The Edit / Spring Home Refresh Guide: Make Your Space A Sanctuary With Our Editors' Top Picks


Spring Home Refresh Guide: Make Your Space A Sanctuary With Our Editors' Top Picks

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated December 2021

Spring home refresh picks

The Fascination team has collected our top product picks for a spring-season home refresh and style upgrade. Take a look at the lineup below for exclusive offers, springtime sales, and cool new products you won't want to miss.

Time to Freshen Up

Temperatures are starting to climb. Flowers are beginning to bloom. It’s springtime, and with the warmer weather comes a bright, breezy, sun-kissed, fresh start as we open our windows and prepare to enjoy the outdoors and await the long days of summer. 

Whether you’re taking on a few home improvement projects, doing some spring cleaning, or searching for ways to upgrade your space, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite brands and top product picks — so you can kick off the new season with a satisfying Spring home refresh and enjoy a clean, new look; awesome, modern amenities; and functional, life-proof upgrades — in a space that’s just your style.

Outer: Teak Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs – 5 Seat Set

Whether it’s on a patio, poolside, on a deck, or in your backyard, Outer makes it easy to transform your outdoor space into a private getaway. Welcome your family and friends to your outdoor oasis with Outer’s new, water-resistant, ultra-stylish, easily cleaned Teak Sofa set. Available in cream or gray, the plush, fabric cushions are just as durable as they are comfortable — we’re talking fade-proof, stain-resistant, water-resistant, and low-maintenance.

New Product

5-Seat Teak Outdoor Sofa Set


Enjoy FREE shipping on all Outer orders.


Breeo: X Series Smokeless Fire Pit

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, right? Not this time. Breeo’s X Series Fire Pit is so hot, it actually burns smoke before it can ruin your food or eyes.

What makes Breeo’s Fire Pit smokeless? The secret to Breeo’s smokeless system is creating more airflow and burning a hotter fire. Engineered using Breeo’s patented X Airflow™ technology and with a unique, air-regulating, double-walled convection design, this smokeless fire pit isn’t just saving your eyes, it’s also saving the environment.

It’s perfect for entertaining — and an absolute game changer for springtime cook-outs and barbecues.

The Fascination Team Fave

Breeo X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit

From $579

Enjoy FREE shipping on all Breeo orders.


Brightech: Glow Solar Hanging String Lights

Brighten any space with Brightech’s Glow Solar Hanging String Lights! These brass-socket, solar-powered, LED bulbs are built to last, look great, and keep energy-costs low, so you can enjoy your own, personal piece of the great outdoors — day or night.

The Fascination Team Fave

Glow Solar Hanging String Lights


Enjoy FREE shipping on all Brightech orders.


Burrow: The Totem Credenza

When it comes to modular, easy-to-assemble, functional, stylish storage, Burrow’s Totem Credenza is the ultimate space-saving piece. TVs up to 65″ (diagonally) will fit above this contemporary media console, and the intuitive, fold-down doors come complete with silent, slow-motion hardware. The interior storage space fits anything from books, to routers, to cords and wire-management systems.

With its refined, contemporary style, the Totem Credenza delivers a breath of fresh air to your space, and provides a calming, convenient way to declutter your home.

Don’t Miss This Offer

Burrow Totem Credenza


Burrow Spring Sale: Refresh your space, and save up to $750 with code TULIP through April 11.


Branch: The Ergonomic Package

Welcome to the easiest way to construct a stylish home office. While Branch offers a variety of functional, convenient office furniture and organizational upgrades, our favorite is their Ergonomic Package, featuring their signature Standing Desk and versatile, supportive, and comfortable Ergonomic Chair. This bundle of Branch’s bestsellers is perfect for any office, anywhere, and is delivered directly to your door.

Shop This Sale

Branch Ergonomic Package

$940 $988 20% Off

Snag this set and get 20% OFF, plus free, expedited shipping — directly to your door.


Open Spaces: The Entryway Bundle

Open Spaces makes organization look good — and their Entryway Bundle is no exception. Featuring a selection of Open Spaces’ bestselling home essentials, this set of baskets, bins, shelves, and trays delivers a stylish way to declutter the high-traffic areas of your home, so you can enjoy your space, stress-free.

The Open Spaces Entryway Bundle includes: 1 Entryway Rack, 2 Medium Wire Baskets, 2 Medium Bins, and 1 Tray Set (3pcs.)

Don’t Miss This Offer

Open Spaces Entryway Bundle

$225.60 $282 20% Off

This week only! Get 20% OFF this set of stylish, space-saving, organizational essentials, plus FREE shipping with code SPRING20.


More Home Office & Storage

Caraway: The Cookware Set

With products made entirely from durable aluminum and ceramic, Caraway eliminates the harmful toxic chemicals that coat most cookware. As they’re naturally non-stick, these pots and pans make cooking and cleaning up a breeze; so you can enjoy the break from scrubbing. Caraway cookware makes it easy to keep cooking clean and safe. Protect your plate, and look great doing it with a set of Caraway’s colorful, durable, thoughtfully-designed pots and pans.

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Aerogarden: The Farm 24 Plus

AeroGarden has perfected the art of indoor gardening. Say goodbye to those long hours digging and weeding in the hot spring sun; this highly efficient smart planter allows anyone to grow up to 24 flowers, fruits, herbs, or veggies anytime of year — five times faster than in outdoor soil.

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More Kitchen Faves

Happiest Baby: The SNOO Smart Bassinet

Moms, dads — sleep is back in style (like it ever left) and back on the market with the SNOO Smart Bassinet. SNOO keeps babies (and therefore, parents) calm, happy, and rested using responsive technology to rock, soothe, and comfortably secure babies and infants as they sleep. From relaxing white noise and calming womb rhythms; to app controlled sound, motion, and sleep tracking; to the snug, SNOO Sacks that keep your baby safely swaddled, the SNOO Smart Bassinet is a dream come true for parents and babies, alike.

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Minted: The Modern Forest Removable Wall Mural

Minted’s removable wall murals offer a quick, hassle-free, and affordable way to completely refresh the look and feel of your space. Perfect for playrooms, nurseries, kid’s bedrooms, home offices, and other leisure living spaces, these removable wall murals bring personality into a space without the stress and long-term commitment of paint or traditional wallpaper.

Minted’s Modern Forest wall mural features a calm, inviting pattern, perfect for any children’s bedroom or play area. This mural is designed by Jessie Steury, an Indiana-based mother and artist who specializes in creating illustrative children’s patterns and prints.

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The Sill: The Living Room Bundle

Ready to flex that green thumb? Thankfully, The Sill makes it easy to get growing, offering a variety of gorgeous plants, planters, and decor, perfect for beginner gardeners and plant-whisperers alike. The Living Room Bundle features a Philodendron and Snake Plant Laurentii, which look as lovely as their names sound. While everyone may not have a readily-accessible garden or yard, The Sill allows anyone to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

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JIGGY Puzzles: The Dog Mom Puzzle

Puzzled? Don’t be. Upgrade your downtime with JIGGY Puzzles‘ stress-relieving, stylish pieces that double as decor. Share these puzzles with others or experience on your own and at your own pace. The Dog Mom puzzle (one of our faves) was designed by a 22-year old Slovenian illustrator, and brings a warm, inviting, playful sense of calm into any space.

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Spoken Flames: F, Yes Candle Trio Set

Until now, we didn’t think that “Fearless” could be a scent, much less a candle. Spoken Flames proves us wrong, with their F, Yes Candle Trio Set, featuring three unique, sensory candles and experiences — designed to empower and encourage you to facing the day with courage, confidence, and control.

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