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Ollie Dog Food Review: The Cleanest, Freshest Dog Food on the Market?

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated March 2022


The Bottom Line

With so many dog foods on the market today, it’s difficult to weed through them all to find the best fit for your pup. Luckily, Ollie makes that easier.

When it comes to feeding my own dogs, I’m a huge fan of finding a dependable, clean dog food without all of the added junk or common low-quality filler ingredients that can compromise their long-term health. Since my dog Padma is already used to an extremely diverse diet, adding in some raw dog food options just seemed like the next natural step in her dietary progression.

And that's where Ollie comes in. But does Ollie's dog food satisfy picky pups? Is Ollie really a healthy option for fur babies? Read on to find out, and get the inside scoop from our Ollie dog food review.


Ollie Dog Food Review


Custom Dog Food Plan

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Ollie delivers fresh, pre-portioned dog food made from real, human-grade ingredients and tailored to your dog's unique nutritional needs. Featuring a selection of four, vet-approved recipes, Ollie's customized meal plans promise reliable, nutritious food that dogs love – so you don't have to choose between a healthy pup and a happy one.


  • Human grade, vet-approved, all natural dog food
  • Customizable dietary plan and pre-portioned daily servings
  • Uses high-quality ingredients with no fillers, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, and minimal processing
  • Comes with refrigerator storage container and serving spoon
  • Comes with a personalized feeding guide for your pup
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Made in the USA


  • Make sure you have the space in your fridge and freezer on delivery day. Ollie deliveries can consist of anywhere from 30 to 80 daily servings, so make sure you have the room to store them properly.
  • Would be helpful to see meat sourcing and quality certification information on their site

Who Is Ollie?

In a dog food market saturated with fillers, preservatives, and a number of artificial ingredients, Ollie is dedicated to delivering a fresh, clean, healthy, human-grade solution that all pups can enjoy.

best dog food company

Ollie is a brand built by dog people, for dog lovers everywhere. Ollie partners with canine nutritionists, vets, and a third-party USDA certified human grade kitchen to develop better, healthier dog food for pups and the people who love them. From its original, two-recipe offering, Ollie has expanded its recipe selection to four fresh flavors and healthy, pup-approved treats.

In addition to their high-quality dog food, Ollie also donates 1% of their revenue to different rescue organizations and shelters and is creating a Canine Council of scientists, behaviorists, and nutritionists to steer the brand's nutrition philosophies, inform product innovation, and help guide dogs to their healthiest lives.

This is one of the things that really set them apart from their competitors initially, besides just the higher quality of food they are producing. It also doesn’t hurt that they currently give 1% of their revenue to different rescue organizations and shelters.

Meet Padma

Ratings Breakdown


The meat appears to be high quality and the addition of few, but highly important, clean ingredients boosts the quality of these products. No information regarding manufacturing processes or quality controls though.


Ollie is great for a clean, healthy diet for your pup that is also easy to prepare and maintain. Plus it’s more cost effective than other competing brands of similar caliber.


The food was easy to prepare and serve. The flavor profiles were a big hit with our pup.


They add the benefit of customizing a food plan for each pup, which is fairly uncommon, but a fantastic added bonus. They say they give 1% of revenue to rescue organizations and shelters.

Getting Started: How To Order Ollie Dog Food

The Ollie Dog Quiz
Ollie customizes its dog food subscription to each individual pet based on a few criteria. Their intake quiz is short and sweet, and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. This quiz covers the following areas, and uses your responses to personalize your pup's recommended plan:

- Age
- Breed
- Activity level
- Current weight
- Goal weight
- Allergies
- Whether your dog is spayed or neutered

Ollie first asked me for my name and email address. Then, they wanted to know my puppy’s name and gender. Next up was her birthday and breed. Which was a slight issue since they don’t have Cockalier (Cocker Spaniel/ Cavalier King Charles) listed. But, the quiz did allow me to enter both of her breeds individualy, so that was helpful.

After that information was entered, Ollie needed to know Padma's current weight, ideal weight, and whether or not she was spayed. The next set of questions had to do with her activity level. Padma is a mix of very active and active, so I chose active since that’s probably more accurate for regular everyday play.

Ollie Dog Food Quiz Question
Ollie Dog Food Quiz Question
Ollie Dog Food Quiz Question
Ollie Dog Food Quiz Question

The last question had to do with food sensitivities or allergies. Our dog doesn’t have any that we know of, but there are certain foods that we don’t feed her. So, my answers reflected those preferences. Once all of the information was input, Ollie worked on creating a customized plan for our pup! The whole process took about 2 minutes and was exceptionally easy.

Here is what they came up with:

Ollie Dog Food Quiz Results

Ollie Dog Food Recipes & Flavors

Ollie's customized clean, fresh food subscription boxes for dogs currently include a selection of 4 different flavor profiles. Turkey with Blueberries,  Beef with Sweet Potatoes, Lamb with Cranberries, and Chicken with Carrots are Ollie's four staple recipes.

Turkey with Blueberries

The first product I tried with Padma was the Turkey with Blueberries and she went bananas for it. I added ¼ of the serving size sent (as per the brand’s instructions) to half of her normal food. I normally give her either turkey or beef small batch clusters with a mix of dehydrated duck or fish, re-hydrated with water and a bit of coconut oil. I added the Ollie Turkey recipe to all combinations of the aforementioned and she loved it every time.

Besides the cod liver oil, Padma has had all of these ingredients in her diet before. So, I was confident that she would probably enjoy it. And she certainly did. This recipe was her favorite hands down!

Nutrition & Key Ingredients:

Ollie's Turkey with Blueberries recipe was one of our favorites. The Turkey recipe has an average protein content of 11%, 7% fat, and 2% fiber. This recipe contains no fillers or added ingredients. Just clean and fresh turkey, kale, lentils, carrots, pumpkin, blueberries, chia seeds, cod liver oil – and a lot of vitamins and minerals.

  • Chia Seeds - Great source of copper, zinc, and manganese
  • Blueberries - High in antioxidents that fight free radicals
  • Carrots - Full of phytonutrients for eye health
Ollie Dog Food Turkey Recipe

Beef with Sweet Potatoes

The second product Padma tried was Ollie's Beef with Sweet Potatoes recipe. We got the same, enthusiastic results with this one as with the Turkey. Since Padma has been exposed to the majority of the ingredients in this recipe before, she seemed to take to the flavor quickly. She licked her bowl clean each and every time!

Nutrition & Key Ingredients:

This particular recipe is loaded with beef, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, blueberries, chia seeds, and rosemary. Out of all of those ingredients, the beef, sweet potato, and peas are the most prominent. The Beef recipe has an average protein content of 9%, 7% fat, and 2% fiber. This recipe contains no fillers or added ingredients.

  • Sweet Potatoes - High in essential minerals and dietary fiber
  • Peas - Good source of lutein, for skin, eye, and heart health
  • Rosemary - Safe, natural anti-microbial
Ollie Dog Food Beef Recipe

Lamb with Cranberries

The last product we was the Lamb with Cranberries recipe. For Padma, this one definitely took some getting used to.

My initial thought was that she didn’t really like it because of the cranberries, since we haven’t introduced those to her yet. We also hadn’t given her lamb that many times either, and since lamb can have a very distinctive taste she may not have liked it. We’ve also never given her rice, chickpeas, or chickpea flour. So, I think the bigger issue for her was the added grains and extra legumes. Since she hadn't been exposed to the majority of the ingredients used in this dish, this recipe was her least favorite – at least, it was at first.

Though it took her a while to acclimate to this flavor, after the 2nd pack, she finally started to enjoy the recipe more and began to lick her bowl clean more often.

Nutrition & Key Ingredients:

This recipe is made with lamb, butternut squash, kale, rice, chickpea, chickpea flour, cranberries, green beans, potatoes, chia seeds, and cod liver oil. The Lamb recipe has an average protein content of 10%, 7% fat, and 2% fiber. This recipe contains no fillers or added ingredients.

  • Butternut Squash - Vitamins, minerals, and fiber for digestion
  • Kale - High in beta carotene for healthy skin and fur
Ollie Dog Food Lamb Recipe

Chicken with Carrots

The last Ollie recipe we received, the Chicken with Carrots recipe, was one that I didn’t feed Padma. I personally don’t feed my dogs chicken, unless it’s pasture raised and organic, due to the high levels of corn and soy present in the chicken. And since I haven’t found a dog food yet that has that offering (likely due to higher sourcing and production costs), I let one of my dog owner clients try it with her Pomeranian, Paisley. She actually gave it to her without adding in any of her regular kibble because she was totally out of her regular dog food. This isn’t the recommended process to introduce the new food to your pup's diet, but it’s what was available at the time.

However, she said Paisley cleaned the bowl and kept looking for more. My client said that she may have to start adding this into her regular rotation to help with Paisley’s health issues, since Paisley enjoyed it so much!

Nutrition & Key Ingredients:

This recipe is made with chicken, carrots, peas, rice, potatoes, spinach, blueberries, chia seeds, and cod liver oil. The Chicken recipe has an average protein content of 10%, 3% fat, and 2% fiber. This recipe contains no fillers or added ingredients.

  • Carrots - Full of phytonutrients for eye health
  • Spinach - High in iron and antioxidants
  • White Rice - Full of phytonutrients for eye health
Ollie Dog Food Chicken Recipe
Ollie Dog Food Review


Custom Dog Food Plan

$30 - $48 per week

Featuring a selection of four, fresh, vet-approved recipes, Ollie's customized meal plans promise reliable, nutritious food that dogs love – so you don't have to choose between a healthy pup and a happy one.

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Ollie Dog Food Testing & Results

As a dog owner, pet sitter, holistic health specialist, and behavioral trainer, I’ve used many different dog food products throughout the years. And I’ve had quite a few dog clients that have used different raw food products, so I’m familiar with the concept.

A fresh food diet is a good option for those dog parents who can afford it, because they are generally a bit pricier than other regular kibble options. However, the quality almost always far surpasses any regular kibble, so the benefits are well worth the added cost.

ollie dog food delivery

How to make the Ollie switch?

First and foremost, the Ollie dog food all comes in pre-portioned and frozen. Immediately put them in the freezer (sans the one you want to use first). Defrost the first package or two in the fridge and it can keep up to 4 days in there.

Once it’s defrosted, put the food into the Ollie pup container delivered with the food for easy refrigerator storage. Portion out what size you need for each meal with the serving spoon that comes with it.

preparing ollie dog food

Easy peasy! Ollie sends pre-portioned sizes for each individual dog, so you know exactly how much to feed your pup at each meal. But, they do tell you to make the switch gradually over 9 days. The best way to do this is to add just a small amount of the new Ollie food into your dog’s meals for the first 1-2 days. On days 3-4, increase the amount of Ollie's food to 25% for each meal.

Ollie's dog food

On days 5-6,  increase the amount of Ollie food to 50% of the entire meal. On days 7-8 make Ollie food 75% of the meal. By day 9, you’ll be feeding your dog 100% Ollie dog food for every meal.

food dogs love

(Look how Padma’s ear is flopped over!)

Is Ollie Dog Food Good Quality?

Ollie only uses fresh and gently cooked ingredients in their dog food products. The brand states that the meats are all sourced within the United States and Australia. I couldn’t find any information regarding where the turkey is sourced from. However, they do state that they source hormone-free chicken and beef from farms in the United States.

The lamb is pasture-raised and sourced from Australia.

Quality Dog Food

The other ingredients in the food don’t state where they are sourced from, just like the turkey. This may not be a determining factor for a lot of consumers. But it would be helpful to know in order to fully determine the quality. Either way, Ollie doesn’t add any preservatives to their foods. Which is why they ship them frozen and in 2 week increments, so that they don’t go bad.

The fact that they add vital vitamins and minerals to each recipe only helps to boost the overall quality of their dog foods. They also have all of their dog food products manufactured out of a third-party USDA human grade food kitchen in New Jersey. So you know if it’s made out of that type of kitchen, then it’s got to be good quality.

Is Ollie Dog Food Worth It?

The bigger question is what is your dog’s health worth? Whether it’s human food or dog food, the higher the quality the food, the better overall health quality you can get. With better health, you end up spending less money at the vet. Which just helps you keep more money in your pocket and more time to love on your dog.

Ollie Dog Food Worth the price

For most of us pet owners, we will spend more time and money making sure our pets are healthy than we will on ourselves. So, if you’re one of the millions of pet owners that wants your dog to live as long and healthily as possible, then a slightly elevated food cost is probably worth it. I know that higher quality food is certainly worth it for us.

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Custom Dog Food Plan

$30 - $48 per week

Featuring a selection of four, fresh, vet-approved recipes, Ollie's customized meal plans promise reliable, nutritious food that dogs love – so you don't have to choose between a healthy pup and a happy one.

Order Now at Ollie

Final Thoughts: Ollie Dog Food

Overall, Ollie has created a fantastic fresh dog food line with an easy to use concept. Since they pre-portion everything and send it directly to your house, frozen, it’s really hard to go wrong with them. They make feeding your dog simple, easy, and super healthy.

Ollie Dog food review summary

So, if you’re someone who is considering dipping their toes into the fresh dog food movement you may want to consider giving Ollie a try. Especially if you want your dog to live a longer and healthier life. Your dog will probably thank you with a ton of wet kisses after their first taste of Ollie.



"I made the decision to switch to Ollie 7 months ago and I don’t regret it. My girl has a beautiful coat no weight or tummy issues. Maggie eats her food and I can tell she loves it. The customer service is impeccable and food comes every 8 weeks. Ollie is the only one for my girl because I only want the best for her."

Diana G.

"Our 2 year old Staffy is very picky. We have had him on Ollie twice now (before and after an allergy outbreak) and it is SO CLEAR how great this food is. First of all, he loves it. He turns his nose up at any dry kibble and I honestly can't blame him. In addition, his skin and coat are beautiful: softer and silkier than ever before. His allergies have cleared up. He doesn't have any stomach issues. I could not be happier with this product. Thank you for keeping my fur baby healthy and happy!"

Erika M.

"Gus has had belly issues since we first brought him home at 8 weeks. We tried a variety of puppy foods in addition to cutting out chicken and other ingredients in an effort to stop the middle of the night bathroom trips. We tried Ollies and the tummy problems stopped immediately. Additionally, we used to have to encourage him to eat his kibble and that is no longer an issue. Gus loves each of the meals he receives. Worth every penny!"

Katelyn S.
Ollie Dog Food Review


Custom Dog Food Plan

$30 - $48 per week

Featuring a selection of four, fresh, vet-approved recipes, Ollie's customized meal plans promise reliable, nutritious food that dogs love – so you don't have to choose between a healthy pup and a happy one.

Order Now at Ollie