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Open Spaces Shoe Rack Review: Functional And Aesthetically Pleasing

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Reviewed by Matt Hayes, Co-founder

Last Updated January 2022

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Featured Product: Entryway Rack

Price: $184

The Open Spaces Entryway Rack sports a contemporary three-tiered rack for containing entryway shoes. This sleek entryway rack comes in 5 different powder-coated steel color options to help accommodate any color palette. Each shelf can hold approximately 4 pairs of shoes and 22 pounds. Meaning you could easily put 12 pairs of shoes on this rack, or if you pair this with some of their storage bins, you could get even more creative with this rack’s usage.

Testing Entryway Rack

Ratings Breakdown


The shoe rack is made of beautiful powder coated metal, making it a more sustainable option than plastic.


This rack is very sturdy and overall excellent quality, but it’s a little pricier than I would like for an item like this.


This company has produced a solid, heavy shoe rack that is easy to assemble and holds plenty of shoes.


The Open Spaces brand approaches organization from a more empathetic and flexible perspective to help make the home less cluttered and more approachable. They also donate 1% of their proceeds to Give One.

Entryway Rack


Entryway Rack


With your choice of 5 colors, turn organization into decor with a multi-use, three-tier rack that’s beautiful in any room


Who is Open Spaces?

Open Spaces was born out of the parent company Pattern Brands. Pattern Brands was founded by Nick Ling and Emmett Shine in 2019. The pair left their day jobs to create this parent company with the mission to help foster daily enjoyment at home. Open Spaces is one of 3 child companies they’ve created in this same vein, the other two being Gir and Extra Parts.

While the other 2 companies focus on kitchen essentials, Open Spaces focuses on overall home organization instead. They wanted to create more sustainable, contemporary options to help younger generations feel more comfortable in their homes. After all, a home is supposed to be a safe haven from the crazy outside world. And if your home is continually disorganized, then you’re just bringing all that chaos inside too for no reprieve.

The parent company has also created their own philanthropy, Give One. This charity donates 1% of the proceeds from all of their companies to neighborhood-based organizations. This charity operates by participating in revitalization projects, youth projects, and community development.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong
  • High-quality
  • Sleek look
  • Free shipping on orders over $75


  • Handle can potentially get in the way
  • Doesn’t “look” expensive
  • Made in China

Open Spaces Shoe Rack Organizer Performance & Look

There are a lot of different shoe organizer options out there on the market, but they aren’t all created the same. Some shoe organizers are definitely much sturdier than others. And, in a lot of cases, that’s really difficult to tell online. Therefore, I wasn’t sure which end of the spectrum the Open Spaces Shoe Rack would come in on. But, when it arrived, I was pleased to see that it appeared to be on the much sturdier end of the spectrum.

Open Spaces Rack Box

The box had a picture of the completed product on it, which I liked. To my surprise, all of the instructions and the packaging inside also had pictures of the completed product too.

Setting Up Open Spaces Rack

This was helpful for me when it came to assembling the shoe rack.

Overall, it only took me about 30 minutes to assemble the whole thing with an allen wrench.

While it did come with a lot more packaging than I feel was necessary, there was no styrofoam to be found.

I was a huge fan of this because that meant all of the packaging was cardboard, and therefore recyclable.

Installing Shoe Rack

Plus, they even have you use one of the pieces of cardboard packaging to help hold up the shelf while you’re lining up holes. I thought this was pretty genius.

Assembling Shoe Rack Open Spaces

Because when I’ve assembled similar furniture in the past, trying to get the drill holes lined up and screws put through them as a one man show can be the trickiest part.

However, even with the cardboard to hold up the pieces I needed, there were a few holes that really didn’t line up perfectly. I suspect that’s a manufacturing issue, but it could just be my assembly.

Screws that aren't flush

Even with that said though, I really love this shoe rack. I spent the weekend arranging and rearranging things on it just to see how creative I could get with my organization. I was able to get 12 pairs of shoes on the rack easily. 

And at one point I put my backpack with 40 pounds on a shelf and it held just fine.

Entryway Rack for everything

The feet are adjustable, which I liked, since not all floors are exactly even. The feet seemed much sturdier on this piece of furniture than any other pieces like this I’ve put together in the past. So that was reassuring.

And it was easy to move around to different areas of my house due to the large handle at the top. While it could get in the way if you’re trying to put larger plants on that shelf, I found it to be pretty useful.

I tested the blue powder coating by sliding heavier objects across it from different angles just to see if it would chip. There were no noticeable scratches or chipping, which makes me believe this powder-coating is strong.

Metal Shoe Rack Best

While the minimalistic aesthetic look of this piece might not fit everyone’s space, it worked really well in mine. I absolutely loved this shoe rack and think it adds a bit of style to my home while also keeping my shoes organized. Plus, my Allbirds Tree Dashers looked fantastic on it!

Entryway Rack


Entryway Rack


With your choice of 5 colors, turn organization into decor with a multi-use, three-tier rack that’s beautiful in any room


Is Open Spaces Good Quality? 

Open Spaces is dedicated to creating good quality, longer-lasting, more sustainable products. This includes sourcing products that help to minimize their environmental impact, according to the brand.

Simple Metal Shoe Rack

They say this includes using:

  • Leathers from a tannery that is LWG gold certified
  • Compressed felt made of recycled water bottle fibers
  • No single-use plastics in any products or packaging

And while I really love all of these efforts, the brand doesn’t give us any more information other than that. Which means they aren’t being transparent enough regarding where exactly everything is sourced in order for the consumer to validate their claims. Without this information it’s difficult to know if the products they are sourcing are actually: 

  • What they say they are
  • Fair trade practices are being executed
  • Ethical work practices are being abided by
  • What certifications are had by the raw materials producers

In addition to the lack of sourcing transparency, all we, as the consumer, know about their manufacturing is that their products are made in China. We have no way of knowing if their manufacturing facilities have any quality control certifications. And without this knowledge, it’s really difficult to discern whether or not the products produced are high quality.

Based on our limited experience so far, however, we feel that the products they are producing are high quality. But, some actual facts from the brand to back up their claims would go a long way to breed customer comfortability from this aspect.

Is Open Spaces Shoe Rack Organizer Worth It?

If you want to create a more decluttered, organized, and aesthetically pleasing space, then the Open Spaces Shoe Rack may be what you’ve been searching for. Since they come with 5 different powder-coated steel options, they are pretty versatile. The handle makes moving them around to different spaces in your house a cinch.

Open Spaces Brand

And it doesn’t hurt that this shoe rack can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes, or other assorted items you need organized. I also like that they have storage bins and wire baskets to make the rack even more pleasing to the eye while creating an even more organized space. 

However, this three tier shoe rack is pretty darn pricey. So, this may be one of those items you need to seriously consider prior to purchasing one. It may simply be out of the price range for a lot of consumers. I know the price tag took me aback when I first saw it compared to other similar shoe racks I’d found.

Open Spaces Coupons & Discounts

If you want to get an initial 15% discount off your first order of $150 or more, then signing up for their email list is the way to go. Once you do that, you may even get other coupons and discounts on specific items sent directly to your inbox.


If you’re looking for a way to get your home organized and looking great, then organizational tools are what you need. However, there are a ton of different options on the market and some of them can get pretty expensive. Here’s where we answer the most common questions about the Open Spaces products to help you make the most educated decision for your specific situation.

Open Spaces Shoe Rack Summary

Overall, Open Spaces is making a great effort to help keep the chaos out of consumers’ homes. They are doing this by creating a great line of organizational products that are supposed to be more sustainable and long-lasting than their counterparts. And while being minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing, it’s worth giving them a second look.

Open Spaces Rack Summary

Even though their prices are pretty steep, the products they are producing just may be worth the higher price tag. This is especially true if they end up lasting for years longer than other organizational products. I suppose only time will tell. But, so far, I am loving my Open Spaces Shoe Rack organizer and can’t see how I would ever tire of it.