We Love Sunski’s Dipsea Polarized Sunglasses

If you’re here, you’ve already heard us sing Sunski’s praises for their seriously functional, stylish and environmentally conscious blue light glasses. That’s because unlike so-called designer glasses that often sacrifice functionality for style or vice versa, Sunski has managed to do both, while keeping prices low and impact high. The brand is serious about style, customer satisfaction and sustainability – and it clearly shows.

Take, for example, their best-selling Dipsea frame. Named after the brand’s favorite hiking trail in the San Francisco Bay Area, this unisex pair of polarized sunglasses blends city style with the adventurous nature of the outdoors for a classic and comfortable all-day-wear – complete with 100% full-spectrum UV protection for peace-of-mind in the sunshine.


  • Stylish design
  • Light frame made from recycled plastics makes for truly comfortable all-day wear
  • Variety of frame finishes and lens colors to suit any preference or occasion
  • Polarized (100% full-spectrum UV protection, including UVA, UVB and UV400)
  • Virtual try-on makes finding the right pair easy
  • Highly affordable at $58
  • Lens repair kits available for purchase
  • Lifetime warranty, no questions asked
  • Delightfully cheerful and plastic-free packaging makes for a fun unpacking experience


  • Work best with small-to-medium faces
  • Shipping fees

Sunski Dipsea Polarized Sunglasses Features

Sunski Dipsea Polarized Sunglasses – $58

What’s included:

  • Unisex, classic round shape makes for timeless style
  • SuperLight recycled resin frame made from scrap plasticSuperLight recycled resin frame made from scrap plastic
  • Flexible and light frame fits snuggly and comfortably, without pinching or squeezing
  • Polarized (100% full-spectrum UV protection, including UVA, UVB and UV400)
  • Designed in the U.S.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • 1% of all sales back environmental nonprofits

About Sunski

Sunski believes that glasses should be the most fun thing you own – and looking at it through their eyes, it makes sense to us, too. After all, glasses are how we see the world, and the frames we wear are how the world sees us. It’s no surprise then that Sunski would aim to take glasses seriously – like, very seriously – with a commitment to style, fit, performance, value, and sustainability. And they’ve managed to deliver on all counts, with well-designed and stylish glasses made of light, proprietary SuperLight recycled resin frames that fit comfortably (and help keep plastic scraps away from landfills), delivered at a fair price.

Better yet, they’re doing so with an easy, breezy, sunny disposition that comes to life in their delightful packaging, engaged customer service, and notable contributions to the environment. With brands like Sunski, the world is looking up and the future is looking bright!

Ratings Breakdown


Durable, stylish, lightweight, wearable, recycled plastic, polarized/ full-spectrum UV protection, unisex style


Affordable pricing, Give-Back factor, lens repairs/ kits, lifetime warranty


Hassle-free try-ons, engaged customer service, delightful packaging


Design-minded, environmental impact, carbon neutral


Lifetime warranty, exclusive discounts for Club Sunski email subscribers

Picking My Pair: Selecting Sunski’s Dipsea Sunglasses

Having already tried (and loved) a pair of Sunski’s blue light glasses, I was eager to also snag a pair of their polarized sunglasses. After all, when a brand’s name centers on the sun, one can assume they know what they’re doing on that front, too. Their Dipsea frames, a Sunski bestseller, came highly recommended, so I jumped right in.

About Sunday Citizen

After sorting through a well curated array of frame finishes and lens colors online, I opted for the Ocean lenses and Tortoise finish. Because I have a notably oval face that doesn’t always do well with glasses, the easy-and-fun-to-use Virtual Try-On is a must for me – and it turns out, the Dipsea frames were a must for me, too. At $58 and with a lifetime warranty, these too were worth trying, so I hit “Add to Cart” and waited for them to arrive.

About Sunday Citizen
About Sunday Citizen
About Sunday Citizen
About Sunday Citizen

Unboxing My Sunski Shades

…And just like the blue light glasses I ordered before them, my first pair of Sunski polarized sunglasses arrived in sun-drenched style. Okay, so there wasn’t actual sunshine in the box, but you know that warm, happy feeling you get in the sun? Well, Sunski manages to package that just right.

Tucked comfortably in a bright, yellow box that uses origami folds instead of plastic and glue (seriously, these guys are serious about sustainability), my Dipsea Polarized Sunglasses came with a yellow microfiber pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth, a booklet of tips for keeping “your shades lookin’ fresh,” a fun and made-to-be-shared Sunski sticker, and a warm welcome to the Sunski family, along with a request to recycle the packaging and “go find some sunshine.” They asked nicely, so I followed suit.

As far as the sunglasses themselves, I simply can’t say enough. It was love at first, well, sight. Feather-light and truly beautiful, onto my face they went to test out on a sunny stroll with my pup (a golden retriever fittingly named Summer).

About Sunday Citizen
About Sunday Citizen

A Pair of Sunglasses Truly Made for The Sunshine

Since that first sun-kissed stroll, I’ve worn my Dipseas countless times and – I’m not afraid to admit ­– they’ve replaced my beloved, tried-and-true Ray Bans in my purse. Ultra-light and ultra-comfortable, these sunglasses fit my face perfectly and are snug enough to feel secure, without any of the headache-inducing tugging that comes with other frames. Not to mention, they’re beautiful!

The blue tint of the lens gives the otherwise classic tortoise frame just the right amount of interesting, and the updated take on the classic round shape provides a dose of trendy to the timeless, unisex style. Speaking of which… my husband tried them on (because of course), and I was blown away by just how attractive they are on him, too. Turns out the style is well suited for small and medium faces alike, regardless of shape – a great thing, in my case.

And let’s not forget to talk functionality – a must for sunglasses. Made from tri-acetate cellulose, Sunski’s lenses offer 100% full-spectrum UV protection, including UVA, UVB and UV400 wavelengths. This, combined with polarization, allows for better and brighter vision without eyestrain – and it shows. A squinter by nature, I haven’t squinted once while wearing my Dipseas, and everything really does look crisper and brighter out there – even atop Humpback Rock during my recent hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Seriously sustainable sunglasses made for peace-of-mind in the sun is much more than just a tagline, it turns out. Sunski delivers on that promise exceptionally well.

About Sunday Citizen
About Sunday Citizen

Seeing Is Believing: Final Thoughts On Sunski

And after just two pairs of Sunskis, I can see clearly now why the brand has established itself as a trusted, engaged, and colorful citizen of the world. While I love my functional and stylish polarized sunglasses, what I love even more is being able to support Sunski’s optimistic outlook for the planet. Supporting a brand that takes its place in the world (and around the sun) seriously leaves me with a sunnier disposition – and a brighter outlook on the world.