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Reel Toilet Paper Review: Better Than Store-Bought?

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated January 2022

Reel toilet paper review

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Reel Paper offers biodegradable, sustainable 100% bamboo paper products, including strong 3-ply toilet paper and extra-absorbent 2-ply paper towels. All Reel products are eco-friendly, ship in biodegradable materials with plastic-free packaging, and are BPA, fragrance, chlorine, and dye-free.

Ratings Breakdown


The toilet paper is thick and durable. It feels like it won’t fail at critical moments. I’ve used multiple rolls and was always confident about its thickness. I love that it’s made of bamboo which is a renewable material.


24 rolls of toilet paper for $32/12 rolls of paper towels for $40 when you subscribe is reasonable, especially for a fully green product.


The products arrived in a brown cardboard box and contained zero plastic. The toilet paper rolls and paper towels both performed perfectly. This is one of those brands that I will switch to using permanently after testing.


No inks. No dyes. No plastics. 100% bamboo. This brand gets it. They donate to help people who do not have access to a toilet and promote cost-effective, sustainable solutions to sanitation issues for those who are less fortunate. What’s not to love?

Who Is Reel Paper?

Reel does a great deal of good work, so there’s a lot to talk about here!

Reel Paper operates out of Santa Monica with a simple mission: to change lives. Co-founders Derin Oyekan and Livio Bisterzo created Reel to provide sustainably-made products that can reduce environmental waste, encourage conscious consumerism, and improve quality of life for disadvantaged people. Since starting in 2019, Reel has sold more than a million rolls of toilet paper, growing almost 1,000%/year since its launch.

Reel Founders

Oyekan was raised in Lagos, Nigeria. His early experiences growing up, and seeing people going without, give him the insight and perspective that inform how Reel creates products and runs as a business. Always fascinated by how things work, he has both an engineering and a growth marketing background.

Together, Oyekan and Livio work to promote health, safety, sanitation, and well-being for people and the planet. According to the Reel website, 2.4 billion people are forced to defecate outside in conditions that can create deadly health risks from pathogens and water contamination.

To help solve this global sanitation crisis while simultaneously supporting/protecting the environment, Reel creates 100% bamboo products. Using sustainable and renewable bamboo saves tens of thousands of trees that would otherwise be cut down every week for their paper products.

Reel Paper Values

More than half of the world’s population, approximately 60% according to UNICEF, lacks access to a toilet that can effectively and safely manage human waste. So Reel also partners with SOIL, a non-profit organization in Haiti that researches and develops cost-effective, sustainable solutions to sanitation issues.

Reel donates $0.50 from every box sold to SOIL, as well as giving the organization 100% of any direct donations that come to them on SOIL’s behalf.

On top of all this, one of the founders is a POC, so if you are looking to support a Black-owned business, this a good place to start. You may find it difficult to beat this combination of environmental friendliness and social engagement.


  • 3-ply TP sheets are strong and soft
  • Fully biodegradable packaging
  • Zero plastic in the shipping process
  • Made from renewable, sustainable bamboo
  • Ridges and texture of the toilet paper are durable when it matters
  • The paper towels pick up a lot of fluid
  • The paper towels come in variable size sheets
  • Subscription gets you a discount on products as well as free shipping


  • Cannot currently order less than 24 toilet paper rolls or 12 paper towel rolls at a time
  • A subscription is necessary to save on shipping

Reel Toilet Paper Testing And Experience

Toilet Paper

Reel Paper makes products that are:
- Tree-Free
- Biodegradable and sustainable
- Zero Plastic
- BPA Free
- Fragrance Free
- Chlorine Free
- Ink/dye Free

So I already felt good about ordering both the toilet paper (their original signature product) and the paper towels.

Toilet Paper Delivery

The 3-ply toilet paper comes in 24 individually wrapped rolls per box with 300 sheets per roll. The extra-absorbent 2-ply paper towels ship in a 12-roll box with 150 sheets per individually wrapped roll. I was intrigued to read on the website that recycled paper is used to wrap all rolls, and that orders would be shipped in biodegradable materials with plastic-free packaging.

The products arrived in a brown cardboard box. Just as advertised, the order contained zero plastic in either shipping or packing materials. We used a box of toilet paper and a few of the rolls of paper towels over the course of a couple of weeks.

REEL Toilet Paper Sheet

The unique 3-ply Reel toilet paper is designed with comfort and strength in mind. This toilet paper is some of the highest quality and best performing toilet paper that I have ever used. I really can’t say enough good things about it.

I especially like the ridges and texture of it. The bamboo content is indeed as strong as advertised. I never had any issues with the toilet paper ripping or tearing. It is durable when it matters, giving confidence that it won’t fail at critical moments. 

Reel Toilet Paper Test

This is an item that I will be switching to using permanently even once testing is complete.

Paper Towels

The Reel paper towels are 2-ply so they can provide extra absorbency. They worked exactly how you would expect them to in a kitchen setting.

These towels were more than durable enough for every situation in which I tested them. You can also tear off half-sheets for smaller messes or to reduce waste.

One small caveat is that you cannot currently order in smaller quantities. Those in smaller residences or with limited storage space may not always have room for 24 TP rolls and/or 12 paper towel rolls.

That being said, you always have the option to skip or change an order date so that you don’t end up overwhelmed like Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice with never-ending paper products!

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Is Reel Toilet Paper Good Quality

Yes. Both the toilet paper and the paper towels meet the advertised claims. The toilet paper is indeed strong and reasonably soft, and won’t tear or rip easily. The absorbent paper towels will meet the messiest of messes head-on.

Reel Paper seems to embody a potent combination of commitments—to environmental sustainability, to helping those less fortunate by solving sanitation crises world-wide, and to creating socially conscious consumers in the US. Founders Oyekan and Bisterzo are determined to do this all while also providing a quality product you will love to use.

The 100% bamboo products are all BPA, fragrance, chlorine, and dye-free, making them safe for both you and the planet.

Reel Toilet Paper Ordering Process

You have the option of setting up a subscription delivery or placing a one-time order. The toilet paper costs $33 for the subscription/$35 plus shipping for one-time purchases. The paper towels cost $40 for subscriptions/$45 plus shipping for one-time purchases. I did not use the subscription service yet, but I would assume it works as described.

You can set up your subscription with delivery at 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16 week time frames. While you do need to subscribe to regular deliveries to qualify for the product discount and free shipping, you don’t have to commit to any number of shipments.

Reel Toilet Paper Package

You can skip or push back a delivery or fully cancel your subscription anytime with a few simple clicks on their website. If you are concerned about under or overestimating your usage needs, you can easily customize your preferences or place your own one-time orders as needed. Just make sure to order in time so that you don’t run out of TP at a bad time!

Payment methods currently accepted for subscription orders include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club. One-time orders can be paid with all those methods as well as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Reel now also offers the option to make account changes or modify orders from your phone. Their system will also text you renewal reminders so that you can make any changes you might need.


Toilet Paper:

  • 100% Bamboo
  • 24 rolls per box
  • 300 sheets per roll
  • 3-ply
  • Sheet dimensions: 3.94″ x 3.94″
  • 776.16 sq. ft per box (32.34 sq. ft per roll)

Paper Towels

  • 100% Bamboo
  • 12 rolls per box
  • 150 sheets per roll (half-sheet option)
  • 2-ply
  • Sheet dimensions: 10.8″ x 6.3”
  • Box weight: 11.02 lbs
  • Cu. ft: 1.73

Is Reel Toilet Paper Worth It?

For strong, comfortable toilet paper and extra-absorbent paper towels, I found the Reel products more than worth the price.

There are some less-expensive traditional brands out there. However, be sure to also compare how many sheets are in a roll for an accurate price comparison. Also, consider how much extra flimsy product you may need to use; strong TP and absorbent 2-ply paper towels may mean you end up using/paying for far less.

You might think that Reel’s prices are still a little costly even with the extra absorbency. But to go green while supporting a company that is so dedicated to implementing sustainable manufacturing, reducing waste, and helping those in need for only pennies more makes this priceless to me.

Is Reel Toilet Paper Worth It?

Subscription to either or both products gets you a discount on product as well as free shipping.

Sign up by email to receive $5 off your first Reel order, including either subscription or one-time orders.

You can also use the “Give $10, Get $10!” offer. Share the link with friends to give them $10 off their first order. When they make a purchase, you will receive $10 off your order.

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Reel Toilet Paper Summary

This is a brand that really puts its money and its actions where its values are. Reel Paper’s values make supporting them a joy. They help bring hygienic access to those in need and focus on eliminating waste—both human and environmental. Even the packaging is plastic-free.

Customers do not need to sacrifice quality or comfort. The toilet paper is strong, durable, and soft. The super-absorbent paper towels clean up well. Both are 100% bamboo, sustainable, and biodegradable. The easy, customizable subscription service offers money and time-saving options.

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The Reel values are summed up on their website: “Our Story Is Your Story. We’re all connected —by the earth, by the way we treat each other, and by the world we leave behind for the next generation. Our story begins with you.”

By purchasing Reel, you support their mission to “provide access to clean toilets to those in need around the world while also giving American households a way to reduce their carbon footprint.”