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Moon Pod: The New Must-Have, Zero-Gravity Seating

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Reviewed by Matt Hayes

Last Updated January 2022

Moon Pod Review

The Bottom Line: Why We Love Moon Pod

For those seeking ultimate comfort and zero-gravity support, it’s time to go to the Moon…pod.

Moon Pod’s flagship, zero-gravity beanbag chair marks a massive step forward in the evolution of beanbag technology and supportive, soft, adaptive seating (yeah, I never thought I’d write that sentence, either).

From its cool, modern style to its comfortable, balanced, ergonomic design Moon Pod has successfully replaced the uncomfortable, unsupportive, cringe-worthy bean bag chairs we all remember sticking to in summers past — with something worth sitting in.

Moon Pod delivers adaptive, ergonomic support for all body types and posture preferences, helping to alleviate neck and back pain, promoting tension release, reducing anxiety, and delivering regular stress relief.

Additionally, Moon Pod covers come in a variety of sleek colors, from space gray to rose quartz, and look completely natural (and non-beanbag-like) in any living or bedroom.


  • Comfort and ergonomic support are unparalleled (body is fully supported in any position)
  • Beads inside the bag give a unique feeling of weightlessness and even, completely balanced support
  • Setup couldn’t be easier
  • Sleek design, easily fits into any home or room style
  • Free shipping in 48 states
  • Durable – Lasts for years


  • Starting price can be a bit steep
  • Larger body types may have a hard time completely fitting onto the standard
  • Limited return policy and warranty

Moon Pod: Key Features

Moon Pod ($299)

Zero-gravity, ergonomic design

Five different stylish color options

Engineered for maximum comfort and support

Allows three distinct positions: sitting, reclining, or lying down

Moonpod features

About Moon Pod

Moon Pod’s “weightless” feeling is similar to the sensory-deprivation experienced during Flotation Therapy, which has been proven to greatly reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. Because the dual outer membrane that contains the beads is equal parts soft, supportive, and stretchy, Moon Pod reacts and morphs to the body, providing fully-balanced support and alignment, and encouraging complete relaxation.

Ratings Breakdown


Sleek, stylish design, durable and comfortable with a double outer shell and a unique filling. Much more than a beanbag, it’s a relaxation piece you’ll be floating on for years to come.


Definitely worth the price, although a bit expensive you’re buying it for life.


Packaged well, easy to follow instructions, very responsive to inquiries.


Not as much branded content as other brands in this space, great aesthetic, good for the environment but they don’t really capitalize on it, strong advocate for mental health awareness


$25 for every friend you refer, regular $25 sale, Financing available, returns available for 14 days after delivery

Moon Pod Unboxing & Setup

Setting up the Moon Pod couldn’t be simpler. The actual opening of the box was more difficult, as you risk puncturing the Moon Pod itself if you use anything sharp. After the tape is off, it’s as easy as putting the bag into its beautiful, modern soft-shell and zipping it up. Bam. You now have a better-than-a-beanbag chair.

unboxing moonpod

Moon Pod Design Highlights

High Density EPS Beads

Every Moon Pod is filled to the brim with these custom high-density beads. The beads are what give the Moon Pod much of its comfort and support, as they not only retain their shape but mimic the sensation of Flotation Therapy, known to reduce stress and anxiety.

moonpod beads

Supportive Dual Membrane

Stretchy, soft, and supportive, this double outer shell ensures that the inner fill is protected and responds instantly to any body shape and movement.

moonpod comfortable

Moon Pod: My First Impression

Despite its stylish looks and the compact, uniquely supportive feel and resistance of the beads as I assembled my Moon Pod, I’ll admit that years of bad beanbag experiences had made very me skeptical of any chair without legs — or arms, or a definitive seat. I found myself prepared for, no, expecting the worst — anticipating the idea that, despite all the hype, Moon Pod just didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Then I sat down.

My expectations vanished, as did the aches and tension from yesterday’s workout. In most beanbag chairs, after sinking all the way to the ground, you then need to scoot around for several minutes, shifting to a spot with slightly more padding, trying to find a vaguely comfortable position, only to slowly sink to the floor again. With the Moon Pod, there is no sinking or shifting, and definitely no scooting. The position I first reclined in was exactly where I stayed, comfortably and completely supported as I “floated” on top. No fidgeting. No shifting to a better spot. Just weightless, easy relaxation.

moonpod for reading

I then asked my father, who suffers from significant, painful nerve damage in his neck and back, to give the Moon Pod a try. After I finally got him out of the chair and back up to his feet, he claimed near-total relief when he was lying down.

Since his trial-sit, the Moon Pod has become a piece of prime real estate. I’m overjoyed that something finally helped my father find some relief, but I anticipate a new, daily “space race” for the best seat in the house. So, if you share a space and plan on keeping your Moon Pod to yourself, think again, and maybe grab two, or grab the Super Moon model (Moon Pod’s oversized chair-for-two).

Moon Pod has more than delivered on all of their promises, and the product far exceeded my expectations. Are Moon Pods worth it? Yes. The beanbag is back, better, and finally worthy of our fascination.

moon for napping
moonpod stitching

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