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Obé Fitness Review: The Most Flexible and Fun Workout

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Reviewed by Maggie Gibson

Last Updated January 2022

Obe Fitness Program Review

The Bottom Line: Why We Love obé

Known for their box studio with multi-colored neon lights that change color with the music as you work out, obé fitness offers a wide variety of classes and instructors to help you workout however, wherever, and whenever you want. With over 35 high-end fitness instructors who teach cardio, pilates, yoga, strength, barre, bounce, boxing, HIIT, and more, obé offers 22 live classes daily. If you can’t make one of the live classes, you can choose from over 5,000 replay classes in obé’s on-demand class library that features classes from current and past instructors including Megan Roup and Amanda Kloots. So skipping a workout because it doesn’t fit into your schedule, it isn’t fun, or you can’t find classes that work for you is no longer an option.


  • Offers live and on-demand classes of various lengths between 10 mins to 1 hour
  • Variety of class types from strength and HIIT to yoga and boxing
  • Low impact and prenatal classes available
  • Affordable pricing for unlimited access of classes
  • Enthusiastic instructors who know their stuff and genuinely want you to achieve your goals
  • Stream classes on TV via Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or Chromecast, on your phone/table, or on your laptop.
  • Offers workout challenges and programs to keep you accountable
  • A thriving community and active Facebook group
  • obé continues to roll out new product features based on member’s feedback


  • On-demand class doesn’t always have recognizable music or top hits playing
  • Instructors come and go
  • Most classes suggest some type of equipment, which you need to buy separately
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Obé Fitness Subscription

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Get your obé glow with five classes per week—we recommend three strength-based and two cardio workouts. Just show up (no perfection needed!), and you’ll start to see and feel real results.


The Highlights

  • Over 35 high quality fitness instructors
  • 22 live classes daily and 5000+ on demand videos to choose from
  • Stream classes on your computer, ipad, phone, or TV via the Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, and Chromecast apps.
  • Programs for daily accountablity
  • Ability to integrate classes directly into your calendar
  • Host friend workout parties through the app

About obé Instructors

obé’s instructors are the soul of the brand. They have driven obé’s success and community over these last few years due to their fun, challenging workouts and positive attitude. They are committed to helping everyone feel good through moving their body, and they bring years of experience to obé.

Before class starts, instructors tell you what equipment you will need to participate and give you an option to “level up” if you want to challenge yourself. They do a good job of showing options for all levels in the classes, talking about ways to challenge yourself to bring it to the next level. The instructors take the classes with you and show you the moves, allowing you to watch and mirror them. Throughout live classes, instructors also call out members’ names, so you feel like you’re in the box working out with them. Plus, instructors are motivational but not over the top, challenging you to keep going but not making you roll your eyes due to cheesy mantras and sayings.

Ratings Breakdown


Wide variety of classes from diverse instructors


Affordable monthly and annual memberships


Adding new member-requested features monthly


Fun, welcoming, and playful brand with a community that recognizes all


Engaged facebook group for members, frequent special edition classes, access to challenges

About obé Classes

I love the flexibility and versatility obé offers. Not to mention the strong sense of community and positivity that turns workouts into a fun part of my day. I sit down at the beginning of the week to schedule out classes based on my schedule. If I can’t make a live class, I log into obé and search the on-demand library for a class based on how I’m feeling that day. There’s always a class for me, even when I want to get super targeted on certain muscles.

If you have trouble figuring out where to start and which classes to take, or if you are just looking for some more motivation and structure to workout every day, obé offers programs targeted to different muscles. If you’ve always wanted to try yoga, you can take the Yoga Deep Dive challenge which explores different poses and chakras through daily videos and meditations. Need a kick of endorphins? Try the Endorphins challenge that features cardio workouts with upbeat songs that boost your mood. Want to focus on defining your abs? Try the Rev-Up: Abs challenge. Are you doing Whole30 and want exercises to add into your routine? They partnered with Whole30 to make it happen. Are you a runner looking to use obé for cross training? There’s a program for that, too. Then, if you like the instructors who teach those classes, search their name in the on-demand library or see if they are on the schedule so you can start working out with the more regularly.

Some of my favorite classes are Strength with Walter, Yoga Sculpt with Eve and Cardio Boxing with Niki F. But one class that really intrigues me is one of obé’s most unique classes: Bounce. In Bounce, members use a mini trampoline for cardio and strength workouts. Unfortunately I haven’t yet tried the class because it requires you to have a mini trampoline, which would not work in my Brooklyn apartment. But it always looks fun on video and I have spent time searching for a mini trampoline that may work. Speaking of apartments, obé lets you search classes based on the impact level, so if you’re like me and aren’t able to jump around due to downstairs neighbors, you can take a low impact class so you prevent any neighbor complaints.

About obé’s Membership

obé recently announced that you can stream their workouts on Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, and Chromecast. You can also stream classes on your phone, tablet, or laptop. So thanks to obé, you can set up your workout space however and wherever works best for you. obé makes it easy for you to break a sweat wherever you are in the world, and I’ve often opened up the app for a quick workout or stretch when I’m traveling and still want to move my bod but don’t have the space or equipment to do anything big.

obé also pays attention to their members and any feedback that they get across their channels, which they incorporate into new product features. When obé first started, they did not have any live nighttime classes, but after members asked for classes due to scheduling or timezones, they added those to the schedule. They also saw the community they were building and introduced a feature allowing you to add friends to your profile and host workout parties together. During lockdown, my friends and I across the country were able to stay in touch and take obé classes together over facetime, therefore this option to host a workout party with friends is a welcomed new feature for us and many other obé members. As the community continues to grow, especially during COVID, obé continues to listen to the needs of their members and their instructors to build a great membership program that helps you achieve your best self.

What I find challenging, which is more a critique on myself than the product, is that often with an unlimited membership like obé’s, I find it easy to skip classes and fall off the wagon. I need accountability, and one of the best ways for me to do this is pay for a singular class. obé has features to help you hold yourself accountable like allowing you to integrate the classes directly onto your calendar with just a click of the button, their level up challenges that motivate you to participate every day, their active Facebook where you can find accountability buddies across the world to help you stay on track, and the new ability to have workout parties with your friends.

obé fitness: Final Thoughts

obé’s membership makes it fun for anyone to work out with classes that fit every need. Whether you’re just getting started on your workout journey or you are a seasoned pro looking for new classes, you can try obé to see if it’s right for you with their 7 day free trial. The Fascination members can also get 30% off their first month, so you can take time to test out many different classes and instructors to see if obé is right for you. Based on their wide variety of classes, competitive instructors, and welcoming community, obé is perfect for anyone looking to move their body daily.