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Steep & Mellow Tea Review: Magic In A Cup

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated December 2021

Steep and mellow tea review

You know the feeling of craving a hot mug of tea on a cold day? Say hello to flavorful, rich, elevated teas from Steep & Mellow! Made from herbs and mushrooms.

Featured Product: The Hippie Bundle

Steep and mellow hippie bundle

Price: $69

This Hippie Bundle offers three flavors of tea: Flow, Groove, and Dream. Though Flow was my favorite, both of the following teas were up there in flavor and drinkability.

Flow Black Tea is crafted to help you be your most productive self. Check off more of your to-do list thanks to ingredients like eleuthero and gotu kola. This tea has a pronounced berry flavor with lots of depth and richness.

Groove Green Tea is the perfect beverage to help you feel energized and ready to take on your day. It pairs the caffeine kick you need with superpowered ingredients like cordyceps and L-theanine.

Dream Chamomile Tea is designed with sleep in mind and claims to help you chill out to achieve a good night’s sleep. Recommended to drink before bedtime, this tea contains adaptogens like reishi and ashwagandha mushrooms.

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Ratings Breakdown


These teas are functional and the quality is exceptional. Every aspect of each product is natural. No corners cut.


All materials are eco-friendly, natural, and sustainably sourced. Well worth the price at around $2 per tea bag.


Delicious taste! Full of flavor and a great way to start or end your day.


Steep and Mellow seems eco-focused, has high customer reviews, and creates great-tasting teas.

Who is Steep & Mellow?

Steep & Mellow was founded in 2021, smack dab in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Founder Meg Pederson had recently graduated from University and was struggling to find a job.

Empowered by her desire to impact the waste epidemic, tea-enthusiast Pederson decided to focus her efforts on the tea drinkers.

Her goal was to create a company to make people feel good and then do good. She believes everything in your life is a product of how you fuel and nourish your body.

Steep and mellow brand story

Pederson says her reason for crafting Steep & Mellow is “to create something to help people protect their minds, bodies, and spirits against the hardships of everyday life.

Steep & Mellow teas contain adaptogens and natural nootropics, both of which have the potential to naturally support the body and mind. Along with creating delicious and innovative teas, Steep & Mellow is also committed to sustainability.

All packaging (including tea bags, wrappers, and boxes) is fully compostable, to help aid in the growing plastic pollution.


  • High quality, natural ingredients
  • Smooth texture
  • Well balanced flavors, not overpowering, and no weird after taste
  • Packed full of nutrients
  • Ethically sourced ingredients, sustainably created teas
  • Fun, vibrant packaging and website


  • Pricier than grocery store tea (but worth it)
  • Some health claims may or may not be accurate

Steep & Mellow: Taste And Experience

To test all three flavors of tea, I drank one tea bag a day for fourteen days straight.

My first experience overall with Steep and Mellow tea was a very pleasant one. I wasn’t in a caffeine mood, so I started with the Dream Chamomile Tea my first afternoon of testing.

This tea has a floral forward flavor (lavender, chamomile, rose petals) accompanied by sweet vanilla, followed by some fruity notes (which I usually don’t usually prefer in teas). To my surprise, I loved the taste, and this has become my wife’s favorite tea on the planet!

Brewing mushroom tea

The flavors are perfectly balanced and the intensity is neither aggressive nor subtle, it’s just right. Two thumbs up!

On day two I tried the Flow Black Tea, which ended up being my favorite of the three.

This tea is bold, vibrant, fruity (lots of unique berries), has a bit of spice, and a lot of depth. The caffeine puts a little pep in your step. I was shocked again because I don’t usually like fruity teas, but this is probably the best tea I have ever had!

mushroom tea taste test

Finally, I tried the Groove Green Tea, and I’ll be frank, I have always hated green tea.

To me, it always tastes the way alfalfa smells. With that being said, for the first time ever I actually enjoyed a green tea!

Steep & Mellow has somehow managed to create a mint forward tea (spearmint, peppermint), with a bit of citrus (orange peel), balanced with a little sweetness (probably the licorice root) that is just earthy enough. My mind was blown!

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Steep & Mellow: Ingredients And Effects

I’m a sucker for anything with a seventies design, so I think Steep & Mellow’s packaging is really eye-catching. I love the hippie-inspired swirls and groovy color on both the tea boxes and wrappers.

All of the packaging (including the tea bags) feels so well made and very durable, despite the tea bag being made from only plant fibers.

My mind was blown again when I found out every bit of packaging is fully compostable. Steep & Mellow products and packaging are completely plastic-free.

Mushroom sleep tea

I only tested the three Steep & Mellow teas for fourteen days straight (and have continued drinking the teas a few times per week).

Because of this, I can’t attest to the long-term effects of adaptogens and nootropics in these teas.

Some of the claims made about these ingredients seem backed by science.

At least three of the adaptogen/nootropic ingredients Steep & Mellow uses (Rhodiola, Schisandra, and Eleuthero) have shown to be effective on the central nervous system and in stress reduction.

I noticed the most “instant” change in how I felt with the Dream Chamomile Tea before bed. I felt very relaxed and centered, but it's difficult to tell if that feeling is from the ingredients or the general calmness that comes with tea drinking.

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Are Steep & Mellow Teas High Quality?

Avid tea drinkers often use words like “smooth, rich, aromatic” when describing high-quality teas.

Steep & Mellow ticked all three of these boxes with each tea I tried. I never noticed that watered-down taste I had experienced so many times before when drinking tea.

tasting mushroom tea

Each tea is flavor-packed and full-bodied in richness. Every ingredient in Steep & Mellow tea packs a punch without the need for filler ingredients or artificial flavors.

Steep & Mellow has descriptions of all the ingredients (including adaptogens and nootropics) it uses on the website.

Steep & Mellow doesn’t specify on its site where the ingredients are sourced from specifically, but it does mention most ingredients used are organic. You can also find mentions of ingredients being all-natural and ethically sourced.

Are Steep And Mellow Teas Worth It?

For how much I paid (about $24.00 per 14 tea bags), I would say I'm quite satisfied with the amount and quality of the product I received.

Now, if you’re used to paying $5.00 for a huge sleeve of Lipton Tea, this price jump may come as a shock to you. But, if you compare Steep & Mellow to other loose-leaf and premium sachet teas, it's on par price-wise.

Steep and mellow price

Especially when you consider the addition of adaptogens, nootropics, and other premium ingredients like valerian root.

Plastic tea bags/packaging are also massively impacting the environment, so paying a premium price feels a little more worth it knowing Steep & Mellow is 100% plastic-free.

Steep & Mellow also offers a “Happiness Guarantee.” If you’re unhappy with the tea you tried, you’ll receive a full refund without even returning the tea. Steep & Mellow won’t take back tea in order to help limit its carbon footprint and for safety.


Steep And Mellow Tea Review Summary

I give Steep & Mellow two huge thumbs up overall! I was definitely not a tea drinker before, but now Steep & Mellow is the only tea I'll drink.

All three of the teas Steep & Mellow carries are delicious, full of flavor, and not off-putting like many overly-herbal teas I’ve had in the past.

Mushroom tea review summary

My wife’s personal favorite was the Dream Chamomile Tea for winding down after a long day at work, and I loved the Flow Black Tea as a mid-afternoon pick me up.

I love that Steep & Mellow is plastic-free and really seems to have a mission focused on environmental impact. I feel all the teas I tried were high quality and packed with what I need to help get me through my day.

I honestly can’t rave enough about Steep & Mellow, myself and my wife will definitely be repeat customers for life.