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Richer Poorer Review: Durable, Sustainable, & Comfortable Clothing

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated January 2022


With clothes that are high-quality and made to wear for decades, Richer Poorer creates durable staple items, while remaining eco-conscious.

Richer Poorer is a brand based out of Los Angeles, California, that uses its voice to create classic, stylish pieces out of recycled materials. Although it’s unclear whether all pieces are made of recycled fabrics, sustainability is an important factor behind Richer Poorer: their recycled fleece saves 40 plastic bottles from landfills. They have been featured in Insider, Reviewed, The Zoe Review, and more. Does the cult following of the brand live up to the hype? Let’s find out with three of their finest products. 

Featured Product: Women’s Classic Bralette

Price: $32 

The Women’s Classic Bralette is a simple bra with minimal coverage, made for both lounging or working from home. Made out of a modal cotton blend and spandex, the material is breathable and the bra is completely unconstructed–meaning that it is free of underwires and padding. The triangle cups have darts, or a centimeter of lining over the nipple to give the bralette a stylish look. 

It’s shrink resistant and the straps are adjustable for a proper fit for any size between extra small to extra large. It’s machine washable so unlike a normal bra that needs to be hand washed or thrown into a laundry bag for washing bras, it’s easy to maintain. It comes in thirteen colors including black, bone, blue fog, plum smoke, and many more. 


  • Unconstructed, unpadded bra for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable straps for a proper fit
  • Comfortable, breathable fabric
  • Easy to care for
  • Free returns


  • Strictly a lounging or athleisure bra, it’s not durable enough to withstand a workout
  • The strap elastic is rather thin and may snap easily
  • May not be flattering on all body types
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Featured Product: Men’s Relaxed Tee

Price: $42

The Men’s Relaxed Tee is a basic,100% cotton tee with dropped shoulder seams and a relaxed fit, designed for everyday wear. It comes in six colors including white, gun metal, stretch limo, pale green, woodgrain, and Mirage Wash.

The neck has an oversized, loose fit and the shirt ends below the hips for a casual yet stylish look. It can be dressed up with a pair of boots and a hat or down, with a different color for nearly every day of the week.


  • Modern classic design that ensures it will be stylish for decades to come
  • Comfortable, breathable fabric
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Relaxed, loose, and comfortable fit that won’t tug at skin
  • Free returns


  • The $42 price tag may steer away some potential customers since it is a basic shirt, although it’s made to last
  • The dropped shoulder design may not appeal to everyone
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Featured Product: Smith Boxer Brief

Price: $24

The Smith Boxer Brief is an undergarment made of cotton and spandex, pre-shrunk with a five panel fit that drops about mid-thigh to stay put on the legs. The waistband is soft but durable and ensures a snug fit.

It comes in black, white, charcoal, navy blue, and red. With an average 4.84 out of 5 stars rating, the boxer brief is a fan favorite praised for being comfortable and lasting throughout several washes.


  • High-quality and comfortable fabric
  • Flattering design
  • Naturally anti-odor
  • Easy to care for
  • Free returns


  • Each pair is sold as one pair and not in packs so at $24 a pair, it is a bit pricey
  • Only five colors available
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Ratings Breakdown


It’s no secret that Richer Poorer makes high-quality clothing. Their brand revolves around sustainability, so it makes sense that their clothes are simple staple items that you’ll likely wear for years. Unlike fast fashion which is typically unethically made with subpar materials, Richer Poorer ensures their pieces are well-made, soft, and they even use fleece made of recycled materials. They switched to Pima cotton last year because not only does it reduce waste, it lasts 50% more washes and is hypo-allergenic.


Given that Richer Poorer is the opposite of fast fashion and only makes simpler pieces in more natural colors, the prices are justified. Paying more than $20 for a boxer brief or a bralette or over $40 for a shirt may seem pricey upon first glance, but the products are designed to last wash after wash. In the long run, it’s better to invest in less rather than spend more on clothes that you may not even want.


All three items were comfortable and durable, and are made to last. While all are good staple pieces, they may not be flattering on all body types, particularly the Women’s Classic Bralette. It is an unconstructed bra though so it’s mainly for lounging and athleisure wear, rather than a hard sweat session. The Men’s Relaxed Tee on the other hand comes down to style preference.


Richer Poorer strives to take steps into an eco-conscious yet stylish world–even their hangtags and packaging are made from biodegradable and recycled materials. Recently, they upgraded to a biodegradable mailing pouch, which is revolutionary. In addition to spearheading the minimalist fashion niche, Richer Poorer also partners with several organizations and nonprofits in order to help their community including I Am A Voter, This is About Humanity, South LA Cafe, Black Futures Lab, Equal Justice Initiative, Boys & Girls Club Metro LA, and Midnight Mission. All of these organizations are making a difference in their communities and respective causes, and it’s great to see Richer Poorer collaborating with them.

About Richer Poorer

In today’s day and age, brands have become more transparent about their process, where their materials come from, and have moved into a greener space for the ever-evolving modern-day dynamic.

About Sunday Citizen

Richer Poorer was founded about a decade ago by Iva Pawling and Tim Morse, selling socks and underwear to upscale department stores before being bought out by The buyout allowed them access to resources they wouldn’t have otherwise and it appeared to be a good fit–until was about to go bankrupt.

Luckily, Pawling and Morse now had a strong network that allowed them to buy the company back just as was on the brink of bankruptcy. 

Since then, Richer Poorer has achieved great success and continues to grow. Its signature California Cool vibe is reflected in its clothing, offering casual but durable pieces that are perfect for the beach, lounging, shopping, and anything else you do throughout your day.

And although their brand derives from simplicity, they have a wide range of products for men and women and in several colors that are in style year-round, even when the seasons change. 

Richer Poorer Reviews: Women’s Classic Bralette, Men’s Relaxed Tee, and Smith Boxer Brief

All in all, all three of the products we tested were of great quality, soft, and fit well. The products all scored nearly the same as far as comfort, fit, quality, and value.

The Women’s Classic Bralette is a great staple piece since it can be worn both around the house for lounging, underneath a loose shirt, or by itself with leggings as athleisure wear.

t’s comfortable and fairly versatile, and like all Richer Poorer items it’s made with the intention of being used for years. It’s worth investing in quality pieces that will always be in style, versus cheap, fast fashion that will not only degrade after each use, but will probably not even be used after a season or two. Trends come and go, but classic style is forever.

Our tester did feel the Men’s Relaxed Tee was the weaker product of the two men’s items, but it came down to style preference. If you’re a fan of dropped shoulder seams then it’s a great choice for you. But if you’d prefer a more classic or slim fit, there are other options such as the Men’s Weighted Tee and the Pima Pocket Tee. These two tees also come in several color options and are $42 and $38, respectively. 

The Smith Boxer Brief is another great staple piece. With its cotton and spandex blend, it’s not a revolutionary boxer, but it’ll easily adapt to your boxer rotation due to how comfortable it is and the flattering fit. There are several other options as well, including the Lewis Boxer Brief, the Kurt Boxer Brief, the Sherbert Boxer Brief, and the Clark Boxer Brief. They all come in several colors and patterns and are rated highly on their website.

There are several factors that led to the positive experience with these products, including:

  • The classic yet modern comfortable style
  • Soft, durable fabric 
  • Flattering fit
  • Styles and colors that can be worn all season

How Do the Products Fit?

Generally, Richer Poorer products fit well. They are not abnormally tight or unflattering and are made for comfortability and durability. If you’re a fan of the California cool beach vibe, then this brand is for you.

The versatility of being able to wear the pieces at home or out and about are a great option as well for the consumer that likes their clothing without fuss: snug, resistant, and ease-of-use all year.

The Women’s Classic Bralette has adjustable straps and comes in a wide range of sizes so it can be adjusted to your liking. The boxer briefs are fairly true to size, and there is a size guide if you are unsure or in between sizes. The tees also have a size guide and a helpful photo and infographic explaining the difference between classic, relaxed, and slim fit.  

Are They Good Quality?

Part of Richer Poorer’s brand and appeal is the aesthetic their clothes bring. Although they have a variety of colors, their cuts are designed to be worn any day of the year. The Pima cotton is long-lasting and breathable enough that you won’t mind wearing it during the summer months. 

Also, because of their high-quality threads, the pieces last wash after wash. Part of being an eco-conscious brand is stepping away from fast fashion, designs that are too trendy, and ensuring their clothing is made in ethical ways. Richer Poorer commits to this by being transparent about their process and using recycled materials when possible.

Richer Poorer has dedicated the last two years implementing new ways to move towards sustainability as a brand. They even switched over to Pima cotton after discovering that it’s not only good quality, but lasts more washes and reduces waste. Their continued commitment towards quality and sustainability set them above many brands. 

Do Richer Poorer Products Hold Their Value?

After several washes, the products we tested held their shape and color. Intimates in particular tend to be more delicate since they are in the wash more often, but both the Women’s Classic Bralette and Smith Boxer Brief have held up well. They may not be trailblazers in the intimates category, but they are of good quality and serve their intended purpose.

Richer Poorer has earned its cult following not only through its modern classic pieces, but because they hold their value.

Richer Poorer has a wide range of products because they want you to buy them, and know that once you have a quality item in one color you’ll probably want more in the other colors. This is a smart strategy, considering that when they do release new pieces their followers will jump at the chance of owning them as soon as possible.

Richer Poorer Designs

Richer Poorer’s brand revolves around simplicity, but simplicity can still have options.

Their men’s and women’s lines boast several categories accompanied by a range of colors, which results in a long line of options. According to their website, their women’s line includes the following categories:

  • Intimates
  • Loungewear
  • Tops
  • Tees
  • Sweats
  • Dresses
  • Socks

Their men’s and women’s lines boast several categories accompanied by a range of colors, which results in a long line of options. According to their website, their women’s line includes the following categories:

  • Tops
  • Tees
  • Sweats
  • Boxer Briefs
  • Socks

How Do You Care for Richer Poorer Items?

Richer Poorer pieces are made of high-quality Pima cotton (and sometimes spandex), which makes them easy to care for. According to their website, Richer Poorer recommends washing their items inside out with cold water, and to not toss them in the dryer. If you must though, make sure it’s on the lowest heat setting. 

Richer Poorer Loyalty Program & Discounts

Richer Poorer offers a unique loyalty program for their most die-hard customers. Once you make a purchase, you are automatically enrolled, and the more you spend the more rewards you get. It is based on a simple, three-tiered system: the Friend tier, Insider tier, and Family tier.

The friend tier offers a free special birthday gift, while the Insider tier requires spending at least $250. In this tier, you have first access to new launches, sales events, and bonus rewards. The Family tier, which occurs after spending $500 offers all of the aforementioned perks, plus 10% off every order.

There’s a catch though–in order to maintain the Family status, you need to spend a minimum of $100 per order, per year.

Signing up for the loyalty program is easy and almost automatic. If you become a superfan then this is a great option for you.

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Richer Poorer Summary

If you love the California beach vibe and wearing clothes from an eco-conscious company, then Richer Poorer is a great fit for you. They have survived near bankruptcy and risen from their own ashes to create a brand that evolved for the better, all the while still creating quality products.

Richer Poorer’s items may not be the flashiest in design because they are derived from simplicity, and simplicity is what keeps their customers coming back.

Why waste your hard-earned dollars on clothing that will soon be outdated, and even worse, in a landfill once you decide you don’t want it anymore? Instead, your money can go to a brand that not only cares about its customers but about the planet as well. Richer Poorer continuously takes steps towards sustainability, all the while supporting their community.