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Misen Knife Review: Crowd Funded, Fascination Approved

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated January 2022

Misen knife review

If you’ve been in the market for some good quality knives that actually slice well and look good doing it, then the Misen Knife Essentials Set may be it.

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Featured Product: Essentials Knife Set

Price: $150

The Misen Essentials Knife Set was designed for a lifetime of use and to be your go-to set of knives. These knives have a full tang and are made of high-quality Japanese carbon stainless steel. Instead of having a kitchen full of knives, these 3 can do pretty much anything that you need. Making your kitchen less cluttered, fewer dishes to wash, and more beautiful food presentation.


Ratings Breakdown


The Misen knives arrived surprisingly sharp and didn’t lose their edge through any of our testing.


These are wonderful knives, and when compared to their German steel equivalent, these are a great value.


These knives felt great in the hand and made quick, efficient work of anything we threw at them.


This company has a good mission to bring high-quality kitchen tools to the masses at better prices.This company has a good mission to bring high-quality kitchen tools to the masses at better prices.

Who is Misen?

Misen was founded in 2015 by Omar Rada out of frustration. One of his favorite pans was inadvertently lost by a friend he loaned it out to. And when he went to replace it he realized just how absurdly expensive good pans were. He didn’t want to have to compromise on quality since he used his cookware so much. Therefore, the idea for Misen was born from this frustrating experience.

He began a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 with just one Chef’s knife, and it’s grown exponentially from there. Now they offer a wide range of knives and cookware for the home chef that are both high quality yet honest prices.


  • Extremely sharp high-quality knives
  • Wash up easily
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Great for 99% of kitchen tasks
  • They are SHARP like any good chef’s tool.
  • Durable full tang design
  • Made of quality Japanese steel
  • Full tang
  • Well priced
  • Good returns policy
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Doesn’t come with knife guards or protectors
  • Made in China

Misen Essentials Knife Set Performance & Feel

As someone who knows his way around the kitchen, having good knives is important to me. I’ve been hearing about the Misen knives for a couple of years now and finally took the plunge to try them. Upon receiving them, the first thing I noticed was how sharp they were.

Misen Chef Knife Cutting Tests

The color of the hilt is attractive and the heft of these knives communicate that they are durable professional kitchen tools.

Full Tang Misen Knife

Since I wanted to see how long the blade could keep the level of sharpness they came with, I made it a point to not use my knife steel on them. After four weeks of regular use, I found no discernible difference in the sharpness. The same cannot be said for my old Wüsthof knife, as I run that one over the knife steel almost every time I use it.

Misen Knife Comparison

To thoroughly run the Misen knives through the testing wringer I tested these knives by cutting a number of common kitchen and dinner items. The items we tested them on were:

  • Cucumbers
  • Potatoes 
  • Garlic
  • Leafy greens

I decided to pit the two brands up against each other with a cucumber to see which would cut a thinner slice.

Misen Knife Slicing Tests

Misen Knife Slicing Tests

Misen won this test hands down, as I definitely had more control and the cucumber slice was much thinner.

The Misen Chef’s Knife is a great knife for all general kitchen tasks like chopping, mincing, and slicing. In our tests it had no problem cutting through the cucumber with just the weight of the knife.

Misen Chef Knife Review

It stayed super sharp and with a fairly standard 8” blade, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

The 3” Paring Knife is probably my favorite of the three knives. I have used plenty of paring knives in the past, but there’s something really special about the shape of this one.

Pairing Knife Test Misen

It probably has to do with the unique shaped bolster that helps to give the proper pinch grip. I feel completely in control over the knife and comfortable doing detailed work with this one.

The 9.5” Serrated Bread Knife is much longer than any of the other bread knives that I’ve used in the past.

Misen Serrated Knife Review

But like all the others, it’s very sharp and high-quality, and the blade doesn’t flex when cutting bread. It does a great job of slicing and is comfortable to use.

After testing them at least 2 times a day for 4 weeks, the winner between the two brands was clear. Misen was sharper, easier to control, and provided much cleaner and thinner cuts. Plus, it didn’t hurt that the knives are extremely aesthetically pleasing also. We also ran an informal poll of houseguests who’d had a chance to use them, or see them in action. All of them chose the Misen knife as the superior blade.

Misen Knives Tests

In my opinion, they are at least as good as the Wüsthof blades, if not better. And with a price tag of $150 for all 3, it’s a no-brainer.

Is Misen Good Quality

When it comes to quality in knives, a huge part of this has to do with the material the blade is made from. In the case of Misen, their knives are made from Japanese high-carbon stainless steel. This type of steel is supposed to rival the German steel used in the Our Place knives.

However, the Misen blades use primarily AUS-10 steel in their blades. AUS-10 steel is one of the top-quality grades of steel that can be used in a knife. The Misen Serrated Knife is the only one of their blades made with the AUS-8 steel, which is slightly less hard than the AUS-10 steel. Both types of steel are easy to keep sharp and sharpen.

Misen Knife Steel Quality

The brand isn’t as forthcoming about the exact location of their manufacturing plant, though, other than to say it’s outside of Shanghai. A big part of this might have to do with the fact that they use Genimex, which is a contract manufacturing company. This company helps them with designs, prototypes, packaging, and manufacturing.

While Genimex claims to have their own internal team for quality control, there’s no way for us, as the consumer, to know what that means for the actual manufacturing facility. Nor do we have any information as to where their raw materials are sourced, other than Misen telling us their steel is imported from Japan.

In a case like this where the products are touted to be high-quality, I would really like to see more transparency on the two aforementioned points to validate that claim.

Is Misen Worth It?

Even though we can’t confirm the quality in full of the Misen knives due incomplete transparency in their supply chain, our personal experience was they were high quality. Based on our tests alone, the quality seems far superior to most other knives we’ve ever had the chance to come across.

Misen KNife Bundle Value

It doesn’t hurt that the price point of these knives is extremely consumer-friendly too. Since they are so comfortable to handle, remain pointedly sharp, and cut through everything with great ease it’s difficult to find a reason not to try them. And if you add in their lifetime guarantee for replacement of any products that become damaged, they are really hard to beat.

Misen Coupons & Discounts

Misen offers consumers a mystery discount (…20% 🤫) by signing up for their email list and text notifications. The brand also states if you want to know about new products and receive discounts, this is the way to go. Other than that, they don’t really offer any other discounts or coupons since their prices are pretty low, to begin with.


Reducing the number of kitchen knives you have and use can be a scary thought for those of us who are used to having multiple tools at our disposal. So before you decide whether or not Misen is the right choice for you, we wanted to answer some of the most common consumer questions.

Misen Knife Trio Summary

Overall, if you’ve been looking for some new kitchen knives that not only look great but will make easy work of your cutting and slicing needs, Misen is worth a shot. The price points of these knives are consumer-friendly, plus they offer a financing option also. These knives are so comfortable in the hand and slice thinner than anything else I’ve ever run across before.

Misen Pairing Knife Review

As much as I appreciate having multiple knives to perform my culinary delights, having less is sometimes more. This is especially true of the Misen knives since they perform so well and look great doing it.