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What We’re Snackin’ On: Our Team’s Bites of the Moment

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Reviewed by Sharon Quinn

Last Updated January 2022


Want to know what fueled our bodies and minds during our team’s week-long offsite? We dug into everything from mood-boosting snack bars to anti-inflammatory, gut-healthy brownies and birthday cake coated popcorn. See what snacks were our team’s favs and what bites will be lining our pantries for months to come because they’re just that good.



“Definitely not the healthiest offering we had this week, but, oh my god… Cream’s handmade baked goods were probably the first thing we ran out of. Every brownie and blondie I tried was undeniably decadent and delicious.” – Nathan



“I loved these bars as a quick way to stay full in between meals or a really light breakfast to keep the jitters away after over-caffeinating on an empty stomach, which I did most mornings since we had an abundance of coffee available. 🤷‍♀️ The Smpl Focus Bar was a standout for me — it really helped pull my mind back in the zone when I was hitting that mid afternoon slump. The ashwagandha taste wasn’t entirely masked (you know, it had a slightly earthy flavor?) but overall the bar was delicious. Smpl’s snacks aren’t pumped full of artificial flavors which is a big win. Plus, they get extra points for packaging aesthetics — peaceful colors and minimal design.” – Courtney

Magic Spoon Cereal


“I was stoked to try Magic Spoon. The packaging really brings alive the fond memories I have of breakfast cereal (advertising) growing up. High protein and low sugar with a flavor good enough to buy a second box — that’s what I look for in my healthy-ish cold cereals. Most, but not all of Magic Spoon’s breakfast bites satisfied that for me. I recommend trying a variety pack so you can test a bunch of flavors and choose a few favorites.” – Dan



“I was excited to try Gooey after seeing it across Twitter. I used to love Nutella growing up, but as I’ve gotten older it’s become too sweet for me. Gooey didn’t taste as sugary, and had a more pronounced hazelnut flavor than my childhood fav. I would have used it more, but security confiscated it when I tried to bring it back to New York. 😥” – Maggie 



“As a date and nut lover, I was in absolute heaven when I tried Nutsola. Each morning we convened as a team to kick off our daily meetings and about an hour or two after I had my standard breakfast banana, I would sprinkle this granola over a plate to snack on for brain fuel. It tasted great, gave me the energy boost I needed and the consistency was definitely my jam: chewy and crunchy at the same time.” – Sharon

Notty Bars


“A low calorie, guilt-free peanut butter cup giving big candy a run for its money? Sounds like a pipe dream. Notty pulls it off pretty well with fun, individually-wrapped, smooth, slightly nutty “double stuffed” cups. Putting these better for you treats to the test, I can honestly say they maintain the tradeoff of flavor and health — fewer calories, 0g sugar (the sugar comes through a proprietary natural sweetener mix of allulose and monk fruit), 0g net carbs (I’m not keto, but you might be!), plant-based and vegan make it a pretty good choice…assuming you’re comfortable with compromise.” – Dan

Bottle Rocket Hot Sauce


“I got to take a few hot sauce bottles home with me and was excited to try these on basically any and every dish because that’s how much I love hot sauce. The Hotter and Verde flavors were on point. Now, I actually prefer using these over the sauces from my fav mexican joint and that says something. They’re flavorful without overpowering heat, so you can still taste the spices along with the kick.” – Erin

Brave Robot


“As a credible ice cream enthusiast, I can confidently say that this Brave Robot dairy free ice cream could have fooled me over and over again. I definitely had a major preconception going into that first bite, but I was so pleasantly surprised. Easily could’ve polished off the rest of the pint without a doubt. Needless to say, I would suggest Brave Robot to anyone, not just those who follow dairy-free diets!” – Cait



“Anti-Inflammatory, gut-healthy, brownies? Yes pls! I tried the Almond Butter Dark Chocolate flavor and was seriously impressed. It wasn’t as decadent as you would expect a brownie to be, but it still tasted really good, as a dessert should. Dalci nailed the flavor given all of the good-for-you ingredients that make up their treats. Instead of feeling stuffed after enjoying my brownie, my stomach was happy. Must be the digestive enzymes included in the mix!” – Erin



“The Chocolate Goji Berry Bars called to me during our team meetings. I’ve tried different protein bars all my life. From Cliff to Tiger’s Milk, they usually have a strange feeling in my mouth and a noticeable, less than desirable taste about them. Elavi was yummy and definitely an improved mouth-feel for this type of easy snack.” – Nathan

Bougie Bites


“Big fan of these Bougie allergen-friendly baked goods. They were dense and flavorful, crumbled nicely in my mouth and didn’t leave me feeling heavy, bloated or headed toward a major sugar crash. Plus, their branding is friggin adorable, so everything from removing my treat from its package to savoring it was enjoyable.” – Sharon 

Maddy and Maize Popcorn


“I’m a huge popcorn snacker, but these flavors were different from normal. While I know the Berry Lemon and Birthday Cake were too sweet for some, I didn’t mind them. It took my tastebuds a second to not get too confused at the popcorn feeling mixed with the kernels’ sweet flavors, but I ate a decent amount of Maddy and Maize throughout the week so my mouth definitely got acclimated. 🍿 Their Dark Chocolatey Caramel and Old Fashioned Caramel flavors were to die for. Literally had to ask the team to keep the bag away from me during our meetings.” – Maggie

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