The Edit / Snif Original Bundle Review: Your Nose's New Best Friend


Snif Original Bundle Review: Your Nose's New Best Friend

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Reviewed by Maggie Gibson

Last Updated January 2022

Snif Perfume Review
Snif Collection 3 Bundle Kit


Collection 3 Bundle Kit

$150 After A 7 Day Free Trial

With Snif you can try all 3 scents for a week before you buy. Scents are gender neutral and relatively inexpensive (compared to more traditional perfumes and colognes). Snif uses vegan ingredients. The only downside is they are a young brand, so there’s not much of a history. However, if the early indicators are to be believed we’ll be seeing much more from Snif in the near future.


The Bottom Line: Snif Products

snif is on a mission to make fragrance comfortable, accessible, and fun by creating genderless scents without sacrificing quality. snif’s try-before-you-buy model is revolutionizing how to shop for perfumes online, allowing consumers to test all three signature scents for 7 days before deciding which works best for them. Launched in late 2020 and already generating buzz, snif is quickly cementing themselves as a darling DTC brand, all while smelling great.


  • Try-before-you-buy-it model; test scents for free for 7 days
  • Gender neutral scents
  • Affordable: Each scent is $65 or you can buy a bundle for $150
  • Vegan, clean, and premium ingredients
  • Long-lasting
  • Releasing new scents seasonally, plus limited edition collabs


  • Can’t customize the bundle of three that you want to try

Snif Highlights:

Genderless perfume scents

What’s included:

  • Premium ingredients with no preservatives, no phthalates, no parabens, and no synthetic dyes
  • Cruelty-free and passes industry clean standards
  • Try before you buy model: Test scents for free for 7 days, return what you don’t want, and keep what you do
Testing Snif Perfume

About Snif

I find buying perfume a hassle. You can list out all the scents in a perfume bottle, but I won’t know if the scent actually works for me until I use it. This make it almost impossible for me to buy perfume online, but buying in person isn’t a breeze either. I spend at least half an hour in Sephora bent over sampler racks trying to discern what the scent will smell like often shocked when it’s completely different scent than I imagined when I spray it. Then, after repeating this process a few times, as the air sits polluted with the many scents I end up spraying, I end up falling in love with a scent that is a slight mixture of all, not the actual perfume I end up buying.

snif’s try-before-you-buy model solves the problems that come with buying perfume. snif sends small samples and full sized bottles of their scents to your doorstop. Test them out for 1 week to see what scents work for you. They sell a limited number of scents so you don’t have choice overload, and the 7 day window allows you to wear each scent for two whole days before deciding which works best for you. Once you decide which works for you, you keep the full sized bottle of that scent and send the rest back. snif puts a hold on your credit card, and when you send it back, they charge you for the scents you keep.

snif acknowledges that every person perceives smell differently. What is sweet to me may not be sweet to someone else. Their bundle allows each person to experience the scents as they like and find what works the best for them in a comfortable environment. While they are as universally liked as possible, you can choose specific to you. And if you want to change your scent based on days, seasons, moods, or location, snif allows you to do just that.

Ratings Breakdown


Vegan, premium ingredients, and follows industry clean standards


Each scent is $65. Or buy a bundle of 3 for $150, which saves you $45


The ideal try before you buy experience so you feel comfortable with your purchase


Already a big hit among celebrities, a DTC darling on the horizon


As the brand develops, expect to see more perks like collaborations

Testing the scents in snif’s original bundle

While I like perfume, I am not well versed in the industry. I like having a daytime and a nighttime scent to spritz on my wrists before I walk out the door. I know there are a lot of great scents out there, but I’ve worn the same pair of scents for years. I’ve been using Daisy by Marc Jacobs for my daytime scent, though as the years passed that has gotten a bit sweet for my taste, and Tom Ford Noir as my nighttime scent.

When it comes to the smell of my fragrances, I’m not interested in a scent that is too strong or overwhelming. I find one spray of perfume goes a long way. And I like simple fragrances. I especially don’t want to smell too sweet, and I tend to favor subtle scents like sandalwood and fig or light florals.

I was intrigued by all of the scents that came in snif’s original bundle. Because they are genderless, I imagined they wouldn’t be too sweet. I kept an open mind and decided to give each scent an equal shot before deciding which worked best for me. snif offers limited product descriptions on their website as they don’t want to shape the consumer’s testing experience with preconceived notions from flavor notes so I went in pretty blind as to how they would actually smell.

Once I received the snif scents, I wore one scent every day for two days each to see which I liked better. That allowed me to sit with the fragrance and see what I liked long term rather than making a brash decision like I can do when shopping in a store.

About Sunday Citizen
About Sunday Citizen

ex on the beach

About Sunday Citizen

ex on the beach was, in my opinion, the sweetest of all three scents. It’s floral, but not overpowering. Labelled as the one with the most personality, I think it would be best for day time and summer time due to its bright floral flavors. It grew on me as I started to wear it, and was pleasantly surprised to find myself reaching for it to spray on when the sun was shining.

Test out ex on the beach for $0 >>

salty stares

About Sunday Citizen

Now salty stares is a scent I probably wouldn’t buy in stores but actually grew to really like after wearing it. snif describes it as “green, slightly peppery, refreshing, and keeps us coming back for more”. In my opinion the sexiest scent of the bunch, this one will have people leaning in asking “you smell good, what are you wearing?”.

Test out salty stares for $0 >> 

way with woods

About Sunday Citizen

way with woods, my personal favorite and apparently the fan-favorite as well, smells like a combination of white tea, mandarin, and sandalwood. It is the most versatile, and I think it works well for both day or night. It has become my new everyday scent due to it simplicity.

Test out way with woods for $0 >>