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Picnic Allergy Review: Effective, Personalized Allergy Relief

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Reviewed by Matt Hayes

Last Updated January 2022

Picnic personalized allergy relief

If you’ve been suffering from allergies but don’t have the time or desire to find an allergist, then Picnic Allergy may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Picnic oral antihistamine

Featured In This Review

Loratadine 10mg Pill


This daily oral antihistamine delivers 24-hour relief from itching, sneezing, and runny nose. Purchase in 1 Month Supply ($12.80) or 3 Month Supply ($20.00)


Featured Product: Loratadine 10mg Pill

Price: $12.80 for a 1-month supply or $20 for a 3-month supply

The Picnic Allergy Loratadine 10mg tablet is a generic brand of Claritin. These pills are an antihistamine that is meant to tell the histamines in your body to take a chill pill. Therefore, they are designed to provide 24 hour relief of some of the most common allergy symptoms. These typically include sneezing, itching, watery eyes, itchy throat, and runny nose.


Ratings Breakdown


The medications Picnic Allergy prescribes are full strength, generic versions of other well known name brand allergy medications.


These medications can be found at any regular drugstore. So the value of Picnic is more along the lines of the service they provide.


The medications work well and the picnic team makes you feel like a valued customer.


They have an extremely responsive and knowledgeable customer service team and help reduce the costs of allergy treatments.

Who is Picnic Allergy?

Picnic Allergy is owned and operated by Thirty Madison. This is a holistic support company geared towards making holistic healthcare treatment options more affordable for Americans. They also own Cove, Keeps, and Evens.

About Picnic Allergy Relief

Steve Gutentag and Demitri Karagas, who own Thirty Madison, loved what their other companies were doing to help bring affordable healthcare to the general public. So, they decided to add another company into the mix to deal with allergies more specifically.

The model for Picnic is the same as Cove, in that they use the same pharmacy chain and have licensed doctors in each state.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Monthly allergy medication subscription service
  • Good follow up
  • Effective allergy treatment options
  • Cost effective


  • OTC medications, therefore it could potentially be cheaper elsewhere
  • Doesn’t accept insurance

Picnic Allergy Efficacy & Practical Application

I have been a seasonal allergy sufferer in the springtime for as long as I can remember. As much as I love the spring, I always dread this aspect of the season. While I have tried allergy medications in the past, nothing has worked 100% of the time. So, I’m always on the hunt for something that will finally be consistently effective for my particular allergies.

Picnic Allergy Quiz

Once I heard about Picnic, I decided to go ahead and take their quiz. The Picnic Allergy Quiz is the first step in their subscription program to determine what might be the best allergy options. 

The questions on their quiz were fairly easy and pretty basic. They wanted to know things such as:

  • Which allergy symptoms I usually experienced
  • Which of my symptoms bothered me the most
  • My name and email

Once I completed the survey, Picnic suggested an antihistamine pill (Loratadine) and a nasal steroid spray (Fluticasone). However, I was asked in the survey about past allergy medications taken and any adverse side effects. I mentioned that I have used the steroid nasal spray in the past and I didn’t like it. But, they suggested this medication anyway. 

Picnic Allergy Kit Box

Overall, it only took me about 15 minutes to go through each question, get my medication recommendations and order everything.

I tried the Loratadine first, since this one seemed more promising based on my past allergy medication use. It worked really well for my seasonal allergies and was easy to take.

Picnic Loratadine

Even though I was not excited to try the Fluticasone, I went ahead with it anyway. It did seem to help my seasonal allergies. So, overall, Picnic’s claim to help with seasonal allergies held up for me.

Picnic Nasal Spray

The biggest perk, for me, was their customer service and the subscription program. After receiving the medication I received a number of follow-up emails from their customer support team. I really appreciated this and it made me feel like they cared about my allergy relief journey.

And having the medication show up in the mail on time every month is convenient for somebody who doesn’t want to bother with going to the drugstore. Basically, if you don’t know how to get relief from your allergies this is a great way to start. 


Is Picnic Allergy Good Quality?

Picnic Allergy partners with licensed doctors in all 50 states to help their patients find the best allergy treatments for them. They work via telehealth, so you’ll have to enter your information to see which options are available to you in your state. Due to state telehealth limitations, Picnic only offers prescription medication in 41 states but sells over-the-counter medication all over the US. They also use the same pharmacy chain, Eagle Pharmacy, as they do for Cove


This chain has their own internal quality control processes and ensures that 3 different pharmacists see each order. This helps to create a good checks and balances system with regard to medications. However, they do not appear to have any other certifications, which I would prefer to see.

However, the medications Picnic Allergy prescribes aren’t anything out of left field. Their medications are at a lower price point due to the fact that they use generic brands instead of name brands. And, in most cases, these work just as effectively, if not better than their more expensive counterparts.

Their current list of medication offerings are:


Is Picnic Allergy Worth It?

Picnic Allergy is certainly worth trying just for the excellent customer service alone. The parent company has done a fantastic job of creating superior customer service with all of their companies. And when it comes to healthcare, this is something that has been severely lacking for decades now.


Even if the great customer service didn’t entice you to give them a try, the medication offerings might. This company continually updates their list of medication offerings depending upon the recommendations of the licensed doctors in their network. This helps Picnic stay on top of current studies and findings with regards to what is working best for allergies and what might not be anymore.

Picnic Allergy Coupons & Discounts

Picnic Allergy wants to give all potential customers a discount just for giving them a try. As of 12/13/2021 they offer an initial 33% off of your first order by either clicking on the link at the top of their homepage or signing up for their email list.

Previously, we’ve seen that they’ve had discounts as high as 50% so you have a good chance to get some kind of deal.

Plus, they give regular discounts if you order larger quantities of your allergy medication with them too.


Featured In This Review

Fluticasone (GENERIC FLONASE®)




Any allergy sufferer knows that getting long-lasting relief can be easier said than done. So, before you decide whether or not to give Picnic Allergy a try, we wanted to answer some of the most common questions consumers might have prior to purchase.


Picnic Allergy Summary

Overall, dealing with allergies isn’t fun for anyone. And even if you’re a person like me who doesn’t regularly get sick, having allergies can turn my whole world upside down. So, finding a good allergy treatment that is catered towards each individual and their unique situation is akin to finding a diamond in the rough.


And not having to make appointments with a regular doctor, or going to the pharmacy, is a huge bonus. This saves a massive amount of time and energy that I’d rather be spending elsewhere. So, if you’re tired of all of the aforementioned, and would like to potentially save some money on your allergy treatment, Picnic may just be worth giving a try.