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Sunday Citizen Review: Snuggliest Blankets on Earth?

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated March 2022

Sunday Citizen Blanket Review

If sleeping on a cloud wrapped in the warm sunshine sounds like heaven to you, then Sunday Citizen blankets may just be what you’ve been dreaming of. We test Sunday Citizen's original snug comforter and their crystal-filled weighted blanket in this review.



★ 4.75 Stars

Our Rating

★ 4.9 Stars

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  • Extraordinarily soft
  • Well made
  • Optimal weight
  • Machine Washable
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Environmentally focused


  • Luxury pricing
  • Exterior initially sheds fuzz balls

Ratings Breakdown


The quality is apparent in the feel and performance throughout the longevity of our testing. The founders went to great lengths to personally ensure the quality of the products in their factories.


Their products are priced on par with many of the luxury bedding brands, and, factoring in the quality of their products, we think the blankets are a great value.


Their objective was to create the snuggliest blanket on earth, and the comforter is without a doubt the most comfortable blanket I have ever experienced.


From substituting many of their fabrics with bamboo to using up to 60 bottles of recycled plastic in every comforter, Sunday Citizen engages in multiple environmental efforts that give us pride to consider them to competitors.

Who is Sunday Citizen?

Sunday Citizen was founded in 2018 by Mike and Michelle Abadi. After partnering with luxury hotel owners, they were challenged with developing a blanket that was both extremely soft and machine-washable.

About Sunday Citizen

Mike and Michelle delivered. After resounding success with the hotel guests, the pair decided to form Sunday Citizen and go national. They now have branched out and started offering more bedding options, towels, and now a clothing line as well. In order to create their products, they worked with textile manufacturer’s to create their own unique fabric blends. But they've always stayed true to those original goals: extremely soft and machine-washable.

The brand is always looking for ways to become more sustainable, so they plan to try and begin implementing some more eco-friendly practices. Since then, they've implemented the use recycled plastic in their blankets (up to 60 in every comforter), prioritized bamboo fabrics, and found a way to offset all delivery emissions. 

They regularly engage in philanthropy such as giving away over $200,000 worth of product to the Salvation Army and at the local level with donations to Beds For Kids in Charlette.

Sunday Citizen Performance & Look

I’m of the firm belief that everyone should prioritize investing in the 3 product types that supports their body most – bedding, chairs, and footwear. There’s no such thing as too much comfort in these areas. Therefore, when I heard about a company creating the softest bedding line on earth, my interest was piqued. I decided to try two different products that I thought would be of the most use to me.

Sunday Citizen Snug Comforter

The Snug Comforter is the blanket that started it all so obviously that’s where I started too. My first observation was about its weight. This guy is heavy; the heaviest comforter I’ve ever owned. I was actually worried it would be too much once I wrap myself in it (yeah I’m a make-myself-a-burrito-with-the-blanket kind of sleeper don’t @ me). One side is soft and cool to the touch while the other is plush and amazingly snug.

The two sides separate somewhat, and it made me a little concerned that I would rip/pull it by accident with a foot at some point. (Update November 2021) We’re months in now and no incident yet. My only real complaints are that I have lost my phone in this comforter many times now – something about that separation of layers causes a folding-in sort of thing perhaps- and the white underside has left more than a few white “fuzzies” on my bedding and floor. While neither of those are big issues and that first one is mostly just comical, the fabric bits were a bit unappealing. Though, there have been less after a few washes.

Quality Comforter Test

Speaking of washes, I always felt like washing my blankets in my home laundry set-up was not good for the previous ones I’ve owned. In fact, my last inexpensive comforter had noticeable decline in quality after a few washes in particular.

(Update November 2021) We’re on wash 4 for now and we can’t detect any change in comfort or thermoregulation. Which brings me to my final point…The Sunday Citizen signature Snug Comforter boasts thermoregulation to provide a satisfying sleep regardless of climate. I switched to the blanket at the end of Summer – an Arizona summer. The first few nights had mixed results. Sometimes I would feel too warm but power through and I’d ultimately be fine, and sometimes it was a too warm and I stuck a leg out as a bridge into the world of fresh, circulating air. I ended up turning the thermostat down a few degrees and haven’t looked back.

(Update November 2021) With Fall here and Winter coming, every night has been fantastic. I can honestly say there has been a measurable improvement in the quality of my sleep. But it should be noted that I wasn’t switching from a luxury comforter or any comforter near the quality of Sunday Citizen.

Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket

I’ve experienced a few weighted blankets before since they help with anxiety (and I’m the burrito sleeper remember). When I got the Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket, I was intrigued by the glass bead construction and the general size of this. The fact that it has a removable cover that can be washed was a huge bonus.

Sunday Citizen Weighted Blanket

I first tried it on my bed to sleep at night. I can tell you that I didn’t really enjoy for the full night’s sleep. I’ve never been a fan of sleeping with weighted blankets like this. I’m a napper at heart, and that’s where I think this experience hits its peak.

It was a great size for snuggling on the couch. It’s my go-to couch blanket and has seen a lot of use for naps and movie watching with my loved ones. It is a perfect item from this respect and now has a permanent place on my couch. But, at $269, it does fall into the pretty pricey category for a blanket. So, unless you need help with sleep and/or anxiety this one might be a treat-yourself purchase.

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Is Sunday Citizen Good Quality?

Sunday Citizen has built its brand on the level of softness and comfortability they can provide. And in this area, they succeed very well. Their products appear to be made of quality materials. The current custom crafted fabric line they offer includes:

  • Snug - soft as a cloud
  • Double Snug - twice as much of the Snug material for extra softness
  • Premium Bamboo - used in their sheets for hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, and antibacterial properties
  • Cosset - stretchy, wrinkle-free, soft fabric for their clothing line
  • Nube - looks like a combination of their Snug and Cosset materials for their clothing line
  • Siesta Modal - softer Modal fabric
  • Washable Silk - breathable, silky soft, and antimicrobial for their sleepwear collection

The founders actually moved to China for 2 years to ensure their factories were chosen and maintained at their strict quality standards. That level of personal commitment is remarkable.

Sunday Citizen Blanket Quality

While I am impressed, it is always my preference to have production closer to home to ensure ethical working conditions and regulations.

However, those factories have been Oeko Tex certified, so that definitely warrants more trust in their materials and sourcing. Currently their towels also state this at the product level, and they say they are working hard to get that completed across all products.

Is Sunday Citizen Worth It?

Whether Sunday Citizen products are worth it to you can depend on a few different factors. First and foremost, if you have the money and have never experienced luxury blankets, you can't go wrong with this comforter. Even if it's a splurge and you’ve been dying for softer, fluffier, warmer bedding, then they are certainly worth a try.

Their weighted blanket and wellness products are a fantastic addition to their original blanket line. There are certainly cheaper options for a weighted blanket, but this one is the nicest quality that we've tested at The Fascination.

Cleaning Weighted Blanket

These have some wonderful therapeutic effects that regular blankets just can’t beat. Plus, any and all of their products qualify for their generous returns policy if you don’t like them for any reason.


How long does Sunday Citizen take to ship?

According to the brand, all orders are fulfilled within 1-3 business days after you place your order. From that point, you’ll receive an email with tracking information telling you approximately when to expect your Sunday Citizen order. Since their ground shipping is free, you can expect it to generally take between 3-5 business days once it’s shipped.

What is the Sunday Citizen returns policy?

Sunday Citizen does have a fairly generous returns policy if you aren’t happy with your order for any reason. They will give you a full 90 days from the date of delivery to postmark your return. You can return your unwanted products in the original packaging or alternative packaging, as long as the old labels are covered up. Once they receive your return back, they will refund your money back to the original payment method.

Does Sunday Citizen offer financing?

Yes, Sunday Citizen does offer financing through their partnership with Klarna. If you decide you want to give financing a try, just click on the Klarna option upon checkout. At that point, you’ll be directed to either sign into your existing Klarna account or apply for one. The company will run a soft credit check, and upon approval you’ll be able to finance your purchase.

 If you choose this option, your total product cost will be split up into 4 equal payments over a 6 week period of time. The first installment, plus any applicable taxes and/or shipping will be due upon checkout. The remaining 3 installments will be paid every 2 weeks after that until it’s paid off. Oh, and they don’t charge any interest for this service either. Pretty sweet!

How do I care for my Sunday Citizen products?

Sunday Citizen created all of their products to be machine washable, just to make life a bit easier for all of us. While they generally recommend washing everything in cold water and on a gentle cycle, there are some variations of this recommendation.

 For comforters and duvet covers, they say to use a low spin cycle followed by a medium spin cycle. They state this helps to get more water out of the products during the wash cycle which will then require less drying time.

All blankets and bedding can be put in the dryer on low to tumble dry. However, the weighted blanket itself should only be spot hand washed and hung to dry. When you are washing the towels, you should turn the water heat up to warm and decrease the detergent by half. These two things will help the fibers remain softer and more absorbent. Lastly, if you have any of their loungewear, you should not put it in the dryer but lay flat to dry instead.

What other products does Sunday Citizen sell?

We were happy with the two products we tried from Sunday Citizen. But, they have expanded their product line to include quite a few more options also. Currently, these include: 

Sunday Citizen Blankets Review Summary

Ultimately, Sunday Citizen does sell some of the softest and snuggliest bedding on the market today. The different custom fabrics do really feel divine to the touch and perform the way the brand says they should. All of the products have a more modern look to fit most households and the colorways are elegant.

Sunday Citizen Materials

The only factors to consider is the luxury price tag attached, but what the heck are you doing at the bottom of this review if you weren't already cool with it, and how warm you keep your house. We started using the comforter back in July and had some struggles before turning the A/C up. It's absolutely perfect now.

If you're looking to get wrapped in optimally weighted, sleep-producing bliss,, I think you should consider Sunday Citizen.

Sunday Citizen Products