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Remi Night Guard Review: Teeth Grinders Listen Up

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated April 2022


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Featured Product: Custom Night Guards

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Price: $129.00 - $169 (normally $500)

The Remi Custom Night Guards help protect teeth all night long! Up to 80% cheaper than traditional night guards, Remi mouthguards are fully custom, even allowing you to choose a thickness between 1mm - 2mm. If you don’t see a reduction in damage from teeth grinding within 30 days, Remi will provide a full refund.

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Featured In This Review

Custom Night Guards


After completing the impression kit, you will receive a top and bottom night guard for grinding. Each night mouth guard is custom-made by dental professionals to fit your mouth.

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Ratings Breakdown


Solid plastic construction, putty impression molding instead of messy goop. The impression experience was a little uncomfrotable for me though.


Much less expensive than a traditional dental mouth guard, wish I could give this a six out of five stars!


Ridiculously convenient, and very user-friendly. The night guards are not invasive to my sleep. They work as advertised!


Customer service was so helpful, and the brand seems passionate about protecting people's teeth.

Who is Remi?

Remi is a San Francisco-based wellness brand with a range of oral care products. Co-founded by Oscar Adelman and Yana Yasevich, Remi strives to provide affordable and accessible direct-to-consumer night guards and teeth whitening.

The dynamic duo both shared the struggle of grinding their teeth, and each had tried over-the-counter and expensive custom night guards for over a decade.

Yana and Oscar also hated how time-consuming and tedious the process was for getting a dental night guard, and they thought there had to be a better way.

remi team

In short, Oscar says Remi “provides a high-quality custom solution between the one size fits all over-the-counter guards and $500-800 custom guards sold by dentists.”

You may be thinking, why would I buy a custom night guard when I can get a DIY, fits- most one for $20 from the drug store?

According to multiple dentists, including North Carolina dentist Erik Reitter, “You’re better off wearing nothing than wearing one that hasn’t been fitted properly. A badly fit night guard can change your bite.”


  • Easy to take impressions
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • 100% at-home process
  • The night guards prevent my teeth from grinding


  • Difficult to select which size putty insert to use
  • Long impression wait time (5 minutes before removal)

Remi Night Guards Review Experience

As a chronic teeth grinder, my dentist has recommended for some time now that I get night guards.

I was always hesitant because I’ve never been a fan of going to the dentist. I had also heard of at-home night guard impression kits but didn’t know which to choose.

remi impression kit

Remi boasts a 30-day money-back guarantee if your mouth guards come back ill-fitting or you just don’t like the product, so I took the plunge.

Impression Kit Experience

To make my impressions, I mixed the blue and white clays together. Once combined, I added the mixture to the smaller of the two impression trays. Then, I just popped the tray in and waited about five minutes.

impression kit putty
how to do remi impression kit

I much preferred the molding clay provided in the Remi kit compared to the goop dentists use for impressions. It didn’t drip all over my mouth, which I appreciated because I have a pretty strong gag reflex.

The five-minute wait time was a little long in my opinion but was still bearable since the clay stayed where it was supposed to.

Night Guard Experience

I got my Remi Custom Night Guards in the mail about two weeks after sending in my impressions.

I was skeptical, yet excited to try them out. After taking the night guards out of the packaging (well-packed product by the way), my initial impression was that the plastic felt decently thick with little flexibility.

remi night guards experience

The idea of wearing both a top and bottom nightguard was concerning because I didn’t want them to impact my sleep. I imagined they would be very noticeable in my mouth. However, the night guard fit pretty snug to my teeth and didn’t feel like it changed the alignment of my resting teeth/jaw.

I was really impressed with how nicely the Remi night guards fit, and it honestly didn’t feel like I was wearing much of anything after a few days.

The only negative I experienced was the plastic of the night guards coming up a bit high into my gum line. This may be different for each user, but for me, the plastic edge would occasionally rub or catch on my lip as I was drifting off to sleep. Once asleep I had no issues.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I honestly really enjoy my new Remi night guards.

I definitely hate how annoying the process of getting custom night guards from a dentist can be. So, being able to do the impressions, fitting, etc. all from the comfort of my home was incredibly convenient.

I plan to stick with The Remi Club subscription option, as it’s cheaper in the long run and I like the results I’m getting.

I feel like I’ve noticed an overall difference in the tightness of my jaw decreasing. It also feels nice to have more peace of mind knowing I’m not grinding my teeth into oblivion.

My dentist has also commented on seeing damage prevention to my teeth since starting to wear my Remi night guards.

remi custom night guards

Featured In This Review

Custom Night Guards


After completing the impression kit, you will receive a top and bottom night guard for grinding. Each night mouth guard is custom-made by dental professionals to fit your mouth.

Remember, there is a 30 day money back guarantee!


Are Remi Custom Night Guards High-Quality?

All Remi Custom Night Guards are made completely in the USA. They are made with dental-grade, BPA-free plastic that has a durable feel.

Remi claims to offer night guards equal in quality to those you would get from your dentist (minus the $400- $1,000 price tag).

remi impression kit putty

A note about packaging, I really appreciated how minimal the packaging was for the impression kit and night guards.

The box you receive the impression kit in is the same box you’ll use to ship everything back to Remi. It was a nice touch to not have any excessive packaging, unlike many digital retailers in this day and age.

Are Remi Custom Night Guards Worth It?

I did a lot of initial research to see how much at-home custom night guards should cost. Most I found ranged between $160 and $200, but there was a catch.

Compared to other custom night guard kits, Remi comes with both a top AND bottom guard for the same price as a single guard from brands like Clear Club and Cheeky.

remi impression kit instructions

Paying around $150 for a full set of night guards is well worth it for the convenience factor alone. The amount of time and hassle I saved being able to do the process 100% from home is priceless.

No multiple dentist visits, no complicated payment plans, and no having to retake my impressions every six months.

Coupons & Discounts

Right off the bat, Remi Custom Night Guards always seem to be “on sale.” The product is listed as being worth $500, so it was nice to feel like I was getting a good deal.

You can also join The Remi Club for extra savings. This is a subscription service where Remi will deliver a new set of top and bottom night guards to your door every six months.

The Remi Club costs $129 initially then $49 per replacement set, which offers significant savings compared to buying individual sets for $169 each.

Remi has a solid 30-Day return policy, and the company will either create a new set of night guards for you or fully refund your purchase if you’re dissatisfied.

how remi night guards work


Remi Night Guard Summary

I honestly wish Remi had been around when I started grinding my teeth in college, as I think I could have prevented a lot of damage to my teeth.

Between the convenience factor and efficient cost, giving Remi a try is 100% worth it in my opinion. If you don’t like your custom night guards you can easily return them, but I plan on continuing to use mine for the foreseeable future.

remi night guards for grinding
Remi night guards hsa

I recommend taking your time while creating your impressions and making sure to read the instructions carefully. I definitely screwed up by using the wrong size impression tray initially.

Remi does a great job at making step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, and they provide enough molding materials to make multiple impressions if you mess up the first time like I did.

I’ve used my Remi Custom Night Guards every night since I got them, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.