The Edit / Sunski Blue Light Glasses Review: A WFH Must Have


Sunski Blue Light Glasses Review: A WFH Must Have

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Reviewed by Valeria L. Palmertree

Last Updated January 2022

Sunski Blue Light Glasses
Yuba Blue Light Glasses

Style + Blue Light Filtering

Yuba Blue Light Glasses

$44  $58  ($14 off)

The Sunski Yuba blue light glasses check off so many boxes. Stylish, light weight, inexpensive, lifetime warranty, and a subtle blue light filter that actually works. The biggest cons are shipping fees and limited color options, but if you can live with those they are a fantastic blue light filtering option.


The Bottom Line: Why We Love Sunski’s Yuba Blue Light Glasses

Sunski is serious about style, customer satisfaction and sustainability, and it shows – clearly – in this classic pair of blue light glasses. Made with one of the brand’s bestselling frames, the Yuba lenses deliver on comfortable, all-day wearability and, dare I say it, simply happier eyes. Not to mention, they come at a highly accessible price, paired with a lifetime warranty, and a steadfast commitment to the environment. Turns out, Sunski’s blue light glasses aren’t just good for your eyes, they’re just good all around!


  • Stylish design works both in and out of the office
  • Light frame made from recycled plastics makes for truly comfortable all-day wear
  • Effectively help relieve eyestrain associated with screen time
  • Virtual try-on makes finding the right pair easy
  • Highly affordable at $58
  • Lens repair kits available for purchase
  • Lifetime warranty, no questions asked
  • Delightfully cheerful and plastic-free packaging makes for a fun unpacking experience


  • Lenses seem to easily fog up and attract dust
  • Only available in two frame colors
  • Shipping fees

Sunski Yuba Key Features

Sunski Yuba Blue Light Glasses – $58

What’s included:

  • SuperLight recycled resin frame made from scrap plastic
  • Flexible and light frame fits snuggly and comfortably, without pinching or squeezing
  • Timeless style made to look great on
  • Block 50% of blue light below 450 nm wavelengths
  • Designed in the U.S.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • 1% of all sales back environmental nonprofits
Sunski Blue Light Glasses Features

About Sunski

Sunski believes that glasses should be the most fun thing you own – and looking at it through their eyes, it makes sense to us, too. After all, glasses are how we see the world, and the frames we wear are how the world sees us. It’s no surprise then that Sunski would aim to take glasses seriously – like, very seriously – with a commitment to style, fit, performance, value, and sustainability. And they’ve managed to deliver on all counts, with well-designed and stylish glasses made of light, proprietary SuperLight recycled resin frames that fit comfortably (and help keep plastic scraps away from landfills), delivered at a fair price.

Better yet, they’re doing so with an easy, breezy, sunny disposition that comes to life in their delightful packaging, engaged customer service, and notable contributions to the environment. With brands like Sunski, the world is looking up and the future is looking bright!

Ratings Breakdown


Durable, stylish, lightweight, wearable, recycled plastic, polarized/ full-spectrum UV protection, unisex style


Affordable pricing, Give-Back factor, lens repairs/ kits, lifetime warranty


Hassle-free try-ons, engaged customer service, delightful packaging


Design-minded, environmental impact, carbon neutral


Lifetime warranty, exclusive discounts for Club Sunski email subscribers

My First Pair of Blue Light Glasses: Sunski’s Yuba Glasses

I was really excited to try blue light glasses for the first time, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one Sunski provided. Browsing their site, I was most drawn to their best-selling Yuba frames, but – because I have a notably oval face that doesn’t always do well with glasses – I was skeptical about how they’d look on me. Thanks to the easy- and fun-to-use Virtual Try-On, however, I was able to immediately see that we made a good pair, and after trying both the Caramel and the Clear frames, the Clear ones were, well, a clear winner. At $58 and with a lifetime warranty, they were worth trying, so I hit “Add to Cart” and waited for my first pair of blue light glasses to arrive.

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Unboxing My Sunski Blue Light Blockers

My first pair of blue light glasses arrived in just a matter of days, seemingly wrapped in sunshine. There wasn’t actual sunshine in the box, but you know that warm, happy feeling you get in the sun? Well, Sunski managed to package that just right. Tucked comfortably in a bright, yellow box that uses origami folds instead of plastic and glue (I told you, these guys are serious about sustainability), my Clear Yuba Blue Light Glasses came accompanied with a yellow microfiber pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth, a booklet of tips for keeping “your shades lookin’ fresh,” a fun and made-to-be-shared Sunski sticker, and a warm welcome to the Sunski family note, along with a request to recycle the packaging and “go find some sunshine.” They asked nicely and got me on both counts.

As far as the glasses themselves, I was impressed before I even put them on. The lenses are feather-light yet feel well made and sturdy. Onto my face they went, sunshine and all…

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A Week of Happy Eyes

From the moment I put them on, the glasses felt just right. Ultra-comfortable, perfectly snug, and without any of the pinching or headache-inducing tugging that comes with other frames. Not to mention, they look great! The style is so timeless and well proportioned, it works even on this glasses-selective oval face of mine. In fact, I wore my Sunskis every day, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and can confidently report that my eyes really did feel less strained and just overall happier after a full work week spent in front of screens. And because they’re stylish, I didn’t mind wearing them for a Zoom call (or a dozen) and even found myself wearing them outside of the office ­– because why not?

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The only downside I’ve found is that the lenses get dirty really quickly, seemingly attracting dust and smudges without effort, resulting in haziness from time to time – though, admittedly, it’s nothing that a gentle cleaning with Sunski’s own microfiber cloth couldn’t easily fix. It’s also nice to know that if anything were to happen to my lenses in the future, I can snag one of Sunski’s Lens Kits and, for under $20, have my lenses looking as fresh as new. Add to that Sunski’s Lifetime Warranty, and the $58 pair really provides a phenomenal value. My well rested eyes agree.

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I Can See Clearly Now…

Seeing really is believing, and Sunski has converted me, no doubt. My blue light glasses have become a daily essential, providing equal parts function and style. I don’t truly understand how the blue-light blocking works, but I can see them work. The difference on-screen with my glasses on and with them off is clear, and my eyes are thankful for it.

Better yet, I’ve loved being able to protect my eyes while not hiding behind clunky or ill-fitting frames, all while supporting a brand that takes its place in the world (and around the sun) seriously. They know that the happier we are with our shades on our heads, the longer they’ll be out of a bin somewhere ­– and that’s a vision I can lend my eyes to.